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Buyer’s Guide: Things You MUST Research Before Choosing Fleet Tracking

Nowadays we can witness that there are more and more businesses deploying fleet tracking solution into their daily activities. Yet, there are numerous reasons that stand behind this.

First and foremost, companies are facing multiple challenges each day, for the purpose to ensure that they are providing the best service and that are operating a compliant, efficient and responsible fleet operations.

On the other hand, a company successfully deploying GPS based fleet tracking solution will require more than just a reliable technology.

But firstly, how can one choose the right fleet tracking solution?

To which aspects he/she should pay attention to before making the final move?

Henceforth, vehicle tracking systems represent an upgraded vehicle security system. This is the prime reason behind businesses implementing it.

Let me be more precise, the vehicle tracking system provides its users with the ability and chance to track their fleet remotely. It can be done through a mobile network.

On one hand, future fleet tracking users should keep in mind that the essential purpose of the GPS is not to monitor employees’ every move.

Quite the opposite the GPS is more into reducing costs, improving dispatching efficiency as well as increasing precise routing. By that this solution is providing driver safety and security.

Nevertheless, the future user should make a proper research before he gets a fleet tracking solution for his fleet. There are many things to be taken into consideration.

Further, in this buyer’s guide, you can find out more about the things that one should take into consideration before getting the right fleet tracking solution.
So, let’s take a look!

Your GPS Vendor Should Be Your Future Business Partner

The prime thing that each future user should understand before researching for a Fleet Tracking solution is that the GPS tracker vendor should become your future business partner.

So, make a careful research and even more careful pick!

GPS developers and vendors should not be considered as people who are just selling you something that you can get from anywhere or anytime.

In fact, you are ready to make an investment, and I bet that you would like to choose the right GPS company to work with!


The reputation of the company- the GPS vendor, means everything.

Simply said, it is the key to a happy long-term relationship and a bright future for your business.

So, the best GPS vendor pick would be the one that has a proven longevity in the marketplace. As well as in the GPS innovative developments.

Thereupon how can one pick the right GPS vendor? More importantly which approach one should take in order to pick the right GPS vendor?

Thereupon, when looking forward to buying a fleet tracking solution for your business, make sure that you investigate the markets that they provide solutions to. Also, you should remember to start and continue this process with a clear objective in your mind.


That way you can make a proper assumption whether this vendor can provide you with the GPS features that your business has the need of.

In addition, there are few questions that you have to have the answer to about your fleet tracking vendor:

  1. With who are they partnering with?
  2. Are they developing their own GPS solutions? Or are they just reselling?
  3. Does this platform meet my company’s specific needs?
  4. Are your GPS units carrier certified?
  5. Does your company work with reputable manufacturers?
  6. Do you get an extended warranty on the equipment?

The answers to these questions can reveal you the prime things that you have to know about the GPS vendor.

Tip: Get a clear understanding of your objective!

Explore GPS Company’s Infrastructure

As mentioned before, the GPS vendor, that is to say, the GPS Company selling and developing the GPS tracker should be your future business partner.

Straight proportionally, the future user should explore the GPS company’s infrastructure as well.

To start with, the infrastructure can be diverse and complex at the same time.

Most commonly GPS company’s infrastructure does include:

  • interdependent functions and systems in both physical and cyberspace;
  • operating models;
  • organizational structures;
  • distributed networks;
  • multi-level authorities and regulations;

Both, the internal and external infrastructure should be explored.

So let’s start with the following.

In general, the GPS system has unique features. Yet, the one that remains to be of great importance is the critical infrastructure.

That is to say, a fleet tracking solution can enable the user to do the thing that he/she could not do before. Moreover, it can increase the productivity and at the same time can lower the unnecessary costs for businesses.


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To get back to the GPS infrastructure. It is, in fact, more important than the actual device that users are buying.

What you as a future vehicle fleet tracking solution user should make sure is that it will work 100% at any time.

Check What Type of Training or Customer Support You Can Get

Equally important is the third part of the buyer’s guide which is: checking what type of training or customer support the user can receive from the GPS vendor. After all, user-friendliness is a big deal both for users and GPS vendors!

Nowadays the GPS technology is constantly improving. So that makes the market full of different GPS developers and vendors. Which later on makes the research even more difficult for the future user.

Additionally, the GPS tracking system that you want to buy should include embedded training videos with the purpose to provide you with the additional assistance you might have the need of at first.

That way you and your company truck drivers can be trained without any downtime in your operating process.


Although there is a need for user-friendly GPS tracking devices, still, on the other hand, the technological advancements have placed complex fleet tracking solutions on the market.

That is why the future user should make a proper research about the training that the company can provide him with as well as what type of customer support he will receive later on.



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