GPS tracking alerts ensure safety

GPS tracking alerts – Right Practice to Ensure Construction Driver Safety

So, let’s take a look!

Zone Alerts

How can you set up a zone alert?

More importantly, why are zone alerts useful for construction driver safety and construction delivery trucking?

Well, first of all, zone alerts are of a great significance for construction driver safety. It is so because once a vehicle gets in or out of the predicted zone the GPS fleet management solution itself will send alerts to the fleet manager as well as to the construction company owner.


Thereupon, setting up zone alerts is undemanding.

It goes like this- you as GPS tracker user should provide the following information:

  • Click the Add zone alert button;
  • Provide your zone a name;
  • Enter a phone number;
  • Or, enter an email address;

So, once you fill out this information you will be presented in front of you a map. On the map, you will be able to see your zone pinned on the screen.

Hence, since you performed all these steps, now you can have a peace of mind because once the vehicle exits the zone, you will be notified straight ahead.

Speed Alerts

Speed alerts might be the best and most useful of all GPS tracking alerts when it comes to ensuring construction driver safety.



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