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Discover the Vehicle Tracking System that EVERY business MUST use in 2018

You know when you run a business and you do not have a clear insight of what is happening with your fleet?

Or you have always wondered how you can improve the productivity of your fleet?

Nowadays, these reconsiderations are long gone with the introduction of the vehicle tracking system of 2018!

In general, the GPS vehicle tracking system has gone through a lot of progress.

That is to say, the “vehicle tracking system of today” can help you get reports about driver behavior, real-time alerts, vehicle maintenance and repairs alerts.

Since the vehicle tracking system has come a long way, straight proportionally it enables you to manage your business more efficiently than ever.

Which are the prime benefits that you can get by discovering the vehicle tracking system from 2018?

Well, first and foremost, businesses will be able to perform the following tracking and managing of their fleet:

  • Easily locate the vehicle;
  • Send position updates to the Server and use the positions;
  • Monitor your employees and define the routes;
  • Decrease fuel consumption by leading your drivers to avoid passing each other en-route;
  • Expedite recovery of stolen vehicles or any other equipment;
  • Reducement of insurance premiums for your fleet;

Thereupon, if you want to have data about your fleet whereabouts, then I suggest you take a further read of this article.

So, let’s discover the vehicle tracking system that every business must use in 2018!

Vehicle Tracking System With a Cohesive Interface

The newest GPS vehicle tracking innovations are tailored to suit the specific needs that truck drivers have.

Thereupon, GPS vehicle tracking with a cohesive interface is one of those innovations.

More precisely, since truck drivers are leading a unique lifestyle, that is to say, they are constantly on the road, away from their loved ones and away from all happenings, they want to stay updated with everything that is going on at home.


By coupling altogether (the cell phone monitoring software and the GPS features) GPS developers will provide truck drivers a remote tracking and control of all activity of any smartphone.

The innovative approach that GPS developers took includes an innovative search feature. Via this feature truck drivers will be able to search every information via voice.

They can as well start the navigation process as well as to share their location via this feature.

Thanks to this innovation truck drivers will not have to use their phones while driving.

System That Provides Smarter Direction Search

How many times you have implemented a new GPS tracker and it turned out to be nonfunctional- not sending right directions?

Well, it has happened to almost everyone.

Yet, what you should do is to make a good search before you buy and implement a particular GPS vehicle tracker into your business. Testing before buying is always recommendable.

Moreover, the newest innovations have placed on the market new GPS systems that are providing smarter direction search.

Tip: When choosing a GPS tracker have in mind that it should always provide you with a smarter direction search. The more accurate and precise the directions are the better. 


Which of course is of a great importance to trucking companies and other businesses dealing with deliveries– which implies going to new routes constantly.

For a long period of time, we have been longing for a GPS vehicle tracking system that has a smarter destination search engine. Yet, it is happening these days.

Now it is left for its future users to recognize the advantages that it can provide them with.


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In 2018, GPS users will have the advantage of using a system that will provide them smarter direction search.

This leads us to the prediction that in the future few years trucking companies will at least increase their productivity for 40%.

Vehicle Tracking System Which Integrates with Contacts

These days there is a wide variety of vehicle tracking systems.

Yet, not all GPS devices offer the same features. Which is quite logical- not all GPS devices are developed in the same manner and with the same purpose.

As a matter of fact, just a few of them are featuring integration with contacts from your phone. And you must admit it that you’ve been waiting for this feature for years. Now that it is happening, play smart and seize all advantages out of it.

More precisely, the integration of contacts is of a great importance for truck drivers. When truck drivers have their contacts synchronized on their GPS, straight proportionally they are enjoying increased safety.


Thereupon, the ones who are looking forward to buying a vehicle tracking system in 2018 should pay special attention to the integration of contacts feature. It is one of the newest developments that GPS devices have gone through.

Henceforth, vehicle tracking systems that are featuring integration with contacts can as well let its users share their destination with selected individuals or group of people. Which actually is crucial for truck drivers and the overall trucking industry.

Quick And Intelligent Routing and Rerouting

First and foremost, vehicle tracking systems are primarily used to find routes.

It has been and still remains to be the single most important feature of GPS devices.

Yet, although vehicle tracking systems are available to all industries for decades, there are still GPS brands that have not improved their routing and rerouting features.

In general, one of the most important features in a GPS is to be able to reroute the user when there is a traffic. Yet the rerouting feature should help the driver to avoid certain highways with the aim to cut time and enable a better customer service.


Thereupon, the vehicle tracking system that every business should have in 2018 includes a quick and intelligent routing and rerouting.

When it comes to the trucking industry- more than 80% of the trucking companies in the U.S. are using vehicle tracking devices.



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