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7 Secrets How Mine Managers Can Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking

So, with this solution mine managers will keep an eye on:

Straight proportionally, the implementation of GPS fleet tracking will bring to mining companies reduced fuel costs, decreased vehicle maintenance, as well as fewer engine hours.

That is to say, mine managers can conduct better plan that will lower the costs and bring more profit to mining companies.

4. Impeccable Tracking miners and mining environment in underground mines

Keeping constant track of miners and of the mining environment is amongst the key duties of mine managers.

Still, when mine managers are working by the old-fashioned way- without the help of GPS tracking, they are not in the position to have a clear visibility of the environment as well as of the operating assets.

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Nonetheless, the hazards of the sub-terrestrial environment are huge. That is why mining companies should find proper solutions, such as is the GPS fleet tracking. That way they will be able to lower the hazards.

In addition, the GPS fleet tracking will provide both, the mining company, as well as the mine safety managers with real-time data about the possibility of emission of poisonous gases– which can eventually lead employees to a life risk.

Do you know which is the most promising and effective feature that GPS fleet tracking has to offer to mining companies?

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You might have guessed. It is the wireless communication that this solution keeps in the underground mine. Which is of a great importance to mining companies.

Moreover, the real time location monitoring altogether with the sensing are just adding up to an impeccable tracking.

5. Dumper Collision Avoidance System – GPS Fleet Tracking

The dumper collision avoidance system is yet one of the crucial features that GPS fleet tracking solutions for mining industry are offering.

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We all know that a lot of accidents in the mining industry happen due to the following facts:

  • Lack of concentration of the driver, or of the employees;
  • Poor visibility;
  • Failure to protect the vehicle against fall;
  • Failure to detect approaching vehicles at the blind spots;

So, the duty of the mine manager is to protect the huge-sized dumpers to avoid collision with other mining equipment or workers. Luckily, GPS fleet tracking devices for the mining industry are featuring anti-collision mechanisms.

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Thereupon, by installing a GPS fleet tracking device on your huge mine dumping trucks, you will enable the mine safety manager to track and capture the:

  • Location;
  • Direction;
  • Speed;


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Hence, by having this information, the mine safety manager will be in the situation to detect any indication of collision danger and to virtually alert the truck driver and the other employees.

6.  Access to Actionable Fleet Data

When GPS fleet tracking is being implemented in the daily activities of mining companies, straight proportionally mine managers are being empowered to make the right decisions.

In general, GPS fleet tracking solutions are sending useful and simple information about the fleet. These information are easy to process.

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Straight after the implementation of GPS fleet tracking, mine managers will get clarity of the overall mine operations. That is to say, they will receive more than just data.

Thereupon, the metrics of the GPS fleet tracking for mining industry include:

  • Idling activity;
  • Fleet utilization;
  • Unauthorized vehicle use;
  • Driver proficiency;

The job of mine managers could not get more facilitated.

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With just a few clicks, mine managers will get deeper into the real actions happening on the mine site. They will see how much their employees and drivers are contributing to the performance patters.

Besides the previously mentioned metrics, the GPS fleet tracking is as well indicating the following information about their employees:

  • Locations of stops made;
  • The total distance traveled;
  • Number of days used;
  • Quantity and cost of fuel used;

So, mine managers will receive an integration between different data sources, configurable graphs as well as financial performance charts on their disponibility.


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In addition, by having access to actionable fleet data, mine managers can assign priority alerts to their employees. By that managers can easily ensure that their staff members are taking the proper course of action.

All in all, mine managers nowadays can make right-sizing decisions thanks to GPS fleet tracking solutions!

7. Mine Safety Managers Can Achieve “Zero Harm” with GPS Fleet Tracking

Zero harm is a term that is widely used in the mining industry.

The background of this phrase can be interconnected with the combat that mine managers are leading with the reduction of the number of injuries.

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The main causes for fatalities in the mining industry are caused by:

  • Fall of ground incidents;
  • Slip and fall;
  • Falls from heights;
  • Transport Factors;


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Yet, nowadays mine managers can achieve to fulfill the requirements of zero harm on mining sites thanks to the GPS fleet tracking solutions.

More precisely, zero harm can be achieved by using the integrated monitoring networks.

On the other hand, mine managers with the help of GPS fleet tracking can easily create safe work protocols and stay compliant with the Health and Safety Mining Regulations. That leads to the right attitude and approach to safety at the mining operations.

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Still, the key to addressing zero harm is having a clear sense of safety on mining sites.

Nevertheless, the mining industry requires a smooth workflow- and mine safety managers should ensure that it is happening on the mine sites.


To enumerate, the U.S. mining industry is composed of the processes of beneficiation, extraction, and processing of natural solid materials from the earth.

All these processes do pose difficulties and put employees and dump mining truck drivers in hazardous situations. All that coupled together makes the job of mine managers even more difficult.

But, luckily the innovation of technological solutions, such as is the GPS fleet tracking, has brought numerous benefits to the U.S. mining industry.



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