Beyond GPS Technology: The Next Generation Of Tracking

Since its inception, the GPS technology moves at a rapid pace worldwide. Fleet tracking systems are getting more powerful and will continue to evolve. Those who are not familiar with the advancements of the GPS technology may be taken by surprise. This area is usually in a constant development where its future holds interesting evolution […]

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5 Major Conveniences of GPS Tracking For Business Vehicles

GPS tracking for business vehicles

With the installation of GPS tracking for business vehicles fleets are instantly becoming more organized. Luckily, nowadays we are living in a time where the GPS tracking technology has undergone numerous improvements and developments. Thanks to that fact, company owners nowadays have the ability to keep a constant and clear track of their fleet as […]

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5 Fast Steps How to Detect a Hidden GPS Tracker

mechanic cheching for a hidden GPS tracker

How does one detect a hidden GPS tracker? How can one notice that he/she is being tracked without any authorization? Well, frankly speaking, these days the installation of hidden GPS trackers in vehicles is getting higher and higher. It is especially increasing in the transportation industry. That is to say, hidden GPS trackers are especially […]

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7 Ways Employee GPS Tracking Systems Improve Disaster Preparedness

Employee GPS Tracking Systems checklist

How can employers prevent hazardous situations from becoming disasters for their employees and businesses? Sincerely speaking, in everyday life, there is nobody expecting hazardous situations, neither disasters. Not even the ones that can actually be affected by one. Yet, hazardous situations and disasters can hit every business. Still, there are few industries that should pay […]

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23 Short GPS Facts to Truly Blow Your Mind

amazing GPS facts

The need for an accurate way for navigating all around the world has been recorded in early history. Back in the day, people were using a compass, radio as well as the stars to get to a proper navigation. In fact, the moon and the stars were the closest to modern GPS systems. In the […]

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Why Mining Companies Are Using GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking for mine workers

Mining companies in the USA are using state-of-art technology. There ain’t no doubt. Prior to that, we can see that this well-developed industry is continuously following the technological advances. Straight proportionally many mining companies have implemented GPS tracking into their daily activities. Which brought numerous benefits into this industry nowadays. Moreover, GPS tracking devices have […]

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Buyer’s Guide: Things You MUST Research Before Choosing Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking

Nowadays we can witness that there are more and more businesses deploying fleet tracking solution into their daily activities. Yet, there are numerous reasons that stand behind this. First and foremost, companies are facing multiple challenges each day, for the purpose to ensure that they are providing the best service and that are operating a compliant, […]

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How Can a Vehicle GPS Tracker Improve Company Customer Service

GPS Tracker in the hand of the user

The GPS tracker itself enables businesses to manage their employees and manage their fleet more effectively than ever. Actually, this powerful tool for managing fleets can at the same time streamline maintenance, improve driver safety , control fuel, and most importantly it can improve company customer service too. More precisely, the GPS tracker as one […]

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