The Right Truck Driving Strategy To Better Pay And More Miles

Knowing the right truck driving strategy is great.

Having a master plan is even greater.

Do you know the secret to earning more miles and a better pay?

Having said this, everything in life is a strategy, a trick.

Not everything you see is a pure luck.

The guy you saw with a beautiful girl, he used a strategy.

It is the same with truckers and the owners.

To put it in a different way, you need a well-made plan in order to succeed in your goals. Whether the goal is related to a trucking company’s success, or a truck driver’s success, a strategy is required.

In addition to this, there are people who want to be involved in the trucking industry as drivers but somehow they fail to succeed.

The reason for this is that they think they are qualified for the job because they have a CDL license.

Further, everyone engaged in truck driving knows that having the license is not enough.

On the subject of this, the question is: Do you have a particular truck driving strategy?

Every truck driver needs one in their life. Having said this, let’s proceed.

Let’s get to it!

ALWAYS Be On Time For Your Appointments

To begin with, the trucking companies in the United States are looking for employees to whom they can rely on.

One part of the perfect truck driving strategy states that as a driver you need to always be on time for your appointments.

Continually, if you want to become a successful truck driver in the industry, you need to always be on time for your appointments.


If you don’t make it on time at only one appointment, not only yours but the company’s reputation is questioned as well.

Moreover, if you are late in any case, you will definitely find yourself waiting at truck stops and literally do nothing.

In other words, you will get insanely bored from waiting. On the subject of this, it is manageable to do everything on time.


Continuously, you can make a truck driving strategy to make on-time delivery.

Once you do this, you will be able to manage your tasks and deliveries on-time.

If you do this, you will not only raise your reputation as an employee but the reputation of the trucking company as well.

Staying ahead of your responsibilities leaves you space for creativity. In this way, you will have time to improve your truck driving strategy.


More importantly, by doing tasks on time, you are consequently creating more mileage while driving.

With this in mind, depending on the bonuses that the trucking company you work for offers, you will get one monthly.

If you want to be a successful truck driver this will definitely make you one.

Safety Is No.1 Priority – Keep Clean Driving Record

Another significant factor included in the truck driving strategy is the safety. To put it in another way, safety should always be your number one priority as a truck driver.

Why am I saying this?


First, the life of truck drivers matters. With this intention, every driver in the trucking industry should respect the Government safety regulations.

Having said this, among them, are the following:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER)
  • Occupational Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (OSHA)

Second, although it cannot be compared to a trucker’s life, the security of cargo matters as well.

Having said this, there is a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) which is an annual safety program.


According to their program, you need to master the art of cargo securement.

To continue with, these are the main reasons why you need to maintain a clean driving record. By driving properly and according to the law, you will not only guarantee your safety but the cargo safety as well.

In addition to this, completing a safe transportation is very important for your trucking company and your work position as well.


If you complete the route successfully, that means that your company is doing their mission successfully.

Finishing a route is not only success for the drivers but the entire company as well. Having said this, it seems like the drivers are sometimes representing the trucking company.


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In addition to this, the trucking industry requires a high level of diligence. Furthermore, the most important factors affecting safety are the following:

  • Thorough Pre-Tip Inspection
  • Keep Distance In Front and Back of Your Truck
  • Manage Your Time To Get Enough Rest
  • Anger Management
  • Plan the Routes

Communicate Well and Be Polite With The Dispatch Department

As mentioned above, in order to succeed in a particular goal, or make a wish come true, you need a strategy.

In addition to this, an experienced or professional truck driver needs to know that he needs to possess a friendly behavior.

Furthermore, a truck driver needs to be polite with everyone, including the dispatch department.

Why am I saying this?


For one reason, dispatchers are the ones that are somehow controlling the routes of the truck drivers.

If you did not know, politeness not only describes a significant part of your character but serves as a truck driving strategy as well.

Correspondingly, politeness leads to a possible friendship. Having said this sometimes is not a bad idea to make friends among other employees.

Second, they are your colleagues. Being polite with the colleagues can bring you nothing but progress at your career.


Additionally, you will have no rivals who are constantly trying to prove they are better than you or steal your career.

On the contrary, they will be there for you when you need help with something and more importantly, you can always learn a trick or two from others that you can use in the future.



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