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How Can a Vehicle GPS Tracker Improve Company Customer Service

The GPS tracker itself enables businesses to manage their employees and manage their fleet more effectively than ever.

Actually, this powerful tool for managing fleets can at the same time streamline maintenance, improve driver safety , control fuel, and most importantly it can improve company customer service too.

More precisely, the GPS tracker as one of the most advanced technologies these days, can in fact rump up one of the most important components of your trucking business- which is the customer service.

The more your customers are satisfied, the better reputation and income your trucking company will enjoy.

In general, the GPS tracker can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Improved customer relations;
  • Improved response time;
  • Improved pick-up and delivery times;
  • Improved company’s reputation by improving driver behavior;

As a matter of fact, the impeccable customer service represents a cornerstone for all successful trucking businesses in the USA.

It is what defines the success of a company.

In fact, customers can differ two types of companies, the first group is solely focused on themselves, that is to say on cutting costs and making more money, whereas the second group of companies is customer-focused, while at the same time cutting costs and providing great benefits to their employees.

So, when will companies improve their customer service?

Well, it is only when fleet tracking managers know where their vehicles and drivers are, only then they will be able to improve their customer service by providing their customers with up-to-date information.

Henceforth, a trucking business can enhance the general public perception of its work by training their truckers to develop safer and more efficient habits.

So, let’s take a look at how a business GPS tracker can help you improve your company customer service!

Improve Dispatching – Dispatch The Nearest Vehicles To Customers

Generally speaking, by using a business GPS tracker, trucking companies will enable improved dispatching.

By so, it will lead your trucking company to experience limited unauthorized vehicle usage, improved driver behavior, efficient routing as well as more efficient dispatching.

First and foremost, an effective dispatch process should be performed as simple as possible.


That is to say, for example, a loyal customer of yours is in need of a truck and a driver, then in that kind of situation the dispatcher should make the best assumption and to send the truck driver who is nearest to the customer. That can be achieved with the help of the GPS tracker.

Moreover, the GPS truck tracking software can be integrated with automated dispatching as well.

Thereupon, the reasons that make the GPS truck tracking software to be improving the customer service are the following ones:

So, if a trucking company is using a GPS truck tracking software that can be integrated with automated dispatching, straight proportionally that trucking company will enjoy much faster assignments to jobs for a trucker.

Improve scheduling and complete more jobs in a day

As I mentioned previously, by dispatching the nearest truck driver to the customers’ location, trucking companies can improve customer service, but as well can ensure fleet efficiency at the same time.

Yet, what dispatchers should not forget, is to distribute the amount of work to company truck drivers evenly.

By that, we can see that the GPS tracker can help businesses to complete more jobs in a day with the feature of quick scheduling. These solutions are enabling its users to automatically schedule jobs as well as to dispatch the drivers at the right time.

All this would be impossible if the GPS devices were not that well developed.


Thereupon, GPS trackers allow fleet managers and trucking company owners to have a constant and detailed insight of what is happening with their trucks and drivers at all times.

So, straight proportionally they can manage to improve their drivers’ schedules, by which truck drivers will be in the position to complete more jobs in a day.

Also, at the same time, by improving the scheduling managers and owners will make sure that their truckers are not too tired to provide impeccable customer service.


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Moreover, the GPS solution can help both the dispatchers and the drivers to complete their jobs in a timely and efficient manner. Simply said, the GPS helps to schedule by making truckers well-organized.

After all, fleet optimization and improved driver scheduling can be achieved with the use of GPS trackers.

Create More Efficient Routes

What comes along with improving driver schedule and completing more jobs in a day is creating more efficient routes.

Since the job of the dispatchers is made a lot easier with the help of the GPS tracker, straight proportionally they are in the position to create more efficient routes than ever.


So, let’s not forget the fact that automated dispatching and efficient routing do go a long way towards ensuring improved customer service.

Hence, the GPS tracking for delivery trucks enables its users to create a more efficient route by providing them the following information:

  • Speed limits;
  • Roadwork;
  • Time of the day, and so on;

Thereupon, improving customer satisfaction cannot only be achieved by setting your nearest truck drivers but as well as by creating more efficient routes.

In addition, the process of creating more efficient routes with the help of GPS trackers can be done in the following order:

  1. Define Territories– the user should take advantage of the data that their GPS is sending- he/she should divide the data and conquer;
  2. Plan Routes-see the overall details and create the most optimized routes. The user can even create multi-stop route planning;
  3. Manage Routes– thanks to the GPS device drivers can adapt even to the last-minute changes and by that can help meet the targets;

Faster Dispatch to Driver Communications about Job Status

Newly developed GPS trackers are in general offering automated fleet tracking solutions. Nevertheless, every now and then truck driver do have to get in contact with dispatchers.



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