Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Washington Freight Brokers

18-wheeler tractor-trailer truck and US highway 70 at sunset near Tularosa, New Mexico
18-wheeler tractor-trailer truck and US highway 70 at sunset near Tularosa, New Mexico

In this article we are going to show you which are, by our opinion, the best Washington freight brokers, as well as top USA freight brokers. We will show you ten of them. Surely, there are many more, but let’s stick to the ones with best revenue and best review from customers.

So let’s get started!

1. Parfrey Trucking Brokerage

Parfrey Trucking Brokerage’s have three main missions. Firstly, they are honest with everyone they come in contact with. Of course, it includes themselves as well. The way they treat each other in the teams, their colleagues. As well as their customers and carriers.

Another important thing for them is to offer the best freight rates to their customers and carriers. This means, to help them grow financially as well as personally.

And, last but not least, they follow the rule to be an asset to the industry and the community.

Source: www.parfreytrucking.com
Source: www.parfreytrucking.com

Parfrey Trucking Brokerage are one of the best Washington freight brokers. They are located in Spokane, Washington. So, one of the services they handle are flatbed, stepdeck and lowboy freight. But, they do partial LTL and truck loads. Moreover, they serve all the 48 states as well as Canada and Alaska.

In addition, this company has one of the best dispatch team as well as customer service representatives. Which makes them first on the list of the Washington freight brokers.

2. Associated Freight Brokers, Inc.

Associated Freight Brokers, Inc. is located in Yakima, Washington. But, they do have a branch office in Outlook, Washington.

This company though, has been in this industry since November 2, 1988. It was established by the owner and president, Randall A. Ward. Who actually, has been into the freight brokerage industry since back in 1978.

Moreover, their speciality is to transport fresh, dry, and frozen food products. They offer services throughout the North America. Associated Freight Brokers, Inc. is stationed in Washington State.

And, has a very professional team of logistics specialists. They can surely manage all aspects of shipments. Which means they deal with:

  • Drayage
  • Semitrailers, dry vans, and flatbeds as specified
  • Pickup and delivery appointments
  • Palletization
  • Contingent Auto Liability and Cargo insurance
  • In – transit reports
Source: www.associatedfreight.com
Source: www.associatedfreight.com

Additionally, their goal is to build and maintain a long – term relationship from which their customers and carriers can depend upon daily.

They are well known by the motto “We produce transportation!”

So, the shipping services they offer are the following:

  1. Refrigerated trailers
  2. Vans, flatbeds, stepdecks, conestoga
  3. Arrange pickup/delivery appointments
  4. Dryage
  5. In – transit reports
  6. Live tracking
  7. Contingent cargo insurance
  8. Contingent auto liability insurance

3. Coastal Transportation

Coastal Transportation is a family owned and locally operated shipping company. Coastal Transportation knows how important is to professionally service the communities of Western Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

They do it in the most professional as well as fast, efficient and reliable transportation. The company is in this industry for more than 30 years now.

Additionally, Coastal Transportation has five vessels with scheduled all year – round sailings between Seattle and ports throughout Western Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Their vessels are cargo vessels. Meaning, they are in average 260 feet in length. And, their hold capacities are in average 100,000 cubic feet.

So, all their vessels are self – sustaining. Moreover, 100 percent palletized. Which by the way enables a level of speed and flexibility that is unique to the region.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

Furthermore, Coastal Transportation offers both personal service and expertise. They dedicate their time in helping customers to ship their goods to and from Western Alaska. This is why Coastal Transportation is for more than 30 years one of the best Washington freight brokers company.

In addition, the services this company offers are the following:

  • Domestic
  • Local
  • Rail
  • Long haul – truck hauling
  • International
  • Western Alaska Interport
  • Non – Scheduled ports


4. Allen Lund Company

Allen Lund Company was founded back in 1976. Since this company has always maintained an amazing reputation amongst shippers and carriers, we can say it is one of the best Washington freight brokers.

Surely, they are a premiere freight brokerage. Meaning, they are exceeding every customer’s expectation, which includes even the most challenging projects.

Source: www.thepacker.com
Source: www.thepacker.com

In addition, they consistently earn a Four – X rating with Blue Book and a Four – Star rating with Red Book Credit Services. Just to explain, these are the highest ratings a company can receive for business ethics, financial strength, as well as credit practices.

Furthermore, what makes Allen Lund Company reliable company is the adherence to a strict code of conduct. Which was established by the TIA (Transportation Intermediary’s Association).

Additionally, Allen Lund Company is a national third – party transportation broker with nationwide offices. Moreover, they have over 450 employees working with shippers and carriers across the nation. What they do is arranging for dry, refrigerated (specializing in produce), and flatbed freight.

5. Bennett

Bennett was founded back in 1974. It was established by J.D. and Marcia Garrison when they bought a small contract carrier named George Bennett Motor Express. This one had two contracts, 15 trucks and 30 trailers.

Only few years later in 1977, George Bennett Motor Express grossed over $1 million in annual revenue.

So, in 1978, J.D. and Marcia purchased their first drop deck trailer. Furthermore, even before Marcia could make a payment on the equipment, J.D. had made an appointment with Mr. C.K. Crawford. This was at Ford in Romeo, MI to haul tractors.

Source: www.benettig.com
Source: www.benettig.com

Later, in 1980, Bennett stepped into a new decade. They did it with the purchase of a Texas Instruments Personal Computer. Back then, the salesman said that this would be the first and last computer that Bennett would ever buy.

Marcia Taylor, the CEO of Bennett was honored by Venture Magazine in 1988. She was the “Female Entrepreneur of the Year”, for the state of Georgia. And, her excellent reputation in a male – dominated industry continues to this day. Today, offering services as a Washington freight broker company in Washington State as well.

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