10 Best Trucking Companies For Team Drivers In US


Trucking companies for team drivers are blooming!

Are you considering trucking as a profession? Do you feel intimidated by the fact that it might be a very lonely job? We have good news for you! There are trucking companies for team drivers!

There are trucking companies for team drivers!

Companies know how hard it can be to do long driving hours alone, so they have come up with the idea of team driving. Surely, there are drivers who prefer to drive alone. However, for the ones out there that want to be involved in team trucking, there is a way how to do it.

Team truck driving is usually done by two drivers which take turns in several hours. The schedule of driving is something you can discuss with your teammate. Therefore, you have even more flexibility in your job and better working environment.

Advantages Of Team Truck Driving

Some people do not mind driving alone. In fact, some actually prefer it over driving with another person. They can stay more focused on the road if they do not have anyone around them to talk to.

On the other hand, there is a different type of people that can hardly cope with loneliness but are very good and dedicated drivers. Their only problem is being alone and having nobody to talk to.

Source: www.thegazette.com
Source: www.thegazette.com

There is a simple solution for those people! It is to look for employment into the trucking companies for team drivers. Many companies offer team driving these days. It is very convenient if someone from your family does the same job or even a good friend.

Nevertheless, if you do not have a known companion, all the trucking companies for team drivers will do team up with other drivers.

This might sound as if it would never work, but trust me, many friendships have started this way.


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As in any other job, there are advantages and disadvantages of teaming up. Let’s look at the advantages if you work for trucking companies for team drivers first!

  • You can plan your hours of driving – When you drive alone you have to do everything by yourself. From routing to truck stops, to sleeping hours and driving hours. Whereas, if you team up, you will have more flexibility regarding everything. With your teammate, you can plan the hours that suit you the best to drive or sleep for that matter. For that you need to narrow your search to trucking companies for team drivers.
  • You will never feel lonely – Once you team up, especially if it is a partner, a friend or a family member, driving will be even more fun.
  • If you do not feel well enough to drive, you will always have someone that will take over for you – Imagine a situation in which it was your sleeping time but you did not sleep well. Hours passed but you still feel tired. Despite the fact you are still tired, if you drive alone, you will have to keep driving. Whereas, if you work in a team, you would be able to have who to drive instead of you for a couple of hours.
  • More available jobs – Compared to solo drivers, the trucking companies for team drivers deliver faster. Thus, they have bigger chances of getting a job. Teams always drive more miles than regular drivers.
  • You can team up with your partner or a friend  – Teaming up with your spouse is the best. Since you already understand each other well, you have better chances to be good team drivers. Not to mention, you will get to spend more time together and travel. This is one more reason why you need to apply in trucking companies for team drivers.

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Importance Of Team Truck Driving For The Industry

You might think there is absolutely no difference for the industry if there are one or two people driving the truck with goods. But, there is.

Source: www.fleetowner.com
Source: www.fleetowner.com

Driving in a team has higher rates of timely delivery. Therefore, it makes a big difference for the trucking industry. In team driving, you can have the truck running constantly without stopping. Due to the fact that you are two people driving, you can change from driving to sleeping whenever it suits you best.

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Higher Salary For Team Truck Drivers!

It is well known that OTR or over the road drivers earn good salaries. But driving in a team is even better paid. Team driving will always be better paid because the industry is more satisfied when the goods are delivered on time.

And team drivers always deliver their loads on time. They plan their driving and sleeping time usually in a way that one is asleep while the other one is driving. Therefore, their truck is always on the go and they can ship the loads on time.

Source: www.wsj.com
Source: www.wsj.com

Reliability means everything when it comes to trucking. Trucking companies for team drivers is not that hard to find. Yours is just to do a good research and find one that will always deliver on time.

That is really appreciated in the trucking industry. So, many companies are willing to pay more in order their loads to be shipped as early as possible.

This is how team truck drivers earn more money.

10 Best Companies For Team Truck Driving

There are many companies for team truck driving out there. When choosing one, you can find some that are close to your area. We have chosen few well known in the industry. Surely, there are much more out there which we will leave for you to research.

1. Shaffer Transportation

Company is founded back in 1937, in New Kingstown, Pennsylvania. This company was one of the first ones to start with delivering temperature-sensitive truckloads. Generally, Shaffer was transporting for the candy industry as well as for the beverage and confectionery industry.



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