Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Virginia Freight Brokers

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com
Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Later on, Jay moved into the freight business. His starts were with the staff of The COX Companies in 1988. Back then he was still attending Virginia Commonwealth University. Also, he graduated in 1990 with a B.S. in Business Administration and Management.

After he graduated, Jay accepted the position of Systems Supervisor for COX Transportation Services, Inc. There he began his full – time career. Ever since, he has served as Office Manager, General Manager, Vice President Administration and Executive Vice President.

Today, he is the president of the company. Jay is originally from the Richmond, Virginia area. And, they tend to make COX one of the best Virginia freight brokers. And there his family was into the business of household moving for many years.

Later on, back in 2014, Jay has decided to purchase the company from the original founder John A. Cox. So, Jay continues to serve as the company’s Chairman and President until today.

2. CV International

CV International have their headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. Therefore, they are one of the many Virginia freight brokers. But, CV International is a premier provider of logistics and trade compliance services. They provide to, and from, anywhere in the world.



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