Types and Brands Of Snowplows For Sale On The Market

There is nothing like the winter season. It has the shortest days and the lowest temperatures of all seasons.

Still winter being one of the most amazing seasons, can bring difficulties to some people. More precisely, ice and snow are associated with winter in many places in the USA, which led the people living in those places to find numerous practices for removing snow.

Yet, one of the best and most effective snow removal practices includes the usage of snow plow trucks.

So, if you are living in the places which are associated with ice and snow, and you are looking forward to start a snowplowing business, or either you are looking forward to buy a snowplow for private purposes, then you should know that there are many details that should be taken into consideration before making the final purchase decision.

The very first time when you are going to shop for a snowplow, straight away you will see that there are different types and brands of snow plow trucks for sale on the market.

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But, how can one choose a quality snowplow? Which aspects should a snowplow cover?

Further, in this article you will have the chance to read and learn more about the types as well as of the brands of snowplow trucks.

So, let’s take a look!

What Things To Look For When Buying a Snowplow

How can you determine what things you should look for when buying a snowplow?

Well, if you want to determine what things you should look for in a snowplow- first of all you will have to establish the job you need to get done. Look at the area to plow.

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The size of the snowplow plays a big role. If you are planning to plow commercially then you will need a snowplow that is at least 8 feet. Whereas if you just want to plow driveways a snowplow with a 7-foot straight blade will be fit for the job.

So, if you are planning to start a snowplow business then you will need to buy plows with big dimensions.

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Yet, one crucial segment includes a check of snow plow’s attachment method.

Amongst the things that one should look for when buying a snowplow is taking into consideration the lifting mechanism. Hydraulic, electric, or manual lift, the choice is yours.

Still, if the plow is not easy to install, then do not buy it.

As I mentioned previously, choosing the right snowplow includes many factors. Starting from the size, up to the brand. One should determine it all.

Types Of Snowplows

Steel Snow Plows- Long-Time Industry Favorite

If you want to take a professional approach to snow removal, then you will definitely need to get a steel snowplow.

What makes steel snowplows so special?

First of all, steel snowplows are designed to hold up through heavy duty snow removal tasks.

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Later on, steel snow plows have become the number one choice for professional snow removals, due to the fact that it costs less than alternative snow plow materials.

Yet, steel snowplows can make an easier match with older fleet trucks.

On the negative side, steel snowplows are very prone to noisy rattling.

Polyethylene Snow Plows

Polyethylene snowplows are manufactured from a durable plastic. Being composed of a durable plastic makes these snowplows to be dent and scratch resistant.

Besides the steel snow plows, polyethylene snowplows are as well featuring extended productivity and snowplow life.

Here is an interesting fact about polyethylene snowplows that not everyone was aware of:

  • Polyethylene snowplows are more expensive than steel plows.
  • On top of that poly plows are weighting more than steel plows due to the heavy framework that is required to reinforce a poly plow.

On the other hand, poly snow plows do retain their color all the way through.

Stainless Steel Snow Plows

Stainless steel snow plows not only that are designed with shiny silver look, but are at the same time designed to be durable and scratch resistance.

Source: www.ajtnt.com

When I say that stainless steel snow plows are designed to be durable, I refer to its resistance of rust and repel sticking snow in a better way than the conventional snowplows.

Main Snowplow Feature Differences

Material Pros Cons
Poly Wear and corrosion resistant; Snow rarely sticks; More expensive; Weigh more once hooked up due to heavy framework;
Steel Less costly than alternatives; Effective and convenient in matching older plows; Rusts after a lengthy duration of use; Prone to noisy rattling;
Stainless steel Superior corrosion resistance and slickness;

Relatively lightweight;

Prone to dents and cracks, especially in areas with rocks, gravel, and stumps.


Construction and Design of Snow Plows

Straight Plows

Straight snowplows enable a truck operator to make all passes away from buildings.

When operating with straight plows one should always avoid angling the blade toward a building.

V Plows

The most common use of V snowplows is when operators are making the initial snow breakthrough.

Moreover, V snowplows can carry the snow with minimum spilling.

Containment Plows/ Snow Pusher

Containment plows or also known as snow pushers can move large volumes of snow in a quick and efficient way. These plows can eliminate the need for repeated plowing. They clean roads right away.

Top 10 Snow Plow Brands

1. Snowsport Snow Plows

Snowsport snowplows are easy to use and to install.

There ain’t a doubt why it became one of the best brands of snow plows on the market.

Snowsport is selling plows which are self-adjusting and that do not require controls from truck’s cab. Which is a great plus for truck drivers.

Source: CARiD.com

One of their bestselling plows is the HD Utility Plow. It became a bestseller because it is easy to use, and at the same time is affordable for snow removal companies. It can be used both on trucks as well as on SUV’s.



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