GPS tracking alerts ensure safety

GPS tracking alerts – Right Practice to Ensure Construction Driver Safety

Construction companies are always striving for an incredible amount of fleet data. Nowadays that strive has been fulfilled with the development and implementation of GPS tracker.

This impeccably developed solution is featuring GPS tracking alerts.

Construction companies in the USA that have implemented GPS tracking alerts into their daily construction activities have stated that it has helped them to ensure construction driver safety.

So, construction companies are always putting their employees’ safety in a first place!

Looking in that direction, we cannot bear to notice that if the construction company sets up GPS tracking alerts correctly, then it will receive the needed information that can lead to a safe working environment as well as to increased productivity.

In addition, you will as well receive information about what you need to take action on!

Further, in this article, you can read and learn more about the GPS tracking alerts, and how these GPS features can ensure construction driver safety.

So, let’s take a look!

Zone Alerts

How can you set up a zone alert?

More importantly, why are zone alerts useful for construction driver safety and construction delivery trucking?

Well, first of all, zone alerts are of a great significance for construction driver safety. It is so because once a vehicle gets in or out of the predicted zone the GPS fleet management solution itself will send alerts to the fleet manager as well as to the construction company owner.


Thereupon, setting up zone alerts is undemanding.

It goes like this- you as GPS tracker user should provide the following information:

  • Click the Add zone alert button;
  • Provide your zone a name;
  • Enter a phone number;
  • Or, enter an email address;

So, once you fill out this information you will be presented in front of you a map. On the map, you will be able to see your zone pinned on the screen.

Hence, since you performed all these steps, now you can have a peace of mind because once the vehicle exits the zone, you will be notified straight ahead.

Speed Alerts

Speed alerts might be the best and most useful of all GPS tracking alerts when it comes to ensuring construction driver safety.

Since construction companies are enveloping their possibilities by using new technologies, more precisely GPS tracking device solutions, straight proportionally they aim to increase construction driver safety.

Construction driver safety can definitely be increased with the help of GPS tracking alerts- in this case with speed alerts.


Construction vehicles are in general hard to maneuver and drive.

So, by imagining a heavy construction vehicle – a concrete truck – full with concrete heading to a construction site driving beyond the speed limit, you can understand the danger that the construction driver can pose to himself and to all people engaged on the roads.

Luckily, more and more construction companies are understanding the urgency of implementing a GPS tracking device solution and using GPS tracking alerts into their daily activities.


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So, when it comes to setting up a GPS speed alerts, it goes like this:

  • Click on the add speed alert button;
  • Add phone number;
  • Or, add address;
  • Choose the vehicles and set the speed limits that you want to apply to;

The final step that you as a user of the best construction GPS  should take is to click the save speed alert button.

Now your GPS speed alerts are being activated and your construction drivers are safe for transporting concrete or construction materials!

Panic Alerts

On the other hand, best construction GPS tracking solutions are featuring panic alerts.

Fortunately, panic alerts are not as much utilized in the construction business as are the other GPS tracking alerts.

So, the main aim of the panic alerts is to give construction drivers a discrete way to call for help if they find themselves in an emergency situation.


Thereupon, regardless of the safety rating that your construction company has, you as a construction company owner should set the panic alerts. It will take you just two minutes.

Hence, if your construction driver finds himself in danger, all that he will have to do is to activate the panic alerts. With the activation of the panic alerts, the fleet manager will see the continual display of the state of panic alert switching on.

So, panic alerts are just one more way how construction companies can improve the safety of their construction drivers’ safety.

Ignition Alerts

Ignition alerts not only that can increase construction driver safety, but can as well increase the safety of your vehicles from theft.

Let me be more precise, The GPS solution is featuring this alert that enables ignition changes to be monitored.

So, every time that the particular vehicle is being turned on or turned off- if you enable this feature you will receive an instant alert.


Moreover, the fleet manager can enable the ignition alerts to be received via text message on a cell phone or on an e-mail address.

In like manner the GPS solution is enabling anyone that you choose to be alerted when the ignition is happening, whether on or off.

So, that means that truck driver too are going to receive alerts when their vehicles are being started.

GPS tracking alerts can be set for 24 hours a day or can be changed to whatever time!

Route Alerts

So far you can see that construction company by implementing a GPS solution into their daily activities not only that will improve the protection of the expensive equipment, but as well will improve the safety of their construction drivers.

Thereupon, route alerts are considered to be the type of alerts that enhance construction driver safety the most.


Hence, if a construction company has assigned their heavy vehicles to a specific construction site or a route– then straight proportionally the fleet manager can be notified when the vehicles will leave their assigned routes.



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