10 Places To Find The Latest Trucking Industry News


Do you know which is the best place to find trucking industry news? There are hundreds of news portals, but are the freshest trucking industry news?

Having said this, there are portals which are found really helpful by those involved in the trucking industry.

However, do you know the names of those trucking industry news sources?

Where To Find Trucking Industry News

There is a variety of places to find trucking industry news. Having said this, one of the reasons why information is available to readers is the internet.

I am sure everyone uses the internet for every piece of information they need. Furthermore, with the help of the internet magazines and newspapers became available online.

In addition to this, this created a huge overturn in the marketing and magazines. It not only improved their business but helped people as well.

In fact, this is how you see whether a business is great or not. To continue with, having the sensational internet and the expansion of industries, the trucking found itself on the news topics.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

Thus, the truckers, the business owners and those who want to be involved in the industry can learn more about it.

To put it in another way, the websites and online magazines are the best way for the readers to explore.

The trucking industry news is probably among the most beneficial things that could happen to the businesses.

Source: www.gorillasafety.com
Source: www.gorillasafety.com

People involved in the industry can learn lots online. They can learn about a particular job, find a trucking job, and even take training driving classes online.

More importantly, they can find out which are the best trucking companies in the US, the best truck driving schools etc.

To sum up, you can find out the biggest secrets in the trucking industry, as well as the upcoming trends in the trucking business.

1. Truckers News

Truckers News is considered as one of the best trucking industry news website. Same as any other news portal they are updating their content on a daily basis.

However, they seem to differ than the rest of the trucking industry news websites.

Having said this, Truckers News gives all the needed information related to the trucking business.

Source: www.truckersnews.com
Source: www.truckersnews.com

In addition to this, they let you know what a typical day in a truck driver’s life actually looks like.

Continually, Truckers News is considered as a number one magazine for the over the road (OTR) trucking.

They are feeding the audience with information, promotions as well as contests. Having said this, it is the best information of the digital era.

Source: www.truckersnews.com
Source: www.truckersnews.com

More importantly, they are posting about the FMCSA Regulations in order to keep their readers updated.

Having fresh and over the top content is what makes readers coming back to their website. On the subject of this, it is pure marketing strategy.

Furthermore, this trucking website offers top stories, trending topics, tips about truck driver’s health, top rated jobs etc.

In the end, there is always something helpful and funny to read there.

2. Trucking Industry News

The trucking industry and world of trucks are rather complex and Trucking Industry News knows this.

For that reason, the Trucking Industry News is updating their audience with one of the largest contributional content.

The trucking industry and truck driving in general is not only operating the truck behind the wheel. It is definitely more than that.

Source: www.truckingindustrynews.com
Source: www.truckingindustrynews.com

To continue with, it all depends on the trucks, and on the goods they deliver. For example, the hazmat transportation involves much attention.

Further, respect of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) as well as the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) rules.

Additionally, there are is the different operation for the flatbed loads, the refrigerated transportation etc.

Source: www.truckingindustrynews.com
Source: www.truckingindustrynews.com

Although there are professionals involved in the trucking industry as well as experienced truck drivers, it is not easy at all.

There are the dangerous and disastrous roads, there is the respect of the driving laws, the speed etc.


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In the end, there is the respect of the Hours of Service Regulations (HOS) which sometimes can be tricky, depending on the situation.

3. Trucking Info

Having a reliable source of information is a must for every business related to one industry. On the subject of this, Trucking Info is one of the businesses which does its job flawlessly.

To put it in a different way, the website probably gives the latest news related to the trucking industry.

Further, whether is the driving trends you want to know about, or trailers, Trucking Info will update you with the freshest trucking industry news.

Source: www.truckinginfo.com
Source: www.truckinginfo.com

Continually, Trucking Info not only allows you to discover the best and most fresh trucking industry news but jobs as well.

Having said this, they are updating their website with the best truck driving jobs. Who knows, you may find the one that suits you perfectly.

To emphasize, it will specifically inform you about the latest news regarding the trucking industry and business, in particular.

Source: www.truckinginfo.com
Source: www.truckinginfo.com

Having said all this, Trucking Info allows you to discover trucking industry news related to the following:

  • Equipment
  • Fleet Management
  • Safety
  • Drivers
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel Smarts

By offering these topics, Trucking Industry is helping you solve your dilemmas and possible mysteries about the trucking world.

4. Overdrive Magazine Online

Overdrive Magazine is one of the most famous trucking industry news magazine available online.

Having said this, it is also among the magazine with the biggest content available on their website. Notably, they allow you to discover about the following:

 Source: www.overdriveonline.com
Source: www.overdriveonline.com

To begin with, regarding the electronic logs, Overdrive Magazine keeps their audience updated with the latest news.

On the subject of this, they post fresh content about the updates in the technology. For instance, they keep their content updated for the telematics industry, GPS with backup camera etc.



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