15 Tips for Truck Driving in Winter Weather

Source: www.ready-fleet.com
Source: www.ready-fleet.com

We didn’t think about truck driving in winter or icy roads. No, we thought about warming by the fire (or heater) hopefully with some hot chocolate as our numb fingers slowly thawed.

I remember walking the long driveway to meet the school bus, never realizing the potential danger that lay just ahead.

We never do. We never really grow out of that sense of wonderment. Oh, I am sure there are a few of you who will say I am romanticizing childhood visions of winter, but why not?

Most of us didn’t have too many real worries, oh sure they were big to us then but not like they are when your adult.

Source: www.ortravelexperience.com

So what is so different? Well now you have bills that need to be paid. So that means you must get to work. Therefore you have vehicles that need to run.

Depending on where you live that also means shoveling snow, scraping ice, salting, traffic jams, and idiot drivers who have no respect for the bad road conditions.



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