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What You MUST Pay Attention When You Need GPS Tracker For Car

What should I look for in a GPS tracker for car?

This is the main question that everyone looking forward to getting a vehicle tracker aims to understand and answer.

Actually, it is the amount of security that makes the GPS Tracker for car so wannabe. Whereas buying a GPS tracker remains to be a great decision.

In-dash navigation receivers are great for people who are constantly traveling. It is so because they’re typically very versatile and can put you in command of a variety of information, entertainment, and communication sources through one device.

Not only will you be able to access your music through discs, files, or the radio, but you’ll also be able to access the music and road-ready apps on your smartphone in many cases.

And the receiver’s built-in GPS guidance is often much more reliable than smartphone mapping apps. Especially if you’re traveling through areas with spotty cell coverage.

Further, in this article, you can read and learn more about the things that you should pay attention when you need a GPS tracker for a car.

So, let’s take a look!

Accuracy, Speed, and Ease of Use

To begin with, besides checking the GPS features, future users should pay a great attention to accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

These GPS aspects are equally important as a real-time mapping let’s say.

What would one do if he/she chooses to get a GPS tracker for car that is not sending the right information and routes that the user has the need of?


So, that makes accuracy, speed, and ease of use to be vitally important for the user.

That is why the future GPS user should read reviews, check carefully the specifications and check the navigation accuracy before they make the final decision to buy a GPS tracker for car.

Yet, the ease of working with the GPS and the speed that it sends the information is equally important as well.

Screen Size and Resolution

First and foremost, when it comes to finding a GPS tracker for car, the future user should pay special attention to the screen size as well as to its resolution.

Imagine that you are driving and keeping your focus on the road, yet you are driving this road for the very first time. So, what you will do in this kind of situation is to look at your GPS device featuring route information for your final destination.

It is in this situation where screen size and resolution matter the most.

More precisely, the user should have a car GPS that has a good screen size, so that he can take a glimpse and see the route right away, without any further ado.


In reality, the bigger the screen size and resolution is, the better. In general, the GPS screens for cars can range from 6 up to 7 inches.

So, choosing a GPS tracker for car remains to be quite similar to choosing a GPS tracker for trucks and other types of vehicles.

Both, when choosing a GPS tracker for car and GPS tracker for trucks, the in-dash navigation system represents the most appealing aspect of it – all together with the size of the screen.


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Nevertheless, the user should have accessibility to its maps on a screen that is the right size – so that he/she can see the map with a single glance.

Tip: Remember that the higher the screen resolution is the sharper the map picture will be. Also, the simpler the map directions are, the better.

Real-time Traffic Data

Sending real-time traffic data is the ultimate GPS feature.

There are more and more users who are in search of a GPS tracker for car just for this feature. As previously mentioned, imagine that you are on the road driving towards your final destination and you have to be there at a given time.

Then what a better way to be on time than by using the real-time traffic data that your car GPS tracking device can provide you with.


Yet, there are some GPS systems that are compatible with real-time traffic services.

Having a quick insight of real-time traffic services can mean a great deal to drivers who hurry to their destination point.

Hence, here is what type of information the GPS tracker for car featuring real-time traffic data should send to its user:

  • Traffic jams;
  • Construction on the road;
  • Average speed of traffic;
  • Real-time traffic information;

This feature is extremely beneficial for cross-country travelers. Yet, in major metropolitan areas, the traffic services remain to be limited.

So it leaves us with the conclusion that the best way to avoid delays on the road is through driving with a reliable traffic information service. In this case, the reliable traffic information service is the car GPS.

Automatic Map Updates

Generally speaking, map updates are being released periodically.

So, the future car GPS user should pay attention to the constant updates. That is so mainly because if the user is not updating the map updates on time then he might end up with a wrong data.

Luckily, these days the technological advances have brought on the market GPS tracking devices that are featuring automatic map updates.

These new map updates every now and then can have a reflection on the latest map information available for the user. Thereupon, the GPS tracker for car has the option to leave the user device to device when to have map updates.


Once a year should be enough for most regions. Prices of map updates depend on the manufacturer of your system and can range widely.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that different receiver manufacturers have different computer requirements when it comes to downloading map updates.

Some map updates work fine with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Also, there are car GPS devices that can synchronize their maps with your mobile phone. But, we will see that point of interest in the following sub-headings.



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