Truck Driving Jobs Near Me – Where To Find The Best

The process of choosing a team driver should be done carefully and wisely, you should have in mind that your partner will be spending all of your days with you, and moreover you will have to face every challenge with.

Not only that you will have to choose a partner with whom you will be able to spend your days, but what is also important are the skills of your team driving partner.


Moreover, if you have been in the trucking industry for a long time leading your career as a solo truck driver, but you are constantly feeling lonely, then you shall take into consideration changing the direction of your truck driving career into becoming a team truck driver.

Also, many solo truck drivers choose to become team truckers, not only because of the fact that they will not have to be lonely anymore but also because of the financial part, because of truck drivers, after all, have higher salaries.

So, if you are looking for team truck driving jobs to take a look at the following sites:

  1. Jobs For Teams – Team Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  2. Interstate Distributor Co.– Team Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  3. All Truck Driver Jobs – Team Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  4. CDL Jobs – Team Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;

8. Specialized Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

Courage and determination are the main characteristics of truck drivers. Therefore, if we take a closer look at the specialized truck driving jobs we can see and have a better understanding why these characteristics are a must. Being a specialized truck driver requires much more than just obtaining a Class A CDL driver’s license.


Hence, the specialized truck driving jobs lead truckers to meet bigger challenges than regular truckers are meeting on a daily basis.

Specialized truck driving jobs include water hauling, car hauling, fuel transportation, ice road trucking, cattle transportation, snow plow services, and much more.


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So if you have already determined that specialized truck driving job is for you then you can take into consideration the following job opportunities that I have selected:

  1. USA Recruit Net– Water Hauling Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  2. DAS– Car Hauling Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  3. Job Monkey– Fuel Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  4. Ice Road Truck Jobs– Ice Road Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  5. Simply Hired– Cattle Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  6. The Greener Side Inc.– Snow Plow Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;

9. Local Pick Up and Delivery Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

In general local pick up and delivery is comprised of supply and merchandise transportation. Straight proportionally to that local pick up and delivery truck drivers are serving to a single customer, as well as to various businesses.

Somehow local truck drivers have widened their scope of services into courier services.


Truck drivers are becoming more and more attracted to local pickup and delivery truck driving jobs, due to the fact that the annual salary of this type of truck driver is around $30.000.

One of the most common places, or better said companies, where local truck drivers are being hired, is in the post offices, as well as by the telecommunication companies.

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In order for a trucker to be hired as a local truck driver, first, he must obtain Class A CDL driver’s license, and go through numerous training. In most cases, trucking companies that are hiring local truck drivers are providing them with all the needed training during their orientation period.

Part of the duties that local truck drivers have to fulfill on a daily basis includes making contracts, delivering paychecks, and few other documentation.

So, although it is not that hard to find a local truck driving job, I still decided to share the following sites where you can find this kind of truck driving jobs:

  1. Tyson – Local Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  2. Career Builder – Local Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  3. Grand Island Express Inc. – Local Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;
  4. Kroger Co. – Local Truck Driving Jobs Near Me;

10. Owner-Operator or Independent Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

350.000 is the exact number of the registered owner-operators in the USA right now. In fact, owner operators are the truck drivers that own the trucks with which they are operating, that is to say, own a trucking business.

Hence, it is a must that an owner-operator is registered as a Professional Employee Driver- PEDs. Not to forget owner-operators can enter in many business models.


Thereupon here are few of the best advertisements for owner-operators running right now:

  1. Cargill – Owner-Operator Truck Driving Job Near Me;
  2. Long Haul Trucking – Owner-Operator Truck Driving Job NearMe;
  3. Landstar – Owner-Operator Truck Driving Job Near Me;
  4. Drive Atlas – Owner-Operator Truck Driving Job Near Me;

11. Trucker Planet– Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

Later on, I would like to share with you Trucker Planet; it represents an innovative media portal which is dedicated to the trucking industry. So, if you are looking for truck driving jobs, I would highly recommend you to visit this portal.

Thereupon, this innovative portal is featuring info related to the trucking industry, altogether with job opportunities, both for new and for experienced truck drivers. Trucker Planet is featuring job advertisement from one of the leading trucking companies in USA.

So, no matter of your location, and the type of truck driver that you are, you can find the perfect trucking job near you on Trucker Planet!

These are one of the latest job advertisements that this portal has shared:

  1. Independent contractor truck driving opportunities at ATS;
  2. OTR Dry Van Drivers at UPS;
  3. Owner Operators at Red Classic;


To sum it up, since the trucking industry is constantly expanding, it is normal that trucking companies are lacking truck drivers. This fact is placing all truck drivers in a great position where they can have a wide choice of job opportunities. But still, as I stated before finding the perfect job is not easy, because not all trucking companies are providing all the benefits that you are searching for.



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