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7 Secrets How Mine Managers Can Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking

Mine managers are data hungry all the time.

That is to say, mine managers are looking forward to information that can make their work easier and more effective.

Determining the risks to workers and locating mineral veins are a crucial part of the work of mine managers.

Speaking about that, we can notice that mining companies have started revolutionizing the information data thanks to the implementation of newly developed technologies, such as is the GPS fleet tracking.

So, the GPS fleet tracking solutions have brought numerous benefits both to mining companies as well as to mine safety managers as well.

In addition, this solution has led mining companies to improve their safety, increase the operational sustainability as well as to make decisive actions.

Further, in this article, you can read and learn more about how GPS fleet tracking solutions are improving the work of mine managers and mining companies.

So, let’s take a look!

What is like to work as a mine manager?

In general, mine managers spend their time in an office located in the mine site.

Yet, that does not have to mean that they do not spend time in the actual mine site.

Nevertheless, the main duties of mine managers is to participate in both internal and external meetings, as well as to keep track and safety of employee activities.

Simply said, mine managers have to create a safe and effective workplace.

Also, dependently of the mine site job, mine managers can work regular weekday working hours, or to stay overtime.

Moreover, an important fact that should not be overlooked is that many mines are situated in remote areas. Therefore it requires most employees as well as mine managers to live in a mining camp.

Source: mining.mines.edu

On the positive side, mining companies are covering all living expenses of their employees as well as managers- even including the meals.

Mine Manager Duties

The main Manager Duties include the following aspects:

  • Mine managers are responsible for the preparation, as well as the implementation of plans for the mine, the monitoring process. They even have to deliver report progress;
  • To propose capital expenditure projects;
  • To prepare the overall production and operating budgets;
  • To monitor and report the performance of all employees;
  • To LEAD the mine operations management team and to manage the resources and employees;
  • To oversee the new projects. Especially the part when new mining equipment is being installed. Or when there is opening of a new shaft;
  • To manage the relations with trade unions;

1. Mine Managers Can Properly Monitor For Security With GPS Fleet Tracking

By knowing the features of the GPS solutions, we can see that the safety of mine operations can be enhanced with the help of GPS fleet tracking.

In general, the GPS solution can enable the mine manager to properly monitor for security.

It is possible due to the GPS feature that enables mine managers to keep track of information that are not available by using some other solution.

Source: www.ausimmbulletin.com

Mine managers, by using GPS fleet tracking will know the precise information about which vehicle is operating, and where it is operating. All that in real time.

By this, we can see that the implementation of GPS fleet tracking can bring a big benefit to mine managers- to monitor every movement of the heavy vehicles, as well as the movement of their employees.


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Well-improved security is what GPS fleet tracking can bring to mining companies.

In like manner, the GPS fleet tracking will ease the job of mine managers. They will easily enhance driver safety, take security measures quicker than ever, as well as see the real operating costs.

Source: www.theherald.com.au

Simply said, this solution will help mine managers to deal with every situation- especially with an unexpected situation.

Extended ability and maximizing efficiency is the prime benefit that mine managers will experience by implementing GPS fleet tracking.

So, let’s leave limited resources in the past!

2. Working & Safety Practices of Personnel are easily overseen with GPS fleet tracking

Being able to see where employees and vehicles are operating at the moment- which is possible with GPS fleet tracking, will put mine managers one step further.

Many mining companies that have already implemented this solution have stated that their working and safety practices of personnel have been improved since their managers are using GPS fleet tracking.

Source: careerminer.infomine.com

In addition, the mining industry is one of the most dangerous in the USA.

As such, every now and then it can bring unwanted situations.

But, mining companies that have implemented GPS fleet tracking in their daily mining activities are one step further in providing the safer working environment.

Still, in order for mine managers to reduce the number of surface mining accidents, and other unwanted situation, they have started using GPS fleet tracking.

Source: www.dumelangmusina.co.za

It turned out that not only it improves the safety of employees and heavy machine drivers, but as well it helps mine managers to improve their career skills.

Yet, here is that most GPS fleet tracking solutions used in the mining industry are featuring:

Nowadays, thanks to the technological innovation and the advancements of GPS fleet tracking solutions, mining companies are able to improve their work and the safety practices of their employees.

3. Have a Proper Detail Cost Control with the help of GPS Fleet Tracking

Maintaining a proper detail cost control is one of the essentials that mine managers should keep covered at all times.

So, how can mine managers maintain a proper detail cost control?

Well, it can be performed easily with the technologically advanced solution called GPS Fleet Tracking!

Source: www.wsj.com

By implementing GPS fleet tracking into the daily activities, mine managers will be able to keep proper cost control. This solution it making it possible, and even easier than before, mainly because it enables managers to monitor the expenses on a daily basis.



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