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Best Trucking Company Guide: How to Ensure Truck Driver Safety

Do you know which the top concern for most trucking businesses is?

It is foreseeable- truck driver safety!

Even the trucking companies that have hired the safest and most experienced truck drivers want to ensure truck driver safety. Actually, trucking companies that are aware of the importance of truck driver safety have started providing extensive training experience to their truckers.

On the other hand, many trucking companies as well are taking the advantages that technological advances are bringing on the plate. Yet, technological advances and gadgets can positively contribute to truck driver safety, but on the negative side, technology cannot help with human error factors.

In addition, truck drivers are constantly rolling on the road and are sharing it with other truck drivers, which means that they should increase their alertness. Yet, driving safely is easier said than done.

Thereupon, staying safe on the road is difficult, particularly during winter weather, that is why trucking companies are looking forward to finding a guide that will lead them to ensure truck driver safety.

As a matter of fact, further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and to learn tips and tricks that will help you with ensuring truck drivers’ safety.

So, let’s take a look at this trucking company guide!

Trucking Companies Suggest Road Safety Concepts for Truckers

Sending your truck drivers on the road to safety is not quite simple. That is why the best trucking companies in the USA have developed road safety concepts for truckers.


Hence, the idea about road safety concepts that many trucking companies are aiming to implement, is dawning by the fact that was revealed by the World Health Organization WHO stating the following point- they are projecting that by 2030 the fifth most common reason of health is predicted to be the injury generated by the road transportation system.

So, straight proportionally, trucking companies in order to ensure truck driver safety, are suggesting the following tips and tricks to their truckers:

  1. Each truck driver shall drive the speed limit– regardless of the delivery time, truck drivers should drive the speed limit. Truck drivers should pay attention to their safety, and as well of the safety of all people taking part on the road.
  2. Get a good night sleep– It is imperative that most truck accidents do happen due to truck driver fatigue. That is why truck drivers should be well rested before they hit the road.
  3. Stay focused all the time– Truck drivers should never answer their phone or to send text messages while they are behind the wheel.
  4. Be aware of the weather conditions– Truckers should keep up with the local news about the weather conditions. Truck drivers should be highly precautious when it is raining or snowing.
  5. Keep a long distance between the truck and the vehicle in front of the truck– Having enough space to brake when there is need of is crucial.
  6. Keep attention to the large blind spots– Truckers should pay enough attention to their blind spots when they are driving- it is the only way to keep other drivers safe on the road.

All in all, the concepts that trucking companies are suggesting to their truck drivers are with the aim to keep them safe and secure during the transportation process.

Reinforce Driver Training and Monitor Driving Behavior

In general, almost 87% of truck drivers show risky driving behavior.

The most common causes for risky driving behavior is aggressive driving and texting while behind the wheel.


Therefore, trucking companies in order to stop and prevent this type of driving, have started reinforcing driver training and are monitoring the driving behavior of their truck drivers on a regular basis.

Trucking company owners by gaining insight into the work and attitude of their truck drivers can see the real situation. Moreover, they can outline the process, to address and to prevent poor driver behavior.


Luckily the numerous technological advancements have brought telematics, which turned out to be the most effective technology for the trucking industry.

Thanks to telematics, trucking company owners nowadays can track and to report the behavior of their truck drivers.

So, speeding, hard braking, seat belt use are no longer secrets that truckers are keeping to themselves.

Hence, reinforcing driver training and using the adequate technology for monitoring driving behavior has helped many trucking companies in the process of ensuring truck driver safety.

Install Dash-Mounted Technologies

Dash-mounted technologies have turned out to be one more solution that trucking companies started implementing with the aim to ensure truck driver safety. These technologies have helped trucking company owners to track the movement of truck drivers.

But, what in fact is dash-mounted technology?


The most commonly used dash-mounted technology in the trucking industry is the dash cam.

The dash cam is, in fact, a camera that is being designed to be mounted in or around the dashboard of the truck. The process of installing dash-camera is not that hard.


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In general, one can install a dash-camera by using a suction cup mount, direct dash friction mounts and direct it into a replacement rear mirror.

Dash-cameras are powered by batteries and it is being hardwired into the vehicle. This cam can record all it sees.

Purchase New Vehicles That Have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems represent an aggregation of safety systems that can be built-in or added on aftermarket that is designed to work in the way that they can enhance vehicles’ safety.


ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are featuring:

  • Collision avoidance systems;
  • Connecting smartphones for hands-free dialing;
  • Adaptive Cruise Control;
  • Automatic braking;
  • Incorporation of GPS and traffic data;

Thereupon, trucking companies that aim to ensure truck driver safety should take into consideration the availability and sophistication of new automotive-safety systems. These technologies have changed trucks and trucking- in a positive manner of course.



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