What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary?

Companies That Hire Ice Road Truck Drivers?

In most of the cases, the truck drivers can’t easily find an Ice road trucking job like they can find other over the road job. If you want the ice road trucking profession you have to go to Alaska or Canada.

The Ice Road truckers salary is not something that every truck driver can get because the jobs are limited and most of the companies already have enough truck drivers.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 However, these are the companies that have open ice road job opportunities:

Like I said it is not easy to find a job in the Ice trucking service because most of the companies want to work with the ice road drivers that are familiar with. Experimenting with new ice truck drivers is not that much of a practice.

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The Ice road truckers salary is good but first you need to find a company that will offer you the job. Being a rookie in the ice road trucking business is hard.

Ice road community is really tight and it is not easy for newcomers to get involved. However, you need to be persistent and maintain a clean driving record so eventually some company will notice your qualities and will hire you for the job.


Qualifications For Getting Into The Ice Road Trucking Business

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 Before you start searching for an ice road job you need to know this:

  • Most of the ice truck drivers need to have High school diploma or at least GED
  • According to Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the drivers that will haul trucks with 10,000 to 26,000 pounds need to have valid Class B CDL license or if the trucks is over 26,000 pounds they need to have Class A CDL License
  • To have at least two years of experience in driving a Class 8 truck
  • Good Vision
  • Good Hearing
  • Good physical health
  • Perfect Reflexes
  • Good memorizing skills – to memorize important details of the icy roads
  • Desire to work in extreme weather conditions
  • Must participate in a one-week driver training program where they will be educated to drive on icy road
  • Non Canadian truck drivers must be hired by a company to get the visa
  • The hiring Ice road company is sending a work petition to the truck driver that need to be presented to the Canadian embassy at the truck driver home country
  • Must have expert driving skills
  • To obey the speed limitations
  • Communicate with other ice road truck drivers about the weather and the road conditions


What Is The Average Ice Road Trucker Salary

The average salary of OTR truck driver on annual base is 2 times lower than 3 months Ice Road truckers Salary.

The average Ice road truckers salary is $75,000. Some of the Ice road truck drivers have even higher Ice road truckers salary and all that depends on of the seasonal length and the ability of the ice road truck driver to find a good number of hauls during that season.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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 Ice road rides are long, lonely and dangerous and as result of that more than half of ice road truck drivers are quitting this career after the first trip. Can you imagine be in the middle of a frozen lake without phone reception and with limited survival sources?

Not everybody can bear the pressure of the job. We are humans and even the toughest will admit that from time to time they are shaken off from the thought that there is ice under the truck that can lose the stability any moment. This job does not depend on only from the truck driver ability to drive safely but also from the weather conditions.

There is not 100% security that the truck will arrive safely on the other side of the lake. That is what makes the ice road truckers salary higher than any other trucker salary.

January to March are the months when the ice road truck drivers are delivering goods on the frozen waterways in Canada and Alaska. The Ice road truckers salary can achieve $120,000 for 2 months which mean in one winter season of 3 to 4 months the Ice Road truck driver can make an annual salary of one OTR truck Driver.

What Is The Average Ice Road Truckers Salary
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The Ice road truckers salary depend on the truck drivers:

  • Driving Experience
  • Mechanical Skills (fixing and repairing)
  • Increased road dangers
  • The Ice Road Trucking Company

The Ice trick Drivers that belongs to a union have higher Ice Road Truckers Salary than the Ice road Truck drivers that don’t belong.



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