What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary?

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary

In this article, I will talk about the Ice road truck driving and the ice road truckers salary. Many of you that want to get into the OTR trucking probably wonder which Class 8 trucking service is the most profitable.

There are many trucking services available for you:

But if you want to make big bucks then…  you should consider the Ice Road Trucking career. We all know that every trucking job has difficulties and challenges but the Ice Road Trucking service is a story of its own.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 It is not easy to hit the roads and have a lifestyle that will keep you away from your family and friends for a long time. The money is the main reason why many of us get involved in the OTR trucking, but sometimes living in a limited truck cabin space can be difficult and easily can make us give up before having a chance to taste the real fruits of this career.

That is why the trucking world is not for everyone. It requires sacrifice and a sharp mind that will keep you focused and effective on the road.  If driving on the dry open road is so demanding… what about the Ice Road Trucking?


What Is Ice Road Truck Driving?

Ice Road Truck Driving is not same as driving a semi truck on a highway! It is driving a semi truck over frozen rivers and lakes hauling goods from one side to other. WOW! How COOL is that? These badass truckers are the action heroes of the trucking business.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 An ice road is a road that runs on a naturally frozen water surface. These ice roads are allowing transportation of goods to areas where there is no permanent existence of real roads. Ice roads are located in:

  • Northern Canada
  • Alaska’s Bush
  • Northern Michigan
  • Northern Wisconsin
  • Northern Scandinavia
  • Estonia
  • Northeast China and
  • Russia

It all began with John Denison, a Canadian engineer that in the 1950’s designed a network of ice roads in Northwest Territories to service the mines. In 1962 Denison took the most significant job for the ice road trucking.

The job required transportation of generators through ice roads to Hay River. Denison accepted the challenge. Going to the mine site, hauling the generators 450 miles south to Hay River was accomplished.

The history of ice road trucking was made when Denison made the transportation possible through the longest ice road ever.

The same system is used today for building ice roads in the northern areas.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 The ice roads are not roads at all; they are passages over frozen lakes and rivers, passages through swamps that lead to the isolated communities of Northern Manitoba.

  • 75% of the ice roads are placed at the Arctic Circle
  • Truck Drivers that are driving through these extremely dangerous conditions need to be highly skilled and trained so they will know how to drive at extremely low temperatures, frequent storms and whiteouts
  • The Ice Road Truckers (IRT) that are ready to face the challenges can make more than $120,000 only for few months

The Ice Road Trucking is among the most dangerous professions because you never know what will happen during the transportation. Ice road truck drivers need to have advanced mechanical skills and to be ready to react fast at the required situation.

Mine and oil rig workers in Canada and Alaska depend on the ice road deliveries. The Ice Road Truckers are delivering:

  • Food
  • Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Fuel

People depend on the Ice road truck drivers deliveries. Just imagine two miles driving over a frozen lake? Scary, right? The Ice road truckers salary is high because of the risk.

The longest Ice Road route is from the Arctic Ocean to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. This route is 25 miles long with 10 miles per hour maximum speed allowed.

The Ice Road Truckers season begins in January or in the early February and usually goes to the end of March. When the ice road season is over the distribution can be made only via airplane.

Hm… If the goods can be transported via air why there is a demand for Ice Road Trucking Services?  Guys, I really want to get the full picture of the Ice Road Trucking importance!

Transporting goods with trucks is 3 times cheaper than transporting goods via airplane. As result of that, all towns during the winter season are rushing to supply enough products so they don’t have to pay more money after that.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 So… Ice Road Trucking is a job that requires transportation of goods over frozen lakes and rivers.

Many companies have their own training program for ice road driving in order to provide reliable ice road truck drivers. Also, the training program is a good chance for many truck drivers to get into the ice road trucking.

The ice road training is necessary for developing survival skills, so in case some of the truck drivers get injured the other will know how to react.

  • The average speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Breaking the speed limit will cause water waves underneath the frozen surface. The waves will put extra pressure on the ice surface that can lead to ice cracking.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
Source: www.hightoweragency.com

 As result of the extreme conditions, the Ice road truckers salary is higher than the salary of any other truck driver. The trucks are not running through concrete here, they are running through frozen lakes. How can this be 100% safe environment?

The ice road trucking is a very risky job because you can never rely on the security of the frozen surface. YES, the Ice Road Truck drivers have good Ice road truckers salary but they put their lives in danger every second during the transportation. The money is good but they are not that important as a father, mother or a brother.


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Somebody needs to do this and thank god that this planet has brave people that are willing to do the hauling.

  • The Ice road truckers need to worry about the braking and the speed because sudden stops can cause waves under the frozen surface which can lead to ice cracking.
  • Ice Road Truckers also need to be careful with the speed because higher speed causes higher pressure on the frozen surface which can also lead to ice cracking.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 The new truck technology like anti-lock brakes is making the ice road trucking much safer. When the tire starts skidding the friction get lower so the anti-lock brakes are repeating the skidding to generate friction.



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