15 Tips for Truck Driving in Winter Weather


Truck driving in winter is actually a very open ended statement. It is relative to where you are at and to what conditions you are used to.

It depends on what the weather patterns are like. It will depend on the type and size of your load, too. There are many factors to consider.

After all, winter driving in Up-State New York is not the same as Southern California.

Nor is Seattle, Washington like Miami, Florida. Billings Montana and Fargo Minnesota are nothing like Kansas City, Missouri or Dallas, Texas.

I could keep going with comparisons, because even St Louis and Chicago, which are less than 5 hours apart, have different weather.

15 Tips for Truck Driving in Winter Weather
Source: www.scania-bertsch.de

It is easy for someone to not be able to relate. More than likely someone from Anchorage, Alaska might laugh at what they call snow in Little Rock, Arkansas.

However, that doesn’t mean they are prepared for black ice on west Interstate 70 or the winter rain of Houston, Texas; and they are definitely not ready for ice road truck driving in Northern Canada or Alaska’s Bush either!!!

Remember back when we were kids, winter was a magical time of year. It didn’t matter if you lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains or Hanalei Bay in Hawaii. It was the time of magic and Santa.

For those of us who lived in the places that get snow, it was also time of snowmen, snowball fights, and snow angels!



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