GPS tracking alerts – Right Practice to Ensure Construction Driver Safety

GPS tracking alerts ensure safety

Setting the route alerts of the best construction GPS is pretty much similar to setting up the other GPS tracking alerts that the GPS solution is featuring. So, it goes like this:

  • Click on the Add route alert button;
  • Choose a particular route;
  • Choose the vehicles the new route alert will apply to;
  • Set the time parameters for the route alert notification;

It is good for you to know that the default maximum distance that a construction vehicle can deviate from the given route is approximately 300 feet.

Yet, this route can be set at a distance from 100 feet to 1 mile.

Asset Maintenance Alerts

The price that best construction GPS companies pay when they are experiencing improper maintenance of assets is high.

It can even lead to unexpected breakdowns and downtime for your construction delivery business. And in such industry one cannot afford that.


Consequently, if we take a look at the GPS tracking alerts, then we can acknowledge the fact that asset maintenance alerts can help construction companies to gain more cost savings by scheduling the maintenance of their trucks and construction vehicles based on an actual use. Static timetables are long gone in the past.

Henceforth, once the asset maintenance alerts are being turned on, the construction truck driver will be in a safe working environment.


Later on, the GPS asset maintenance alerts can enable construction companies an easier access to the accurate mileage as well as a history of their vehicles.


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By that construction companies can reassure that they can make a better plan maintenance. Remember that well-maintained vehicles can enhance construction driver safety.

Geofences with Triggered Alerts

Were you aware of the fact that geofences with triggered alerts are one of the most advanced features of GPS tracking devices?

Well, it is!

Generally speaking, geofences are the designated areas that the user of a GPS solution can define on the map.

So, geofences can be in any shape that the user wants to create from several points or it can be in the form of a certain radius around a given point.


Thereupon, it turns out to be that the geofences with triggered alerts, as one of the most advanced features of a GPS tracking solution, is the ideal choice for construction companies that want to monitor a given area, as well as to enhance the safety of their construction drivers and construction workers while performing construction delivery trucking.


Hence, the triggered alerts are enabling the user to monitor the activity in a passive way. So, as a construction fleet manager, you can use the geofences with triggered alerts to provide time stamps for different activities, including:

  • Arriving or leaving work;
  • Entering or exiting job sites;
  • Managing territories and construction sites;
  • Keeping construction employees out of certain areas;

All in all, the geofence GPS tracking alerts will definitely provide you with more valuable information for larger areas than the other alerts will!

Safety & Security Alerts

Managing specialized equipment, in this case managing construction vehicles and construction equipment requires ultimate safety and security.

Nevertheless, a construction company that has increased safety and security is the one that will attract the best customers, but as well as the best construction drivers and construction employees.


So, what construction companies can do in this digitalized era in which we live in, is to implement the technologically advanced GPS solutions.

As you had the chance to read this article so far, you could realize the importance of having such solution in construction operations.


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Once a construction company implements GPS tracking solutions, it is straight ahead enabled to enjoy the benefits of customized GPS tracking alerts.

Additionally, the construction fleet manager has the option to set safety and security alerts. As well as to modify this alerts, and to choose to which construction drivers these alerts are going to be sent to.

Additional Benefits that Construction Companies Get with the implementation of GPS tracking alerts

GPS tracking alerts, besides being the right practice to ensure construction driver safety, are at the same time bringing additional benefits for construction companies as well.


So, the construction companies that are using GPS tracking alerts can enjoy the following:

  1. Easily locate stolen equipment- In an event of theft the vehicles or construction equipment that is being stolen can be easily and quickly be tracked thanks to the GPS tracking alerts;
  2. Lower the operating costs– Construction employee safety and accountability can be improved with the GPS tracking alerts. By that construction companies can save money on fuel or other overhead costs that they might be faced with.
  3. Operate more efficiently than ever– Construction companies with the help of GPS tracking alerts can maximize the time with turn-by-turn route planning. It is especially recommendable when construction vehicles are working on multiple construction sites in a single day.
  4. Better field service management tools– GPS tracking alerts will put aside all documents that once construction employees had to complete onsite;

GPS solutions and its tracking alerts are useful for almost any type of industry and business, but it is especially significant for the construction industry.


To enumerate, GPS tracking solutions altogether with its features and GPS tracking alerts, are the best choice for construction businesses.

It is so mainly because this solution can provide construction companies and construction employees with the tools that they need in order to manage the productivity, efficiency as well as safety.

Additionally, by using GPS tracking solutions construction businesses have the chance to monitor their construction vehicle, equipment as well as employees via customizable alerts. The GPS tracking alerts can be received directly to a mobile phone or email inbox. The choice remains to the construction company owner or the construction fleet manager.

So, if you are in the construction business, and you are using GPS tracking solutions featuring GPS tracking alerts, please feel free to share your experience with us.



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