10 Features of Heavy Equipment Vehicle Tracking Systems You Should Look For

Ask any business owner operating with heavy equipment what the hardest aspects are?

Straight ahead you will get a range of answers.

Yet amongst these answers, you will find out that heavy equipment is a big investment, and as such it is really important to pay attention that it is operated and running in the best possible manner.

That means that the business owner should be constantly updated about maintenance processes of his vehicles.

Speaking of being constantly updated about maintenance processes about the heavy vehicles and equipment, one should always remember that the technological solution that can provide the most help is the GPS tracking system.

Thereupon, what business owners are doing nowadays is- searching for the best heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems.

But, which is the reason behind that search?

Well, as it can be seen it is due to the benefits that the heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems can bring to such companies.

Starting from reduced idling time up to aggressive driving.

The tracking solution can simply extend the life of your heavy equipment vehicles.

With this tracking, solution owners can track the overall movement of their vehicles, as well as to locate their expensive equipment.

So, further, in this article, you have the chance to read more and learn which the 10 best features of heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems that you should look for are!

1. The Future User Should Look Forward To Find GPS That Offers Easy Installation

Heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems are ideal for locating your big investment.

Thereupon, fleet managers and owners should always strive to find a GPS device that is easy to install.

Yet, these days it is possible.

There are heavy vehicle tracking systems which can be activated by simply being plugged in directly to the heavy duty vehicle.

Straight away these devices will start transmitting data about the vehicle on which are being installed.

Source: www.teletracnavman.co.nz

So, ease of installation and ease of maintenance remain to be an important consideration for the future user of heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems.

Yet, most GPS tracking devices do come with training video instructions- which makes the installation process, as well as the actual process of using it way easier than in the situation when the user should have to figure it out all on his own.

Also, what future users should have in mind is the compatibility.

That is to say, GPS trackers for heavy vehicles are not always compatible with different types of vehicles.


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So, if you have various types of heavy vehicles and equipment, you should never underestimate this point of view.

Always make sure that the heavy equipment tracking system you are going to buy will be compatible with your fleet.

Tip: Remember that easy installation and further integration are equally important features.

2. Check For Real-Time Tracking

Reliable heavy equipment tracking systems are definitely worth the investment.

Yet, which are the features that can add up more worth to the company using the GPS tracking device?

Check out the following facts and figures!

Straight proportionally, what adds up more to the worth of this investment are the real-time tracking features.

These features are providing 100% accurate information 24/7 to the user!

Source: www.utrackafrica.com

The real-time tracking features can assist the user in determining the overall operations that the vehicle/operator is performing throughout every day.

Also, in addition to this feature of heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems, I should not forget to notice that it is enabling its users to point their heavy equipment vehicles on a map.

As well the user can track the heavy equipment vehicles from point to point 24/7.

Source: www.telogis.com

Moreover, the real-time tracking feature that heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems are offering to their users does not differ at all to the real-time tracking feature that GPS tracking devices for a car are offering.

That is to say, the capability to monitor, track and manage simultaneously heavy equipment vehicles can bring numerous advantages to company owners and fleet managers. Also, it can ease the job of the operators as well.

3. Pay Attention To Access Control and User Management

This feature that heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems are offering can enable users to enjoy a freedom and flexibility while managing a fleet. Of course, without any difficulty.

So, it makes the access control and user management to be important heavy equipment vehicle tracking system features.

Source: opentickets.com

Additionally, these features enable the user to enjoy the system access privileges.

Also, the access control and the user management are enabling easy insight of data, straight proportionally to that users can run location reports for each vehicle.

4. Instant Heavy Equipment Vehicle Alerts

Heavy equipment vehicle tracking systems are offering various options and types of instant alerts.

Source: www.youtube.com

For example, the user can choose between setting the following types of alerts:

  • Start of day alerts;
  • Speeding alert;
  • Excessive stoppage alert;
  • Route deviation alert;

The prime reason behind the development of these types of heavy equipment vehicle tracking alerts was to enable users a clear insight of driver behavior, to optimize the fuel usage, to optimize the workforce, as well as to protect your big investment.

Source: www.nationalfleettracking.com

Thereupon, the instant heavy equipment vehicle alerts represent an additional benefit for future users who are looking to implement personalized alerts and to improve their work.

Can you even imagine what would the GPS tracking device be without the GPS tracking alerts?

Do you consider that users would be able to work as efficiently as they are working today with the help of the GPS tracking alerts?

Are you not quite sure? Well, believe it or not, me neither.

5. Right Data Feature

The first and foremost important feature that the GPS tracking device should provide to the user is the right data.

Moreover, only through the right data feature the user can have a clear insight of the overall data for your company’s activity.



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