10 Best GPS Tracking Devices and Fleet Management Software Solutions for 2017

Trucking companies that utilize GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions are more likely to experience a range of benefits to their operations.

First and foremost I would like to start with the fact that GPS tracking devices can allow intermodal trucking companies to have on their disponibility the operations at what time truck drivers are starting their on-duty time, as well as for how long they are spending on breaks, and whether the vehicle is used to pursue non-work related activities.

Every now and then GPS tracking devices are essential in settling any false complaints or claims against the trucking companies that may arise.

GPS Tracking devices and fleet management software solutions are also beneficial for truck drivers as well. For example, fleet management software solutions can structure each driver’s timetable more effectively and make better use of their time. With these devices, the fear of horror truck driver urban stories can be overcome.

In addition, GPS tracking devices and software solutions can collect all the data and to collate it centrally so that any possible problems can be identified and thus the solutions can be discovered and adapted more quickly.

Trucking companies using GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions have stated that since they are using these solutions have noticed improved customer service, improved driver, and vehicle efficiency.

Furthermore, in this article, you will have the chance to read which the 10 best GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions for 2017 are.

So, let’s see!

1. Fueloyal GPS Fleet Tracking

Do you want to improve your over the road trucking business? Are you looking for GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions?

Well, now you won’t have to worry anymore because Fueloyal has to offer you the best GPS tracking devices for your fleet.

In addition, these GPS tracking devices are one of the best solutions for trucking companies this year.

Thanks to the technology that Fueloyal is using, they managed to offer to the trucking industry market a new intelligent way to lead trucking companies to success.

Moreover, the Truck GPS that Fueloyal has developed can be upgraded to every type of trucks.

The key features and benefits of the Truck GPS are:

fleet management software GPS Asset Tracking
Source: www.fueloyal.com

Fueloyal has launched as well one of the best GPS tracking devices for trailers. They are simply making a difference in the U.S. Trucking Industry.

This device is making a difference by allowing freedom of movement while at the same time allowing tracking and monitoring of goods and trailers at the same time.

fleet management software GPS Truck Tracking
Source: www.fueloyal.com

The 2017 edition of Fueloyal Trailer GPS gives prominence to the elimination of manual yard checks and time reduction.

The battery lifetime of Fueloyal’s Trailer GPS lasts for 10 years.

2. US Fleet Tracking

US Fleet Tracking has the complete GPS Tracking Solution!

As one of the best GPS tracking devices US Fleet Tracking is providing both GPS tracking and fleet management software solutions as well.

This solution is helping thousands of customers to save time and money by keeping track of their trucks and goods.

Source: www.prweb.com

In addition, their internet-based tracking system allows their customers to save time and money by keeping their track of their assets live.

So their customers get to enjoy a full control, anywhere from any device!

So, if you want to keep your fleet on time with live integrated traffic, then you should take US Fleet Tracking into consideration.

Source: www.usfleettracking.com

US Fleet Tracking has raised among the best tracking devices by building the most powerful tools for managing your vehicles, trailers or whatever your assets might be.

The system of these GPS tracking devices is meticulously designed with unmatched functionality. This unmatched functionality will help you create the best possible solutions for your goals.

3. Onfleet

Onfleet has the easiest way to manage and analyze your local delivery operations.

Hence, Onfleet as one of the best GPS tracking devices has designed everything in one place. More precisely, you won’t have the need of spreadsheets or frantic calls anymore.

Onfleet will lead you to a better focus on what’s important with color-coded statuses, comprehensive filters, and dynamic search.

As well, Onfleet can connect you to other tools to streamline your delivery operations, starting from the checkpoint up to the doorstep.

Source: www.angel.co

When it comes to route optimization, Onfleet can make manual routing a thing of the past since it has a fully integrated route optimization tool.

Their routing algorithm takes into account:

  • Team membership;
  • Central Hubs;
  • Timing Constraints;
  • Driver Schedules;
  • Vehicle Capacities;
  • Traffic Data;


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Henceforth, the fact that Onfleet is successfully powering last mile delivery operations for customers large and small in over 35 countries shows that is is without a doubt one of the best GPS tracking devices and fleet management software solutions for 2017.

4. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro is a dedicated provider of leading preventive and repair maintenance management software for vehicles and equipment since 1994.

It can be used both for fleet managers and for personal home users as well.

The fleet maintenance that these GPS tracking devices are offering will let you take control of your fleet by maximizing the uptime, the overall useful life of your assets and efficiency.

On the other hand the asset maintenance can help you keep track of your facility, machinery, aircraft, marine, vessels, tools, and more.

fleet management software maintenance
Source: www.mtcpro.com

Thereupon, when it comes to their web-based fleet management software, know that it keeps track of the asset maintenance from anywhere.

Also, it is providing the essential features to properly maintain your assets with no need of any installation.



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