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7 Common Truck Tracking Software Problems and Tips To Avoid Them

A truck tracking software is a tool that can help trucking companies and other businesses to save time and money.

Yet, how can the software enable its users to save time and money?

Continually, the truck tracking software can enable these benefits to its users by letting them keep track of all maintenance issues that are going on in their company. Yet, the software can get them notified about preventative and repair maintenance information too.

Yet, it must be remembered that only the truck tracking software that is functioning correctly and impeccably can enable these and many more benefits to trucking companies and other businesses.

Nevertheless, there is few common truck tracking software problems that users are facing with.

Further, in this article, you can read 7 software problems and tips that users can perform in order to avoid them.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Incorrect Maps and Routes

Are you receiving incorrect maps and incorrect routes?

Well, that does not have to mean that your GPS coordinates are wrong.

Quite instead the business GPS device can still draw the road incorrectly besides having the right GPS coordinates.


So, in the case when GPS satellites are sending correct information, then the problem may lay in the strike that the maps and routes quickly go out of date. That is to say, some information that you might receive can be based on older maps.

Thereupon, the solution number one for the user experiencing incorrect maps and routes is to constantly update the maps. It is the only way for the user to stay accurate.

Why are there constant map updated?

Well, first and foremost it is due to the fact that roads are continually changing. It can be caused due to road construction or some kind of detours.


Henceforth, I do bet that you as a user who is constantly traveling on the road would not trust an old map!

It is so because that way you will never be able to get to the final destination on time.

Tip: Future GPS users should be alerted to the fact that having a brand new vehicle tracking software does not have to mean that he would not have outdated map information.


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On the other hand, incorrect maps can be due to a failure to install the latest maps or to an update service, then the user should get in touch with the GPS tracker provider company.

Yet, the most common truck tracking software problems include as well map errors that are being caused by the software that is in charge of approximating the location of street addresses.

How To Fix Map Route Errors

Which is the best and fastest solution for business GPS users experiencing incorrect maps and routes?

Well, the GPS users who are faced with the common tracking software problems in the form of incorrect maps and routes is to find out if there are any updated maps available for their devices.


In general, the user should have in mind that the truck tracking software providers are charging a fee for map updates. Yet, some map updated do come for free.

On the other hand, some offer free user-submitted map fixes. Which later on helps other GPS users who are facing with the same route and map problem.

If the user sends a route correction online, then generally it should be verified and implemented through the overall map update.

Still, this process might not be as simple as you think it is. Sometimes it can take weeks, months or even years. That process largely depends upon the tracking software provider.

2. GPS Drift

Amongst the common truck tracking software problems we can find GPS Drift.

But, what in fact is a GPS drift? Moreover, how does that happen?

In effect, a GPS drift is a condition when the positional information which is being obtained from the GPS tracker satellite – starts moving over a given period of time.


So, the main reasons behind GPS drift are:

  • Change in the satellite constellation patterns;
  • The GPS receiver cannot install a cesium atomic clock;
  • GPS features signals are very weak and the actual receiver is as small as a ceramic antenna;
  • The actual calculating per second coordinate position;

Hence, the user can notice a GPS drift when there are indications of a possible difference between the actual way line and the position of the way line which is shown on the actual guidance screen.


Tip: Pay attention to the accuracy. If the accuracy is lower then there are big chances for the positional information to move over a given period of time. Still, the higher the accuracy correction sources are the smaller the amount will remain.

All in all, the GPS drift can be affected by many factors- yet the outcome can depend on the GPS user. The faster the user notices that there is GPS drifting going on, the better, and the faster it will be fixed.

3. Lost GPS Truck Tracking Software Signal

There are several common truck tracking software problems that lead to lost GPS signal.

But, how can the user detect a lost GPS signal?

It is quite simple in fact. The truck tracking software user can identify a lost GPS signal right away- there might be an error message on the screen, or even the location icon might appear grey.


Still, GPS users should make sure that the truck tracking software every now and then might take a couple of minutes for the device to receive a signal.

Yet, on the other hand, if the GPS is not sending GPS signal at all then the user should get a help.

In general, there are several truck tracking software problems leading to GPS issues such as is the lost GPS signal.



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