Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Virginia Freight Brokers

Moreover, Livingston International is providing international trade consulting and freight forwarding. They do shipment across the continent but also around the world.

Livingston International have their headquarters in the Chicago United States. But, they are also operating as Virginia freight brokers. Also, Livingston serves along the United States and Canada border.

Source: www.businesswire.com
Source: www.businesswire.com

Furthermore, they have regional air and sea hubs in Los Angeles, New York, and Norfolk. Livingston International has more than 3,200 employees. They are located at more than 125 key border points, seaports, airports and other strategic locations in North America. But also in Europe and the Far East.

6. Ocean World Lines

Ocean World Lines is among the largest companies in the world, and one of the largest Virginia freight brokers too. It also has more than 60 service contracts with the best ocean carriers.


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They are sure that they can handle even the most complex global supply chain requirements with great ease.

Ocean World Lines have been in the industry for more than 30 years now. They have been working with importers, exporters as well as freight forwarders. In order to move their goods and provide door – to – door or end -to- end service worldwide.

Source: www.oceanworldlines.com
Source: www.oceanworldlines.com

Moreover, Ocean World Lines is a subsidiary of Pacer International. They also offer a single- source experience for their customers. They have the experience needed to deal with the technology in order to handle today’s complex world of business.

Today, they have more than 250 employees worldwide. Also, they have a presence in all of the major trade and business centers around the world. Not to mention, the best network of agents worldwide.

7. N Vision Global

N Vision Global is a specialist in offering global invoice/invoice audit, payment and information management services. They are pretty unique Virginia freight brokers. No matter if a client is using their Advance Service Provider Software Solution (ASP) to process in- house. Or take advantage of our full-service Sarbanes- Oxley compliant freight audit and payment service.

Each client organization has access to N Vision’s huge team experience as well as technology. They are one of the best in the industry according to that.

Also, they are a regional freight audit as well as payment service provider to N Vision Global. They have a current role as a leading global provider of invoice/invoice audit, payment and logistics information management services.

Nevertheless, customers trust them and rely on their accurate freight payment services. But, also they rely upon the information management analytical software. All this, in order to help OWL to manage all their transportation costs.

Source: www.nvisionglobal.com
Source: www.nvisionglobal.com

What is the best from using the Sarbanes – Oxley compliant freight audit and payment service?

Here is a list of all the things:

  • Global, Single-Source Freight Payment Solution;
  • Processing and Reporting of International taxes such as VAT and GST;
  • Multi- Lingual Staff;
  • On-demand closings;
  • Document Imaging of all Invoices;
  • Extensive Data Capture (120 data elements);
  • Complex General Ledger Account Allocation;
  • Accurate Accrual Reporting;
  • Allocation of Freight Charges at the Product Level;
  • Unsurpassed Financial Stability;
  • Positive Return on Investment;
  • Online Resolution for Customer and Transportation Provider Exceptions;
  • Multi-Currency Payment Options;
  • Non-commingled Payments;
  • Industry leading Analytical Tools;

8. Ryder Solutions

Ryder Solutions have more than 80 years of experience in transportation management. Moreover, Ryder Solutions gives their clients access to free, express quotes and reliable services.  From thousands of LTL, truckload and expedited carriers, and also a nationwide network of quality Ryder fleets.

They also offer a personalized service from an experienced team of freight managers. Furthermore, they will find a way so clients would get the most competitive quote on their shipments.

Source: www.campaigns.ryder.com
Source: www.campaigns.ryder.com

There are three main things you can get from getting services from any Virginia freight brokers, but especially from Ryder Solutions:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Premium service
  • Quotes for all type of shipments

9. Rogers & Brown Custom Brokers

Rogers & Brown Custom Brokers have a mission to offer the most reliable and efficient as well as personalized supply chain solutions. This, along with the information delivered to customers allows a further development and growth of the business.

Source: www.rogers-brown.com

Rogers & Brown was established back in 1968, in Charleston, South Carolina. They are one of the oldest Virginia freight brokers. At the start, they were a one room operation. But today, they have grown into an international logistics company.


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Also, they are offering a full range of transportation services. Their team always makes sure that customers goods are transported timely as well as efficient and cost effective.

They offer an experienced and dedicated team, global network as well as advanced in – house information systems.

10. National Traffic Systems

National Traffic Systems is a full-service transportation Virginia freight brokers. They are dedicated to perfection. So, their day to day operations can be explained as them being the “freight coordinators” in the trucking industry.

National Traffic Systems rely on their customers to arrange for their shipping needs. Therefore, when they match the shipper’s load to the best suited carrier.

Source: www.nationaltraffic.com
Source: www.nationaltraffic.com

The company operates with more than 10,000 trucking companies. But, also with several intermodal (rail) companies.

Furthermore, by using a large amount of carriers, it allows them to keep the freight bills low. Nevertheless, still getting the service the client’s company requires.


With Virginia freight brokers being one of the most dedicated professionals in the industry out there. Surely, you will have no problem in choosing one, but you might find it difficult to choose one between so many experienced teams. Every company that needs a shipment will know what to search for. Of course, according to their personal needs and what exactly they need at the moment.

Virginia freight brokers will surely exceed your expectations. Whether you want to work with them or for them. They choose the best carriers out there. Always paying attention to timely and secure goods delivery.



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