Ultimate Concrete Truck Profitability Analysis

Ultimate Concrete Truck Profitability Analysis 


Thinking about starting a concrete truck business? If so, you should know that the concrete truck business can lead you to a secure financial future, but in order for you to get in track with everything that this business brings; you will have to do a good market research and get to study the essential keys that can make your future concrete truck business among the best in this area.

Therefore, I have dedicated this article about the ultimate concrete truck profitability in order to bring all the important facts and figures about this business closer to you.

It is well known that the concrete truck business has become one of the most profitable businesses in USA in the past few years, and that is a result of the constant growth of the cities.

So if you are in consideration to starting this kind of business, it is crucial for you to get to know that starting a concrete truck business isn’t cheap at all, actually buying a single concrete truck can cast you at least $50k+. Yet at the end of the day if you know how to manage and lead this business it can bring you profit- that is guaranteed.

On the positive side, although this business is an expensive startup it can bring you all the money that you have invested at the beginning and it will happen very quickly.

All that you will have to learn is how to operate this business, where to place your plant, as well as what kind of drivers you will have to hire so that you could achieve success, these are the most important parts of the concrete truck business- actually these are the things that can determine the success of your business.

In the hope that you can incorporate a successful and profitable concrete truck business, which is going to be among the leaders in the construction business-in particular you will have to have a well-established and markedly good concrete business plan.

The business plan is the core to each business, and if you want to succeed you will have to put all your efforts into making it come into reality.

Henceforth, the concrete truck profitability analyses show clearly that the profit of the concrete truck business is strongly connected with the demand from the construction.  With this in mind we can see that the point often overlooked is actually the location of the plant-which plays key role since the ready concrete can handle around 1 hour maximum until it gets to the destination site.

Furthermore in this article you will have the chance to read in details everything about the concrete truck business, starting from the concrete truck and concrete pump up to the income oscillations that can be expected in this business.


What Is Concrete Truck

Generally used for the transportation of cement, from the plant to the construction site- the concrete truck is essential for the construction industry. The concrete truck is the heart of the concrete business.

The concrete trucks’ structure is comprised of:

  • Chassis;
  • Hydraulic Transmission System;
  • Mixer Tanker;
  • Outlet System;
  • Cleaning System;
  • Sub-Frame;
  • Control System;
  • Roller System;
  • Feeder System;
  • Electrical System;

Source: www.google.com

In the foreground, the concrete trucks in the past years have become very popular, and that is due to the large scale of concreting projects.

Alongside the concrete truck is of a great importance within the construction area, this truck is capable of carrying cement, gravel, and sand.

When it comes to the technical characteristics of the concrete mixer truck, they are all working on a hydraulic drive power. Therefore the components of the hydraulic drive power include high torque backup, oil cooler, driveshaft, as well as elastic hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic drive power provides many benefits to concrete truck drivers’, starting from the smooth regulation of the speed of the mixing drum, up to the maintenance of a given rotary speed independently from the rotary speed of the chassis engine.

Source: www.google.com

Transporting mostly completely mixed concrete – the concrete truck accordingly to the rules and regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration- OSHA requires a permit for the confined spaces.

Operating with a concrete truck is a complex process that is the main reason why there are strict requirements for its use. In spite of the strict requirements for the use of the concrete truck we can take a glance and see that enormous attention should be directed to the drum and blades.

Moreover, the mixing operations can begin after the cement has been added to the aggregates- that is to say around 30 minutes after that takes place. In detail it is not recommendable that the concrete truck -the truck mixer is mixing the concrete with increased speed, because it can reflect into losing the concretes’ strength, as well due to the increased speed there might be excessive loss of en-trained air.

Source: www.google.com

 If you were wondering- The concrete truck can carry both concrete in wet and in dry form. Being a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates, the concrete is delivered in the trucks, and in order for the cement to get to the particular construction place it should be mixed all the way through. Moreover the concrete should be mixed during the transportation so that it does not lose its quality.

Source: Wikipedia

In fact, the drum of the mixer should constantly rotate during the transportation of the concrete. Maintaining the concrete’s quality is the main reason why the drum of the mixer should be constantly working until it reaches the final destination.

After the concrete truck reaches the final destination, the concrete can be dis-charged into pumps, directly on the place, as well as in buckets. Actually the dis-charging process takes 15-20min


Profit Depends On Demand From Construction

Generally in almost all industries the profit of the companies depends on the demand from the customers, identically the profit that the concrete trucks can make depends on the demand from the construction processes in the area where the concrete trucks are operating.

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