Top 10 Trucking Companies In Kentucky

With regard to this, there are several company names that have a great reputation and they really know how to make a difference between a professional truck driver and truck drivers. However, they offer great opportunities for each of them.

Things to remember: One cannot become a professional overnight. It takes experience, attitude, and devotion.

To point out, that is exactly what the owners of these companies did. They all started as beginners, just like any other trucker and they hit their success big. Hence, the chances to work for one of these companies should always be taken.

10. Paschall Truck Lines Inc.

As an employee-owned business, Paschall Truck Lines Inc. has been serving the trucking industry since 1937. It is a truckload, dry van freight carrier with 1,300 tractors and 3,000 trailers.

Since they are aiming to prosperity only, they have made it expand in 9 major cities. Although based in Murray, KY, their terminal is including the United States and Mexico as well.

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