Top 10 Trucking Companies In Kentucky

Furthermore, they are annually converting 1.3 billion pounds of fat into 150 million gallons of a renewable so-called “green” diesel. This new, innovative idea of theirs will open many job positions and employment.

How amazing is that?

6. Carnes Trucking Co., Inc.

Carnes Trucking Co started as a single cargo van in 1978 and was making local pick-up and deliveries only in Louisville. However, since then they have grown into a largely owned company owning 48 states with a great list of satisfied customers.

Knowing the MCMIS, it is considered as one of the most skilled trucking companies in Kentucky and the trucking industry as well. Their main goal is to provide their customers with the most efficient and reliable service in the most professional manner.


Furthermore, they have acquired an expert experience over their 30 years of existence. Moreover, their trucking expertise includes services in:

  • Local, regional trucking services in 48 states
  • Expedited and fast services
  • Refrigerated services with a temperature controlled division
  • Dry Van
  • Roller Bed
  • Bonded Carrier

They also allow you to meet their team which gives the job applicants or customers to trust the company more.

If you take a look at the information provided by SAFER, you will see that the employees respecting the safety regulations. Thereupon, that is one way of maintaining expert service in every field of the company and not the trucking only.

5. RWI Transportation LLC

RWI Transportation LLC is a nationwide transportation company based in Wilder, KY. Being in the top 10 trucking companies in Kentucky, RWI Transportation LLC has been serving the shipping industry since 1956.

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As a result of their success through the years, they have received awards and acknowledgments by ATA. The freight transportation services of RWI Transportation LLC include:

  • OTR
  • Expedited
  • Air cargo services, domestic and international
  • Intermodal
  • Warehousing
Source: www.
Source: www.

Furthermore, it has a great team that helps the transportation services on a highly professional level and it contains a diversity of industries such as:

  • frozen and refrigerated food item,
  • paper products
  • fresh produce
  • confections

Due to their hard work, the employees of RWI Transportation LLC are given bonuses depending on their successful task. However, it is important for an employer to know what a truck driver faces on the road and bonuses are a fact in RWI.

4. J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. is a transportation logistics company providing safe transport trough United States, Mexico, and Canada. It is one of the many trucking companies in Kentucky offering customer-oriented services which include:

  • Intermodal Service
  • Dedicated
  • Refrigerated
  • Final Mile
  • Truckload
  • Single Source
  • Flatbed
  • LTL (Less than Truckload) Solutions

Although a large number of trucking companies in Kentucky provide the same services, their professionalism is on a different level and every company works differently.

They offer great opportunities to the future and the current employees. They have more than 20,000 employees in 400 facilities all across 48 states. From truck driver careers to maintenance, they consider themselves as a great place to work.

3. Phoenix Transportation Services LLC

Phoenix Transportation Services LLC was founded in the late 1994 and is based in Georgetown, Kentucky. Over the years, they have managed to keep their success due to the on-time delivery as well as an outstanding customer service. Their goal is a nurturing organization.


Further, the company has brokerage operations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky as well. Moreover, their route is operating in Georgetown and Louisville, KY and in Columbus, Ohio. The company’s freight hauling services include:

  • Dedicated freight hauls
  • Cartage freight hauls
  • Container freight hauls
  • Flatbed freight hauls
  • General freight pick-up and delivery
  • Expedite freight hauls
  • Brokerage
  • Warehousing
  • Trailer storage

Unlike maintaining a successful business, it stands in the list of trucking companies in Kentucky with satisfied employees which keep the company’s success. Their team is proud of what they do and have a great attitude, interpersonal skills and a quality commitment to their work. Having said this, I wonder:

What does it really take for an employee to be satisfied?

A quick website research and it made me realize – they offer a wide range of benefits. Additionally, the attitude of an employer and the advantages of a job matter for every truck driver. The benefits are more than acceptable and include:

  • Medical Plans: United Healthcare PPO, Healthcare with HAS and reliance standard
  • Supplemental Insurance Policies
  • Competitive Pay
  • Safety Bonus
  • Free $25,000 Life Insurance Policy
  • Vacation and Holiday Pay
  • Sign-on and Recruitment Bonus

2. Mercer Transportation Company Inc.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Mercer Transportation is a broker and career trucking company founded in 1977. For the purpose of the safety regulations, the safety is their top priority and they are sticking to their priority from day 1.

Over nearly four decades, their commitment to safety and customer value has gotten them among the most successful trucking companies in Kentucky and nationwide. Moreover, they have earned their rating with a quality service, lasting relationships and competitive prices.


Named as one of the top carriers, it belongs to the group of trucking companies in Kentucky with a larger number of a fleet which is 2,500 vehicles. Their success has brought them 90 located offices to deliver load safely and securely across North America.

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Their total transportation had brought them a solid number of 207 million miles. Specifically, they specialize in specific transportation types:

  • Building Materials
  • Commodities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Haz-mats

Furthermore, the average salary in number is $33,000 per year. Mercer transportation offers a wide range of freight management services:

  • TMS Load Tracking
  • TMS Document Tracking Online
  • Carriers Selection by the Rate and Service
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly report and cost analysis
  • Fuel Discounts to Carriers

1. M & M Cartage Company Inc.

M & M Cartage is based in Louisville and is one of the highest rated trucking companies in Kentucky.  It is a privately owned business for over 40 years. Their mission is to expand their business on a higher level and create a positive, as well as safe work environment.



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