10 Tips How to Hire Best Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is the backbone of the U.S. economy, as such, it is constantly expanding. Nowadays there are a lot of nationwide trucking companies.

Yet, more and more trucking companies are being incorporated. Straight proportionally to that the need of truck drivers has arisen. But, on the other hand, trucking companies these days are facing a bigger challenge in the form of a truck driver shortage.

Generally speaking, hiring excellent truck drivers is on every trucking company’s wish list.

Henceforth, the truck driver shortage has made the process of hiring the best truck drivers’ way difficult.

Further, in this article, I have provided you 10 tips how to hire best truck drivers.

So, take a look at it and learn how you can ease the process of hiring the best truck drivers for your trucking company!

Candidate Pre-Screening: Eliminate Candidates Who Do Not Meet Basic Criteria

What makes truck drivers be qualifiable for employment?

  • Be 21 years old or older;
  • Have passed a road test or equivalent;
  • Are physically able to safely operate the vehicle/class 8 truck that they will have to drive;
  • Be able to speak and read English;
  • Have a valid motor vehicle operator’s license;
  • Present the interviewer a record of any convicted driver violations on their part;

Nowadays trucking companies can perform an easier candidate pre-screening with the help of the DAC Employment History File and the CDLIS that are provided by HireRIght.

Source: www.youtube.com

Thereupon, trucking companies by pre-screening the candidates can eliminate the ones that do not meet the basic criteria. They will do so by getting objective information.

Here are the required driver qualification documents:

  • Driver’s motor vehicle record;
  • Driver’s review of driving record;
  • List of driver’s violations/ if any;

In this step, the trucking company that wants to hire best truck drivers should perform check of the applicant’s Social Security Number, and see whether it is in a valid range.

Source: www.thestar.com

In addition, it is recommendable that a database criminal check is included in the candidate pre-screening. That way you will see if the candidate has a criminal record.

All in all, these are the initial screens:

  1. Employment History Search (will let you verify is the truck driver has employment history as required by the FMCSA);
  2. Commercial Driver’s License Information System CDLIS;
  3. Social Security Number SSN Check;
  4. Database Criminal Check;

Here Are Few Interview Questions That Will Help You Hire Best Truck Drivers

  1. Would your previous employer say that you were never, sometimes, or frequently late on your deliveries?
  2. Explain your driving record in detail.
  3. What does being responsible mean to you?
  4. Tell me about a time when someone cut you off on the freeway? How did you handle it?
  5. Tell me about a time when your customer said you brought the wrong order and you thought it was the right one. How did you handle it?
  6. What do you enjoy the most about being a truck driver?
  7. When driving at night and turning left through an oncoming traffic lane, name a technique you could use to prevent a run under crash?
  8. Thereupon, what would you say are your strengths as a truck driver?
  9. What techniques do you use to stay focused on the job?
  10. Therefore, what experiences have you had, such as a near-miss accident? How did you avoid it?
  11. How do you fill your downtime?
  12. Describe a recent problem you had with one of your manager’s decisions. How did you handle it?
  13. What about your character makes you a good candidate for this job?
  14. Have you ever found out or thought another employee was stealing? How did you handle it?
  15. How do you typically measure a safe driving distance?
  16. Tell me about your most frustrating experience as a driver. How did you handle it?
  17. Is there a question I didn’t ask that you think I should have?


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Hire Best Truck Drivers Tip No.1: Recognize Potential As Well As Experience

These days there are many new truck drivers joining the trucking industry. The overall statistics show that the average age of truck drivers operating in the trucking industry right now is 55.

That is to say, many experienced commercial truck drivers are approaching retirement.

Source: www.corporate.walmart.com

Thereupon, the truck drivers who are entering the trucking industry are new and don’t have a lot of experience, which means that recruiters and trucking companies have to be very careful when hiring new truck drivers.

Recognizing the potential as well as the experience is essential when hiring new truck drivers!

Yet, on the other hand, experience means a lot for every profession, especially for professional truck drivers.

Source: www.journalstar.com

As I said, experience does have its place, but recognizing the potential is of a great importance as well. Know that building a successful and solid team of truck drivers takes energy and time.

Keep in mind that by using only the best hiring practices in place you will get to hire best truck drivers!

Hire Best Truck Drivers Tip No.2: Have a current driver interview with the potential truck driver

Most commonly trucking companies are engaging their Human Resources Department when they want to hire best truck drivers.

Yet, it is there where problems arise. The thing is that no one in the Human Resources Department has ever driven a truck before.

Source: www.wsj.com

Henceforth, in order for a trucking company to avoid these types of problems, besides their Human Resources Department, companies should as well engage some of their existent truck drivers.

It is so because when an experienced truck driver is part of the interviewing process a more precise evaluation of the potential truck driver can be done.

As well, by engaging an experienced truck driver in the hiring process you will as well add up an extra layer of knowledge.

Yet, the HR should give precise instructions to the company truck driver. It is when the driver will be in the position to ask specific job questions and evaluate the interviewee’s knowledge.

Interview With Intent And Hire Best Truck Drivers

Yet, one more thing that should not be overlooked when interviewing the potential truck driver is to interview him with intent.



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