7 Common Truck Tracking Software Problems and Tips To Avoid Them

So, it goes like this:

  1. The software might be in need of new updates– Always check whether your GPS device has the latest software installed;
  2. The GPS tracking device is not working as it should– it indicates lost GPS signal. This might be due to a bagging GPS device. What the user should do in such situation is to reset the GPS device;
  3. The device is showing a different location. It can happen in the situation when the GPS user moves a significant distance without using the truck tracking software. In such situation the user should leave the GPS device for 45 minutes before it receives a fix;
  4. On the other hand, users can experience the obstructed view. That can be due to tall buildings or wooded areas. In this kind of situation, the user should try to relocate his vehicle to another area where there is an open view of the sky;

4. GPS Bounce

GPS bounce is one of the most common truck tacking software problems that users are faced with nowadays.

That is to say, the GPS device in general works by measuring the distance between the satellites and the actual GPS receiver.

Source: www.sonda.com

Still, GPS bounce can be caused by:

  • Metal structure;
  • Terrain;
  • Tall buildings;

More precisely, a GPS bounce happens when there is something on the way between the GPS device and the satellites.

That is to say when there is something on the way between the GPS device and the satellites, then straight proportionally the user receives a jumpy GPS features track.


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The users who have experienced truck tracking software problems like this one have stated that it has caused their activity to report more distance than the actual one the user has traveled.

Besides, that GPS bounce can send inaccurate information and by that, it can lead the user to receive inaccurate achievements on their route.

How To Prevent Bad GPS Data

Preventing bad truck tracking software problems always brings more benefits to the user than the actual process of repairing it can.

Source: imaa-institute.org

More precisely, the user can make sure to prevent bad GPS data from:

  • Checking whether his GPS vehicle tracking device is mounted high enough and is being unobstructed;
  • Make sure that your GPS vehicle tracking software always gets the most up-to-date relevant updates and information;
  • If the user is experiencing bad GPS data- then the first preventative measure that he should take into action is to disable and enable the GPS tracking software. That is to say to turn it off and on again;
  • Avoid driving in environments that can be problematic for the GPS fleet tracking signal;

Thereupon, these are some of the key practices that each truck tracking software user should have in mind.

5. Problems With Tracking Maintenance

The preventative maintenance schedule represents one of the best features that GPS devices are providing.

Therefore, since preventative maintenance schedule is one of the best features that GPS fleet tracking devices are providing, straight proportionally the truck tracking software problems in the form of inadequate tracking maintenance become of crucial importance.

Source: blogs.lse.ac.uk

Moreover, in order for users to prevent the costly repairs which are most commonly associated with breakdowns, they should take the following two things into consideration.

Modify The Maintenance

Henceforth, if the user is experiencing truck tracking software problems in the form of inaccurate tracking maintenance, then the very first step that the user should take is to modify the maintenance.

Yet, how can the user modify the maintenance?

Source: www.native-instruments.com

Well, the actual modification of the maintenance should be followed with an instigation.

Moreover, the truck tracking software should enable the user to assign or to create new maintenance plans for trucks individually.


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Still, the user might be facing with problems about tracking the maintenance of their trucks because these plans can be set in as time-based as well as to be scheduled in accordance with the miles or engine hours that the truck has driven.

By modifying the maintenance period the user can select to be notified by SMS or e-mail. The notifications will be sent to the user once the maintenance plan expires.

Engine Tracking

What comes all together with the modification of truck maintenance plans is engine tracking.

More precisely, engine tracking can be performed with the help of the odometer readings. In general, odometer readings can be entered in the tracking software at the time of installation.

Engine maintenance plans can be scheduled both by mileage and by engine work hours.

6. Poor Mobile Network Coverage

To continue with, GPS users are as well being faced with one of the most common truck tracking software problems- that is to say with a poor mobile network coverage.

Moreover, the poor mobile network coverage can disable the user to send his location, as well as to receive the right coordinates and routes.

Source: sparrowmobile.com

Yet, by that, we can see that the GPS tracking users are sending their location through mobile networks. So once a mobile network is being disabled, straight proportionally the truck tracking software won’t be in the situation to help its user.

Hence, the best way for the user to solve this type of problem is to try to travel through another intelligent route, through which he can get a good mobile network coverage.

7. Problem in Downloading Data

Another key point when it comes to common truck tracking software problems is the problem in downloading data.

Every now and then, GPS users can experience problems in downloading data.There are several reasons that can affect to that.

Source: www.gizmodo.com.au

Starting from the incompatible technologies, up to the outdated firmware the user should check it all. It is the only way for him/her to determine the right problem.

Whereas, on the other hand, if the user is experiencing a problem in downloading data due to computer issues, then these issues can be easily fixed by contacting a technical support assistant.


To enumerate, the common truck tracking software problems are not something uncommon in truck driver’s daily life. No matter what type of GPS tracking device you have got, even if it is the most reputable or the most expensive one, simply one cannot avoid some problems- such as is the common truck tracking software problem no. 6.



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