Truck GPS – Smartest GPS Tracking on the Market

Need to improve your trucking business? Need a better, smarter and faster way for route management? No problem. Thanks to the technology, there is a new intelligent way to lead your company to success.

Having said this, Fueloyal announced the new Truck GPS that will upturn the profit in the trucking businesses. Notably, it will ease the life of truck drivers, their coping with the Hours of Service (HOS) and lead to faster finishing route points.

Recognizing the concerns of the truck drivers and the trucking business owners, Fueloyal has developed a smart Truck GPS to help the companies.

The smart Truck GPS can be upgraded on every type of trucks. The built-in GPS is made to create specific routes.

Depending on the type of the route, the Truck GPS will create instant and efficient route mapping as well as route compliance.

The implemented geofencing and location-awareness, the GPS includes real-time tracking as well as notification alerts.

It protects the vehicles, the drivers and the cargo with the help of the included visual indicators and the interactive route replay.

In this way, the Truck GPS has a software which will keep a historical data of the traveled routes.

Truck GPS Key Features and Benefits:

  • No Contract Required! Starting from $10.99 Truck/Month.
  • Only GPS That Optimizes Fuel Purchases and Saves $300 More per Truck/Month
  • Reduced Fuel Cost with Efficient Route Mapping/ Route Compliance
  • Real-Time Tracking and Alerting
  • Historical Data of Travelled Routes
  • Geofencing and Speed Limit Setup
  • Interactive Route Replay, including visual indicators for stops and other alerts
  • Protect the Vehicles, Drivers, Products and Supplies

Notably, it is the only Truck GPS which optimizes fuel purchases. Having said this, the device is budget-friendly and will save you $300 per truck in a month.

To sum up, whenever you feel lost in the highway, had lost track, or you are simply driving on your new route, this Truck GPS is your messiah.


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