10 Best Fuel Management Systems on the Market

10 Best Fuel Management Systems on The Market


First off what are fuel management systems? What is fuel management systems used for? Both are valid and good questions!


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The basic answer is that fuel management systems are just that; devices, programs, and/or systems used for control and monitor fuel usage and other related accountability issues. It can be used on your truck’s tank or on the tank being hauled.

Source: www.acapmag.com

In a basic nutshell, fuel management systems measure the amount of fuel put into the tank and how long it lasts and can also monitor cost, consumption, and other data.

Most commonly associated with airplanes, we have all see the movie where the pilot reads the gauge, estimates the burning rate, and how much long the engines will run.

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Well, it works similarly for your truck, only it also tells the dispatcher (or other authority) how much was put in the tank, the cost, and how fast it was used.

There are numerous systems, some common ones are:

  • Card based, the fuel credit card used is used with a driver’s assigned pin (usually assigned either the driver or the vehicle).
  • Onsite fueling systems, fleet trucks are fueled in their lot and the appropriate information is recorded.
  • Onsite fuel delivery, the fuel is brought to the jobsite and the vehicles are recorded / monitored on the spot.
Source: www.ee.co.za

Of course these are not the only ways to control and monitor fuel! There is fuel management systems which are computer programs linked directly to the tank that recorded everything. These often offer other anti-theft and anti-siphoning protections as well.

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Fuel Management Systems 101

There have been many advances and changes to fuel management systems over the years. As the technology continues to improve, so will the fuel management systems, making use of GPS and the internet while interfacing with other software programs. In general there have been 4 generations of fuel management systems.

4 Generations of Fuel Management Systems

First generation: Electromagnetically counters, basically a shaft driven encoder attached to the pump. These were used throughout the 1960s but by the late 1970’s they were replaced by better systems.

Source: www.beversco.net

Second generation: These were electronic and/or microprocessor-controlled, which were self-contained fuel island systems. They had an ID reader (card, key RFID etc.) and identified the driver and the vehicle. This fuel management system was connected to a computer and the report could be printed out.

Source: www.beversco.net

Third generation: Was another island control system, much like the 2nd generation. But they were fitted with a dial-up modem and the information could be sent electronically, without being directly connected to the PC.

Source: www.beversco.net

Fourth generation: The most current fuel management systems are very similar but the technology is much better, offers wireless real time updates and can support other operations as well.

Source: www.beversco.net

Currently there are numerous systems available on the market. Some are strictly gear towards the fuel and monitoring of it. Others offer much more, like mileage tracking, trailer tracking, vehicle operations, drive versus idle time and more.

So here, without further delay I am going to present you 10 examples of the various types available today. These are not the only fuel management systems on the market, but they are good examples of what is available.

1. Fueloyal’s Smart Fuel Cap

Starting Fees: – Fueloyal offers 3 different package options at reasonable rates, which can be paid monthly or in one lump sum. Packages start as low as:

  • Launch– $39 Month/ Truck, $299 one time device fee, (month by month billing);
  • Optimum – $35 Month/ Truck, $299 one time device fee (12 months in advance billing); and
  • Quick on Board– $49 Per Month/Per Truck No device fee (Billed One Time-All Included).

Often when one thinks of the various fuel management systems they think of a software program. Something that acts as an administrative control, support, and oversight to maintain accountability of the various cost associated with your fleet. Well Fueloyal system is more than that.

Smart Fuel Cap

Our Smart Fuel Cap has been designed to ensure the fuel purchased at the pump actually enters the tank (the one it should be in)!

Source: www.fueloyal.com

We do this through a combination of hardware and software with the purpose of illuminating abuse, misuse, and theft by those empowered to fuel your fleet vehicles.

But how does our Smart Fuel Cap works? And who should use Smart Fuel Cap?

The system measures the amount of actual fuel that has been added to the tank, comparing this to the actual amount billed. This information is recorded and able to be viewed by your head office (in real time).

Source: www.fueloyal.com

But, unlike some other fuel management systems, Fueloyal adds an additional level of protection. Our unique patented locking fuel cap (ICap 1000) actually prevents both the tampering of the device but also the removal (siphoning) of fuel after entering the tank.

Thus this eliminates the fuel theft that can occur at rest stops, truck stops and during driver’s rest periods.

Additionally Fueloyal offers a free IFTA tax-reporting tool, to handle your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting requirements.

Also, to see just how much inaccurate fuel handling is costing you, check out our Fuel Theft Calculator.

Source: www.fueloyal.com

Furthermore you can try and use our Fuel Purchase Optimization Tool and save money on fuel with our Fuel Optimizer.

So, with easy installation, real time updates, and anti-siphoning guarantees there is nothing better on the market.

2. FuelForce

Starting fees: – Free demo, contact sales department for additional pricing information.

FuelForce is a blend of hardware, software, and wired and wireless communications that gives you quick and easy access to all fuel data.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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The FuelForce product line offers customization input types and communication options and includes fuel controller products that can respond to your needs as a trucking business.



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