Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Virginia Freight Brokers


Virginia freight brokers are one of the premium freight brokers in the United States. They are leaders in transportation brokerage solutions. Surely, they are focused on cheaper prices, as well as quality assurance.

We are listing down below the 10 best Virginia freight brokers, in our personal opinion of course. Surely, there are many other Virginia freight brokers out there and companies that offer logistics and transportation brokerage solutions. So, feel free to use this list as a starting point for your research.

Let’s start! Here is the list with the 10 best!

1. COX Transportation Services, Inc.

COX Transportation Services, Inc. is one of the largest property brokers in Virginia. They design their services according to customer’s needs. Moreover, they serve the United States as well as Canada.

Cox Transportation have been into the industry for more than thirty years now. Surely, they do have reasonable rates and a quick payment plan to which not many can compare.

The president of Cox Transportation Services, Inc. is Jay Smith. He grew up in the truck transportation industry along with his father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Therefore, they were all involved in the households moving a business. Ever since Jay has always been around trucks. He started working in the business at the age of 15.



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