Truck Driving Jobs Near Me – Where To Find The Best


Living in the digital age enables us to find the perfect job that we were searching for in an easier way than before. Nowadays, only by implementing few simple time-saving techniques, you can end up your truck driving job hunt quickly.

I know, and I completely understand that looking for a job as a truck driver is not that simple as it might seem to some people.

When in search of a job opportunity as a truck driver you shall take many things into consideration, starting with the overall activity and rating of the particular trucking company that you want to apply for, up to the fleet and benefits that the trucking company is providing to their truckers.

Have you asked yourself how you can take advantage of the digital age that we are living in, and find the perfect trucking job opportunity? Well, you can do so by conducting a research on the following types of websites:

  • Job Boards;
  • Social Media;
  • Government Sites;
  • Forums;
  • Company Sites;

Furthermore, in this article, you will be able to check out my suggestions, which comprise various online locations where you can search, and find out more about the trucking companies that are looking for truck drivers at the moment.

Also, I have thought of and included information about almost all types of truck driving job opportunities.

Let’s take a look!

1. Company Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

Company truck driving jobs are most common in the trucking industry. Therefore, who are the company truck drivers? And what are their duties?

Well, company truck drivers are the drivers that are part of a trucking company and are performing the transportation process while serving their loyal customers.

So, if you are new in the trucking industry and you are looking for a company truck driving job near you, then you shall do a deep research, which will help you find out which are the best trucking companies near you.


When searching for a job opportunity, you should pay special attention to the ranking of the trucking company.

In these situations it would be the best for you to do online research on trucker forums, the opinions of your trucker colleagues can help you a lot because after all, they can get you the clearer picture of what the trucking company that you are interested in is offering.

Still, finding the perfect company truck driving job near you is not easy at all, so in that point of view, I have decided to share with you few companies as well as job sites that are offering truck driving jobs near you.

Let’s take a look at which opportunities I consider that are suitable for every trucker that is looking for this kind of job:

1. Schneider – Company Truck Driving Jobs 

Everyone that is part of the trucking industry, even for a few months, has heard about Schneider. In fact, Schneider represents one of the best and one of the leading trucking companies in the USA. This trucking company was incorporated back in 1935.

Many years after that we can witness that this trucking company is still operating successfully. Also, we can see that Schneider has kept the same spirit when it comes to the dedication of their employees, as well as to their customers.

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The truck drivers that are part of this exceptional trucking company are carefully selected from the leaders of Schneider, they are all experienced and well-trained, which can be seen in the overall load transportation performance.

Not only that, this trucking company as one of the best in the trucking industry in the USA has a large fleet, which is equipped only with the best trucks. Also, one more thing that makes this company be your perfect opportunity if you are looking for a truck driving job near you is the fact that it is constantly implementing new technologies.

For their future truck drivers, Schneider is offering numerous benefits and aims to provide them as well with the best training. If you choose to apply for a job in Schneider then you shall know that you will have a steady freight, regular home time, as well as other complete benefits.

2. USA Truck – Truck Driving Jobs 

USA Truck is one more leading trucking company, which is well known in the U.S. by providing time-efficient load deliveries. This trucking company is constantly expanding and growing, so straight proportionally to that, they are often in need of company truck drivers.

Thereupon, USA Truck is offering weekly home time to all of their truck drivers, as well as great mileage pay, longevity bonus altogether with vacation pay.

3. Dart – Company Truck Driving Jobs 

Dart is a trucking company which is ranked as the 3rd largest intermodal asset based carrier in the U.S. also it is considered to be the 14th largest truckload carrier. This trucking company has been and has remained to be a family owned and family operated trucking business which is mainly serving throughout the United States and Canada.

This trucking company is now in search of company truck drivers, and here is what it has to offer them:

  • Paid orientation period;
  • Detention pay;
  • Performance and referral bonus;
  • Home time and paid vacation;

4. Interstate – Company Truck Driving Jobs

Why I decided to recommend you Interstate is because of its good rating as well as of the ultimate safety that it is providing to their customers, as well as to their truck drivers. This trucking company is part of the trucking industry since 1933. Since its incorporation Interstate has set high standards for load transportation.


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Nowadays Interstate is offering job opportunities for the truck drivers that want to become part of their company. Thereupon, the truck drivers that this company is going to choose will enjoy medical and dental benefits, home time, as well as many other.

5. Prime Inc. – Company Truck Driving Jobs

Prime Inc. is a trucking company which is known to be providing reliable, safe as well as on-time load deliveries. The fleet of Prime Inc. comprises refrigerated, tanker, flatbed, and intermodal carrier.



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