Equip Trucking Office

Learn How to Equip Perfect but Cheap Trucking Office

In order to run a successful trucking business, you need to put all pieces in one place and create a trucking office to make sure that everything is synchronized and functional.


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To get the best results you need to make a plan and include your customer’s needs, your employee’s needs. The trucking business these days is very competitive so you need to be innovative and have in mind that everything can affect the productivity of your business.

The smart thing to do is to see how your actions will affect in a long term, look at the overall needs of your business so, in the end of the race, everybody should be happy and more productive.

Trucking office is the space that needs to be pleasant and practical, it needs to have positive environment if you want to get out the best skills of your employees. If you manage to do that you will have the master key to open the gate of new positive possibilities for you and for your customers.

First Choose The Location of  Your Trucking Office

Where should I locate my trucking office? How important is the location of my trucking office? These are few of the questions that pop in our minds when we need to open a trucking office.

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Before you start looking for space you need to analyze your business. Since Trucking Industry needs a lot of space and easy access it is always better to find space for your trucking office around highways. However, this will allow you to avoid traffic jam and unnecessary downtime for your trucks. You need to find easily accessible location.

Other possibilities for choosing trucking office space are to find a location near truck stops and repair shop. Just in case you need quick truck repair you would not spend a lot of time to get to the repair shop. And maybe you will get neighborly amenities and special treatments and discounts.

Have a Room For Drivers

Trucking office will be the first place that the truck drivers will visit before they get back in their homes. It is important to find a room for your drivers to take a breath and arrange the documents before they place them for reviewing.
That room will be resting place for the drivers. Being an OTR truck driver can be very stressful, so you should give them their own space to communicate with each others without additional pressure from other employees.

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The life of a trucker is specific; they are spending a lot of time in a truck cabin, racing to catch the delivery time. High speed is their recognition mark. Most of the time they are on the road so when they are in the trucking office waiting for new loads, they should be treated as nice as possible.

However, all of us who are in the trucking business know that truck drivers before FMCSA hours of service regulations, the truck drivers spent too many time behind the steering wheel that led to truck driver fatigue and endangering human lives.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

With the introduction of these regulations, the safety is increased and driving hours are putt in control, but still there are plenty of violation of those rules, that led to bad safety company records.

Special room for drivers in the trucking office can be used for occasional truck driver training and tests to improve the awareness of safety regulations. Reminding drivers how important road safety is and how to increase it we are actually preventing traffic catastrophes.

Dispatchers Should Have Their Own Space

Every job is stressful, but working with people is the hardest job ever, especially when the job requires communication with multiple categories of people. Let’s say to the customer service department there is pressure to respond accurately and promptly to customers, but dispatchers department requires communication of the inner and outer circles.

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  • Dispatchers are the people that are dealing with everybody – truck drivers, freight brokers, customers and inside factors. All these people are synchronized by dispatchers. Being able to fulfill every expectation is not easy at all. The dispatcher’s job requires handling every action (drivers, freight brokers, shippers… ), so it is not so easy to go through the day without stress and pressure.
  • The job requires a lot of attention and focus on handling all these obligations – that is why these guys need a well equipped own working space in the trucking office. In that way, dispatchers will be able to use this space to respond prompt to the work tasks and organize their obligations in a way that they will pull the maximum of their self.

Everybody have their own way and system how to handle the obligation and how to blend in the trucking office space to pull the best of them, so give this chance to your dispatchers to show you the magic of their world.

Coffee Place is Mandatory for People to Relax

We all need a break to cool our body from the pressure, and those 10 or 15 minutes should be relaxed and in a space that would be away from the desk, computer or general working area.

To have a coffee place in the trucking office is a way to have stress free workers. The coffee space will be a place to share thoughts, discuss, laugh and relax. Those 10 minutes, when they are away from the desk, should count.

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  • Workers need to relax not to have additional pressure
  • They need to clear their minds for a moment
  • Coffee place in the trucking office is like team building device
  • It Boosts the communication and allows engagement between the workers
  • 10 min for coffee will give mental and physical break from the daily tasks in the trucking office

Initially, working without a break is harmful to the human health and secondarily can affect the quality of your employee’s performance. Relax and relief the pressure, charge your batteries and prepare yourself for the action!

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Source: www.mmhayes.com

We all tried to force ourselves beyond the limits of our strength but our body simply cannot take the pressure and can break. Our mind can shut down if we overexpose the body to a pressure; it is its natural way to say – slow down. Even machines need refresh from time to time human body need more refresh time.



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