The Right Truck Driving Strategy To Better Pay And More Miles

On the other hand, having another friend will not hurt you anyhow. Looking on the positive side, it will do you good and more than you think.

Therefore, use your truck driving strategy and get the pay you deserve.


Being polite with dispatching team will make you master the art of conversation. Consequently, this leads to another trait in your truck driving strategy.

Notably, the polite drivers are familiar with the fact that they are representing the trucking company they work for.

Thus, they are always getting the best of them regardless of whether they talk to dispatchers or customer service.

Have Some Friends Among Dispatch They Can Make Your Life Easier

Additionally, you can succeed in completing the truck driving strategy by making friends with the employees.

In fact, you can start by making friends with the dispatching team.

Having a strong relationship with your dispatchers is a crucial factor for every trucker.

This is due to the fact that truck drivers face with the HOS duties on a daily basis and dispatchers can help you.


Having said this, dispatchers are doing amazing things on a daily basis. For instance, they are the employees responsible for regulation and keeping track on your routes.

Knowing this, they might help you through the driving process. In other words, they are controlling your work.

Therefore, use your truck driving strategy and help yourself and eventually them. These friendships will be beneficial for both of you.


To continue with, you will start communicating better. Furthermore, you can converse with the dispatcher when you feel lonely.

In this way, you will beat the loneliness that the OTR trucking is throwing the truck drivers on a daily basis.

With this intention, they will help you with anything you need.


Besides, they will not only decrease the route when you are feeling incapable of completing a particular mileage.

On the other hand, they will increase the mileage with you feel capable in order to get the bonus you deserve.

Think about it.

More importantly, although it is a truck driving strategy, look more of it as a beginning of a new friendship. If you do not have a trucker friend on the road, you could make a dispatcher friend instead.

Do The Dirty Work Without Complaining

As a truck driver, you will be facing a lot of challenges in the trucking industry. Having said this, it is not easy at all to have a profession of a truck driver.

The real truck drivers will agree, do, or face with anything that comes to their way. To put it differently, this is due to their bravery.

They will take and complete every challenge that comes to their way.


I do not know if you have heard about their nicknames but they are called “The heroes of the highways”.

They would complete every single trucking challenge.

With this in mind, they will also do the all the dirty work without complaining.

This is one of the reasons why there is a huge difference between the professional and average truck drivers.

More importantly, if they are required to do a 300-mile route, they will accept the challenge and complete the route flawlessly.

experienced truck driver

Continually, if the trucking company requires doing a thousand miles, an experienced truck driver will do it.

These are the truck drivers that accept these challenges and do not expect an award for it, at least not immediately.

It is not that they do not want the reward but they are aware of the exact time when they are going to get it.

The mileage is included in the truck driver awards among other completed challenges waiting for a reward.


Notably, these are the challenges which represent a type of a truck driving strategy to create a successful truck driving career.

Continually, if you need to repair the truck yourself instead of a diesel mechanic, you need to do it due to company’s requirement.

However, the professional truck drivers know that they are going to be rewarded for their contribution in the end.

Truck Driving Strategy – Lobby For More Miles

As shown above, the real truck drivers know their worth and know when they are going to be rewarded for their effort.

However, although they have a truck driving strategy, they are humans and make errors.


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Moreover, they are facing some ups and downs in their truck driving careers.

On the subject of this, just as you might be coming across completing a million mileage challenge, you might face a shortage in the miles.


This is the exact situation where you need to use your truck driving strategy and show your boss that you can do more.

On the other hand, there are the dispatchers. They are really helping you, right?

Well, once you use your other truck driving strategy which is becoming friends with them, you can use their work in forcing them for more miles.

If you are feeling capable of completing more miles, you should not act like you are completely okay with it.


To continue with, you can let your friend dispatcher know about your situation and use their power to help you.

The right truck driving strategy in this situation is to not get angry about it. You need to act naturally and leave anger behind.

More importantly, what you do in this particular situation is lean into it. In other words, the right truck driving strategy will bring you back on track in no time.

truck driving strategy road truck

In particular, if you feel like you are capable of always doing more, then let your boss know that.

No one lives in your mind and knows what you think unless you tell how you feel about a specific situation.



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