Top 10 Trucking Companies In Kentucky


Of all the trucking companies in Kentucky, located in the east south central region of US, there are those elevated as the most successful. Additionally, working for one of these trucking companies in Kentucky is a privilege.

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Sometimes, it is hard for truck drivers to find good and a reputable company that offers a solid salary. Not to mention that the whole searching process takes time and can be stressful in certain situations.

Considering this, working in one of these trucking companies in Kentucky, it gives an opportunity to be successful in the trucking industry. Having a career as a successful truck driver in the trucking niche not only has a benefit for the employee but the employer as well.

Notably, you know what they say, success opens doors, and a successful truck driver has attitude and an intense focus on the safety regulations.


The experienced and even new truck drivers would look for the best place to work for and extended their trucking knowledge. Speaking about this, a skilled and knowledgeable truck driver will aim in increasing the rating of a company more than it is.

With regard to this, there are several company names that have a great reputation and they really know how to make a difference between a professional truck driver and truck drivers. However, they offer great opportunities for each of them.

Things to remember: One cannot become a professional overnight. It takes experience, attitude, and devotion.

To point out, that is exactly what the owners of these companies did. They all started as beginners, just like any other trucker and they hit their success big. Hence, the chances to work for one of these companies should always be taken.

10. Paschall Truck Lines Inc.

As an employee-owned business, Paschall Truck Lines Inc. has been serving the trucking industry since 1937. It is a truckload, dry van freight carrier with 1,300 tractors and 3,000 trailers.

Since they are aiming to prosperity only, they have made it expand in 9 major cities. Although based in Murray, KY, their terminal is including the United States and Mexico as well.

Source: www.
Source: www.

Their services include:

  • Fleet managers shipments monitoring
  • Complementary load tracking
  • Dedicated billing coordinator
  • The finest maintenance programs

Their employees are coping with the safety regulations on a professional level which gives them an average salary of $30,600 – $78,000 per year. More importantly, their professionalism has brought them certificates in Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism as well as in the Environmental Protection Agency.

9. DHL Express

I am certain that a large number of you have heard of DHL or at least have seen a commercial. Based in Erlanger, KY, DHL Express is one of the most famous of all trucking companies in Kentucky as well. Further, their goal is to become the Logistics company for the world.


Their aim on this with creating a great place to work and providing a professional delivery for their customers. Together with their services, they are delivering value as well.

Additionally, with their professionalism, they are making the customers appreciate them and use their services even more.Whether you need something to be delivered in a short time, DHL is there to meet your hurry.

And the employees?

They are doing their job on the most successful level, and the employees are those that are creating the profile of the services of the company. They are delivering cargo internationally with excellence. Moreover, they want to improve people’s lives with deliveries. Their services are special and they include:

  • Global freight forwarding by truck, air, sea and rail
  • Warehousing solutions from packaging
  • Mail deliveries worldwide

8. Ballard, Inc

Based in Bardstown, KY, Ballard Incorporated is a family owned company that has been established in the late 1960’s. For 53 years they have gained a total number of 100 employees. Although being a small company for the years, it has a satisfied number of employees, and that is what matters the most.


They are offering a wide range of benefits for every employee:

  • Weekly Pay
  • Availability of a Direct Deposit
  • A Retirement Plan
  • Lay Over Pay
  • Vacation Pay
  • Assigned Equipment
  • Truck Wash
  • Assigned Dispatchers
  • They Cover all Insurances (Health, Medical, and Dental)
  • Vision Plan
  • Accident Plan
  • Log Bonus Program
  • Pride & Shine Bonuses
  • Referral Bonuses

Whether you are a local CDL driver or an OTR truck driver, in order to work for this company, you need to be experienced.  Their requirements are based on those that DOT has made for every trucker to respect.

Further, they must have knowledge of FMCSA regulations and have a clean driving record. Unlike these requirements, it is one of a few trucking companies in Kentucky to offer an average salary of $58,000 – $65,000 per year.

To conclude, being a company with a wide list of benefits and taking care of the safety regulations and a reasonable average salary, it is great trucking company to work for. More importantly, they offer a driver training for their employees.

7. DARPRO Solutions

From a small rendering company, in the late 19th century, Darpro  Solutions is today one of the most innovative trucking companies in Kentucky so far. It is a company based in Butler, KY but has expanded all over North America, South America, Asia and Australia and Europe as well.


They are offering services for restaurants mainly and are taking care of the grease and the oil remains and their services solve these problems:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • environmental

Darpro Solutions is the first company to collect the old in order to create something new. They are now, the largest innovative provider of environmentally safe and premium class biodiesel from the recycled products.

In addition, their goal is to give the nature a second life. As a result of this, they are offering bioenergy solutions. Besides other services, the company also produces renewable fuels from animal fats and used cooking oils.



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