GPS features for mining companies

10 Most Important Practices of GPS features for Mining Companies

The importance of adoption and utilization of mining technology has been recognized by almost all mining companies in the USA.

In general, the most significant mining technology has turned out to be the GPS navigation solution.

The GPS navigation solution is featuring numerous application characterizations of GPS features that later on bring positive impact upon the overall work of a mining company.

Nevertheless, the essence of the mining environments requires different techniques and tools to achieve relative positioning or a greater accuracy.That is to say different functions of GPS System. In spite of that, the GPS features can help mining companies to achieve this goal.

So, how can the application characterizations of GPS features help mining companies?

Well, once a mining company implements a GPS navigation system, it will straight proportionally enable the mining company with an access to:

  • Real-time positioning with instantaneous feedback;
  • Relative positioning;
  • Techniques for greater accuracy;
  • Kinematics positioning;

In addition, during the mining operation, the GPS navigation system, that is to say, the GPS receiver that is being placed on the equipment is continuously positioning using the GPS satellite signals- it is how this solution is enabling mining companies to receive positional data and to perform accurate mining operations.

Further, in this article, you can read more about the 10 crucial application characterizations of GPS features for mining companies.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Accuracy

In general, the mining industry is pretty much tricky and capital intensive!

That means that mining companies should not take any chances of luck.

Consequently, the operations of mine employees and mining companies should always be correct and accurate.


Thereupon, if we take a look at the GPS features, as well as the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking system, then we can see that – its application into mining businesses would bring increased accuracy in all mining operations.

So, it is crystal clear that the technical advances are changing the business strategies of mining companies.

Nevertheless, it is the extremely accurate GPS features that bring mining companies a precision of 10 meters radius.

2. Fleet Management

The GPS is known to be one of the technological advancements to have made a difference in almost all industries all across the USA and wider.

As time goes by, GPS devices are becoming an invaluable tool for mining operators too!


The prime aims of the GPS features and benefits are to achieve:

  • Improved safety standards;
  • Show proper navigation;
  • Mapping and surveying;
  • Performance and health monitoring of equipment;

Straight proportionally we can see that the functions of the Global Positioning  System are indicating accurate blending and quality control to meet the requirements of the, particularly selected process.

Moreover, the GPS vehicle tracking solution is becoming the best tool that mining companies can use to manage their fleet of big trucks and their equipment as well!

The fully advanced GPS features are letting mining companies to:

  • Locate the precise location of their vehicles;
  • Ensure safety and accountability– GPS features and benefits can help mining companies to monitor and track driver behavior and by that to increase the accountability;
  • Improve the workflow;

3. Surveying

Mapping and surveying are the very first GPS features that this solution has developed.

In addition, these two GPS features are providing longitude as well as a latitude position – which indicates the measured angles and distances between two points.


Generally speaking, there are three types of surveying application characterizations of GPS features that mining companies can perform:

  1. Static GPS baseline– In general, the static GPS baseline feature is being used by mining companies to determine the precise coordinates for the survey point.
  2. Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Observations Real-time kinematics or also known as code-based positioning, is the most commonly used method of surveying in the mining industry. This method of surveying is using a carrier-based ranging and is providing ranges or orders of magnitude. Mining companies are using this feature when they are performing operation that requires higher accuracies- such as centimeter-level positioning;
  3. GPS Baseline– This feature gives mining companies the accuracy of baseline measurements. That is to say within 10km of the base station.

Here are the advantages that mining companies will experience if they use GPS for surveying:

  • No weather restrictions;
  • No line of sight required;
  • Surveying will require one person (since it is performed via satellites) – which will save you time and labor;


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Mining companies using a GPS tracking devices have seen how their surveying processes are considerably speeding up. By that, they are reducing the time surveyor stay on the mining site.

4. Detecting Dangerous Driving Behavior

The application characterizations of GPS features for mining companies simply goes beyond pinpointing company vehicles and assets on a map.

Thanks to the global positioning system, mining companies nowadays can detect and collect data that indicates truck driver behavior. Data on harsh driving activity can be seen via the GPS devices.

Moreover, mine site managers can easily monitor and detect dangerous driving behavior thanks to the advanced GPS features.


Yet, once a mine manager detects dangerous driving and operational behavior, straight ahead he can alert drivers on their risky behaviors.

In addition, this application characterization of the GPS features can decrease the chances of accidents or any injury happening on mine sites.

By that, not only that mining company can decrease the chances of accidents and injuries, but they can as well reduce the wear and tear on the vehicles.

So, by detecting dangerous driving behaviors via the global positioning system mining companies can improve their overall efficiency.

5. Hazard Avoidance

To put it another way.

The application characterization of GPS features for mining companies can be seen in the process of hazard avoidance as well.

In general, the mining industry is a risky one.




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