Best GPS Fleet Tracking Features to Track Your Truck and Increase Profit

track your truck using the best features

What are the features you prefer to track your truck? Some of the best fleet tracking features are those that increase profit.

However, before you get to that phase, you need to make sure you cover other factors important to your business.

In addition, as a business owner, you need to know the answers on the following when it comes to tracking your truck:

  • What is that you want to improve?
  • How am I going to improve my business?
  • Am I doing the right progress decision?
  • How is a GPS fleet going to help my company?

To continue with, 75% of the confident company owners know how to run their trucking business.

The rest 25% of the company owners know or at least they think they know. Further, if you want to increase profit you need to know your goals, and more importantly follow them.

It is transportation-demanding in the business to know to handle the fleet, the trucking expenses and how are you going to implement technology in your company.

Track Your Truck GSM Frequency

Losing a signal is never good while hitting the highways. Although we live in the digital era, there are still natural reasons for losing a signal while entering tunnels under mountains.

When this happens, the GSM feature used in order to generate the noise on the GSM frequency bands.

Sometimes a driver wants or needs to take the vehicle off the road and route but in most cases, he makes sure the company does not find out.

track your truck with GSM frequency

Looking on the negative side, the vehicle or cargo may get stolen by criminals, or in the worst case, a driver may have an accident.

As bad as the tracking of your drivers it may sound, it is for the driver’ safety as well as for the freight.

Seeking this feature in your next GPS to track your truck is a must. In this way, when some of the above-mentioned happen, a GSM frequency will notify the freight managers.

Eco Driving Parameters

The costs of fuel and your fleet are considered as the biggest ones to face in the transportation industry.

Trying to reduce them will eventually result in lower operating costs and more importantly, higher profits.

One way to achieve this while you track your track is to find a fleet tracking device which has Eco Driving feature.

track your truck with eco driving parameters

In order to implement eco-driving, as a fleet owner, you need types of advanced GPS tracking systems which exchange and gather massive amounts of data.

Even though the standard ones are still able to acquire data but probably not all the data including the features you want.

Towing Detection

To continue with, the most surprising of all features and the one that gets the most popular is the towing detection.

When a vehicle is towed, a device sends notifications to the driver and the manager as well. In this way, they can take action before the vehicle gets towed away.

track your truck with towing detection

The true reason for this is the competition existing among the delivery companies. Even if you get one vehicle towed away, along with the cargo, it may cost you losing your customers.

This feature will not only ease the job of the fleet managers and save you money, but it will also help in the job dispatchers do all day.


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Driver Identification

In every company, there are truck drivers who are less likely to act like professional truckers. Without implementing the right technology and track their behavior, your transportation business may outlive profit damage.

One way to avoid killing your company’s profit and increase it instead is to implement fleet management software to track your truck.

track your truck with driver identification

Having said this, one of the features to look for in a GPS fleet tracking is the iD reader.

ID Reader

In particular, every GPS tracker has different benefits to track your truck. Likewise, one of the best is the reader of drivers.

This is a unique software which transmits a code referring to each specific driver.

There is an identification module which has an installed button on the dashboard and is connected to the GPS tracking device.

track your truck with ID reader

The reader completes its action by giving a personal emitter to each of the drivers. With the help of the button, the drivers give information that he is starting with his new route.

In this way, the dispatching team is informed about the action a driver takes.
This is a great feature because, in case of not pushing a button for a route, an alarm is triggered by a loud sound.

track your truck with identification reader

Consequently, the fleet manager will be informed and be able to check the situation of a trucker. As a matter of fact, this features covers three major factors in the world of trucks:

  • Safety of the trucker
  • Cargo delay
  • Any other unexpected situation

Driver Management Login

Another option to track your truck with Driver Identification is with the onboard terminal. With the help of this feature, drivers login into the app.

track your truck with driver management login

By logging in, an information is transmitted to the management app. This means that drivers are using the feature and eases the job for the managers and drastically increases the use and meaning of their unique fleet tracking software.

Driving Behavior Analysis

As mentioned previously, driving has an immense impact on the trucking expenses.

Driving behavior has a huge impact on the fleet’s costs. Each driver is operating the vehicle differently, despite all of the FMCSA or DMV rules.

Consequently, you can track your truck with the driving behavior analysis and receive a complete overview of the speeding and idling of the vehicle.

track your truck with driving behavior analysis

Most of the vehicles on the market can be read with the help of technology.

Additionally, by discovering a driver’s behavior, a trucker is ranked. Some of the employees, from new truck drivers to experienced truckers, may consider this as a spying instead of a help.



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