Trailer GPS – Track and Monitor Your Goods and Trailers

Fueloyal Launches New Trailer GPS: Making a Difference in the U.S. Trucking Industry.

Fueloyal Inc. has done it again! Fueloyal is excited to announce the launch of their new innovative and cutting-edge fleet management solution, their brand new Fueloyal Trailer GPS!

The Company believes in commitment to making a difference in the trucking industry. In the foreground Fueloyal is known for their exceptional patents that revolutionize the trucking marketplace. In like manner, Fueloyal has developed a Fueloyal Trailer GPS in their line of safety and security solutions.

The device allows freedom of movement by allowing tracking and monitoring of goods and trailers at the same time. It will save you time by allowing you to see where each asset is in any giving area, and will help you analyze the usage, as well as to reduce the number of trailers needed to manage any given workload.

But as well, Fueloyal has made it easier for their customers, Fueloyal Trailer GPS does not require contract and is starting from $6.99 trailer/month.

The Fueloyal Trailer GPS is designed to send live updates on trailer location and continuous in-transit visibility, while at the same time featuring geofenced alerts if the trailer is taken outside a specific geographic area. Actually, the geofenced alerts are seen as the most advanced features that a trailer GPS tracking system might have. Triggered alerts will allow you to monitor the activity in a more passive manner.

With their customer’s needs in mind, Fueloyal is continuously crafting and building their custom products and services. Their portfolio is comprised of unique solutions that make a change, so the Fueloyal Trailer GPS is yet one more proof of their dedication to the trucking industry.

The 2017 edition of Fueloyal Trailer GPS gives prominence to the elimination of manual yard checks and time reduction. Simply, Fueloyal Trailer GPS will keep guard against threats damage and theft by 24/7 monitoring and daily trailer fleet report. This innovative GPS will alert you on suspicious behavior and unauthorized use.

Fueloyal has made their innovative and cutting-edge solution economical, while at the same time being simple for installation and automatic activation. The battery lifetime of Fueloyal’s Trailer GPS lasts for 10 years.

With real-time information in a heads up display format Fueloyal Trailer GPS will ensure a productive work day, safe and time-efficient load transportation.

Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be a challenge, but Fueloyal has thought of it and has created the Fueloyal Trailer GPS. This innovative device will make the two processes of managing and maintaining a fleet way easier for you.

With Fueloyal Trailer GPS you will have numerous tools at your disposal to analyze and examine the behavior and movements of your trailers, loads and drivers!


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