Ultimate Guide of 15 Big Rig Chrome Shop Locations


The number one function of big rig trucks is to work and to transport loads!

In order for that process to be performed in a safe and time-efficient manner, without any downtime, it requires on time-visits to the best big rig chrome shops.

As I said, trucks are designed to work. Straight proportionally big rig chrome shops by providing only the best big rig chrome parts and accessories are enabling that process to go smooth. Getting the right parts and accessories for your big rig truck is very important.

Thereupon, before continuing with your unique lifestyle and hitting the endless road, you as an experienced and knowledgeable truck driver should take the time to specify your truck for the loads that you are going to be transporting, as well as to take time for pre-trip inspection.

Nonetheless, if it happens that the pre-trip inspection indicates any truck part malfunction you should replace it with a new one. Never put yourself and the other passengers on the road in danger!

Hence, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can always count on this ultimate guide of 15 big rig chrome shop locations.

So, let’s take a look and find out which are the best 15 big rig chrome shops that help the USA trucking industry!

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.1: Big Rig Chrome Shop

Big Rig Chrome Shop was incorporated in 2004 in downtown Manitowoc.

Back then they had a location of 3200 square foot. But, thanks to their good work and quality that they’ve been providing to their clients, Big Rig Chrome Shop managed to purchase an offsite warehouse.

Source: www.kellerbuilds.com
Source: www.kellerbuilds.com

The warehouse facility that Big Rig Chrome shop has purchased is able to hold a large amount of inventory.

Later on, their aim for continual growth has led Big Rig Chrome Shop towards choosing a better location. Their newest location consists of a 6.000 square foot showroom as well as of a 12.000 square foot warehouse facility.

Source: www.bigrigchromeshop.com
Source: www.bigrigchromeshop.com

Moreover, Big Rig Chrome Shop’s loyal customers are enjoying affordable prices. The prices that this big rig chrome shop offers are considered to be the lowest in the States.

Thereupon, what their existing and potential customers can do is to request the Price Match Program that Big Rig Chrome Shop has set. Thanks to this Price Match Program their customers can shop at lower prices.

What makes Big Rig Chrome Shop even more attractive for customers is the following fact: if a customer finds a lower price on a previously purchased item from their store within 30 days of the purchase, then the customer will be refunded with 100% of the difference.

Hence, if you decide to buy any item from Big Rig Chrome shop, you should be informed that the price matching against competitors pricing will be only valid at the time of purchase.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.2: 45 Chrome Shop

45 Chrome Shop is one of the best places if you are looking for big rig chrome locations. This chrome shop is selling the finest and most quality big rig chrome parts and accessories. Besides serving the trucking industry, 45 Chrome Shop is also serving the automobile and motorcycle industry.

Source: www.45chromeshop.com
Source: www.45chromeshop.com

First and foremost, 45 Chrome Shop is authorized dealer for:

  • United Pacific;
  • Road Works;
  • Dyna Flex;
  • Grand General;
  • RigSkirts;
  • Rock Wood;
  • ProTech;
  • Long Road Bumper, and much more…

A point often overlooked is that this big rig chrome shop does not have and give any warranty for their products. That is to say, this big rig chrome shop is not responsible neither liable if any damage, misfit of loss of freight happens.

On the other hand, if it happens that you buy damaged goods, then you can perform the exchange process within 7 working days, starting from the date of the receipt of goods.

Yet, if you are buying any item from 45 Chrome Shop you should know that discounted items are non-exchangeable.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.3: 75 Chrome Shop

Established back in the 90’s, 75 Chrome Shop has grown over the years and has become one of the most reliable big rig chrome parts providers.

Moreover, this big rig chrome shop can offer you all different types of parts as well as accessories for all brands of trucks. What makes 75 Chrome Shop stand out from all big rig chrome shops is the fact that they can provide their customers hard to find replacements parts.

Source: www.75chromeshop.com
Source: www.75chromeshop.com

It is of a great importance that this big rig chrome shop puts their customers at first place, and gives them the best experience possible.

In fact, 75 Chrome Shop is providing measures to keep their facilities clean, as well as equipped with all truck parts and accessories.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.4: 4 State Trucks

If you are in search for new and used quality parts for your big rig then you might want to take a look at this big rig chrome shop called 4 State Trucks.

This big rig truck chrome shop besides being one of the most reliable shops it is also one of the oldest in this industry. 4 State Trucks is present on the market since 1979.

4 State Trucks as nation’s largest chrome and accessory showroom can offer you the latest items in chrome, seating, high tech electronics, as well as bumpers.

Source: www.truckersfund.org
Source: www.truckersfund.org

When it comes to their customer service representatives, they are knowledgeable and can help you with everything you might have the need of.

On the other hand, 4 State Trucks can help you find the truck part or accessory in an instant. They are in the position to provide you with the part you need just in the same day.

In addition, 4 State Trucks have as well Custom Metal Fabrication Shop, it is where most of their heavy truck accessories are being manufactured. They can even build you the one of a kind rig you have been longing for.



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