Ultimate Guide of 15 Big Rig Chrome Shop Locations

Source: www.overdriveonline.com

Source: www.overdriveonline.com

Henceforth, their never ending commitment has brought numerous benefits to their customers, among which is providing their customers with the best part prices.


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4 State Trucks is constantly delivering the very best when it comes to truck customization and designs. This big rig chrome shop is helping the trucking industry in a positive and respectable manner.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.5: House of Chrome

The House of Chrome Inc. is yet one more big rig chrome shop which is offering only the best quality chrome truck parts and accessories. This big rig chrome shop started offering their quality chrome and stainless steel accessories in 2006.

Moreover, House of Chrome is serving customers from the USA as well as Canada.

Source: www.twitter.com

Source: www.twitter.com

This big rig chrome shop was opened by Russell Dovzuk and James Lee. Both of them have a lot of experience in the trucking industry and that has helped them to better understand the needs of their customer and to provide them a high level of customer service and enjoyment.

Since House of Chrome became part of this big rig chrome market, straight proportionally their founders have expanded their product lines, have added supplies, and as well have increased the inventory.

Hence in this big rig chrome shop, you can find:

  • LED Lighting;
  • Dash Accessories;
  • Visors;
  • Stainless Steel Fenders;
  • Fiberglass Fenders;
  • Fuel Transfer Tank;
  • Diesel Additives;
  • Polishing Supplies;

Thereupon, House of Chrome is specializing in exterior accessories as well as interior accessories and parts.

In order to meet the demands of all customers House of Chrome is collaborating with many different manufacturers. By collaborating with different manufacturers House of Chrome is able to supply new and up to date accessories.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.6: I65 Chrome

I-65 is beyond than just a simple big rig chrome shop and truck sales. It is so mainly because I-65 is specializing in a variety of trucking services and products.

Thereupon, if you are thinking to buy some big rig chrome accessory for your truck, know that you can find one of the most specialized products in I-65.

Starting from a simple installation up to a total rig customization I-65 Chrome can perform it all. They are able to perform it all thanks to their staff as well as supplies.

Source: www.i65chromeshop.com

Source: www.i65chromeshop.com

Moreover, I-65 can become your one-stop-shop for all transportation needs you might have. Well, besides offering big rig chrome parts and accessories, I-65 is as well able to provide you big rig service and towing, including heavy duty towing, transport as well as wrecker service.

In I-65 Chrome Shop you can find as well the following truck parts and accessories:

  • Fenders;
  • Bumpers;
  • Doors;
  • Hoods;
  • Trucker Hats;
  • Steering Gears, and much more…

Have in mind that they can provide you the service of polishing your wheels as well as exchanging them with refurbished in stock inventory.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.7: Chrome Country

Chrome Country is the perfect place for you to find the stainless steel parts and accessories for your trucks. Moreover, Chrome Country is located in Nashville, Tennessee; they have more than 100.000 products in stock and yet the carry extensive inventory of numerous brands.

Source: www.chromecountry.com

Source: www.chromecountry.com

In Chrome Country you will find items from the following brands:

  • United Pacific;
  • Valley Chrome;
  • Rock wood;
  • Pro Tech;
  • Rig Tough;
  • Belmore;
  • Grand General;
Source: www.chromecountry.com

Source: www.chromecountry.com

From big rig chrome accessories to pickups chrome accessories, Chrome Country can offer you all. In addition, Chrome Country is offering an extensive inventory of stainless steel and chrome for:

  • Volvo;
  • Mack;
  • Western Star;
  • International;
  • Kenworth;
  • Freightliner;
  • Peterbilt;

Simply, this big rig chrome shop is offering quality chrome accessories, as well as quality on-site installation. Hence, Country Chrome is supported by Rush Truck Centers, which makes it be even more reliable big rig chrome shop.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.8: Chrome Shop of Houston

Chrome Shop of Houston was incorporated and established in 1998. Since day one this big rig chrome shop is catering long-haul truckers.

Thereupon, Chrome Shop of Houston is offering a large selection of custom truck parts, and it is what makes it be among the best big rig chrome shops.

Later on, in this big rig chrome shop, you can find everything, starting from LED lights, fenders, mud flaps, up to bumpers.

Source: www.vimeo.com

Source: www.vimeo.com

Simply, the staff working in Chrome Shop of Houston understands big rig trucks the best, each employee knows what parts fit for each truck, as well as what you might have the need of. Actually, what is significantly more important than just having the right parts in stock is knowing what to do with them!

What makes Chrome Shop of Houston even more unique, is the fact that they can offer customized installations to their customers, all with the aim to meet their individual specifications.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.9: Raney’s Inc.

Raney’s Inc. is known as a leading provider of accessories and parts for the heavy duty trucking industry.

This big rig chrome shop was founded with the aim to provide excellent customer experience, as well as pride in delivering quality products. All truck parts and accessories that this big rig chrome shop is offering are backed by excellent customer service.

Source: www.linkedin.com

Source: www.linkedin.com

Keep in mind that all employees that are part of Raney’s Inc. are well trained and know to recognize the needs of their customers, as well as to provide them with what they need.

Raney’s have in stock thousands of parts in their warehousing facilities. Simply all people that have shopped at Raney’s leave this big rig chrome shop with a smile.


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Henceforth, Raney’s also focused on keeping an experience and a lifestyle that keeps their reputation on a high level. Their team is always working hard while at the same time showing continual innovation towards new truck parts and accessories. Simply said they keep a vision for new creative ideas!

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.10: Empire Chrome

If you are in search for nation’s largest and best selection of classic chrome, LED lighting and many other big rig chrome accessories, then you can pay a visit to Empire Chrome.



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