Discover The Top Qualities That The Top Trucking Companies Possess

Over the past few months I have been exploring the development of trucking companies in the USA.

While exploring I discovered few key points that lead trucking companies to success. That is to say I discovered which the top qualities that the top trucking companies possess.

So, further in this article you will have the chance to read and learn more about the top qualities that have helped trucking companies to achieve success and great reputation in the trucking industry.

Let’s take a look!

1. Impeccable Driving Record

How can a trucking company be ranked as the best if it does not have impeccable driving record?

Well, it is almost impossible.

Impeccable driving record is considered to be one of the top qualities that the top trucking companies possess.


Moreover, impeccable driving record is of a great importance, both for trucking company’s reputation, as well as for the customer satisfaction.

In general, a driving record is the collection of information about the overall activity of trucking company’s fleet. The driving record is maintained on a regular basis by the MVD.

Truck drivers as well should be very careful about their driving record, because it is the data complied throughout their lifetime as a driver and after. What adds up more to it- it cannot be changed.

So what does the driving record includes?

The driving record consists of information which are being complied in five major categories:

  1. Personal history information;
  2. Licensing;
  3. Conviction/accident history;
  4. Driver license sanctions;
  5. Motor vehicle accident history;

Yet, besides these points, the driving record covers as well the examination process, that is to say the revocation, the suspension or for example the cancellation of a license.

On the other hand the driving record can cover as well the accidents, speeding tickets, as well as the traffic-law conviction.

Thereupon, well ranked trucking companies in the USA pay a great attention to driving record when hiring truck drivers.


That is to say if you are a truck driver and you want to become a company truck driver for some of the best trucking companies in the USA, while at the same time you have been convicted of underage consumption, possession or attempt to purchase alcohol while driving, then you will have to know that your chances of getting the job are very low, almost impossible.


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All in all, the actual driving records are being protected by the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act which restricts the access to the records.

Nevertheless, if there are requests by individuals from authorized categories, the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act will have to share the information.

2. A Sense Of Responsibility

A successful and well-ranked trucking company should have a sense of responsibility.

Since the trucking industry is serving to almost all other industries in the USA, straight proportionally it means that trucking companies and truck drivers should have a great sense of responsibility.

Moreover, they should adhere to all safety requirements while performing the transportation process.


Thereupon, a trucking company which is being courteous to clients and treats them with great care, will for sure get a great ranking and will attract numerous loyal customers.

Trucking company’s sense of responsibility is equal to corporate social responsibility, which is also being referred to as a CSR.

But, what is in fact CSR?

CSR is the overall behavior of the trucking company and the actions that their truck drivers are taking, which are later on resulting in a positive impact over the environmental and social surroundings.


Yet, nowadays we can witness few trucking companies that have set a whole new department dedicated to fulfilling the CSR needs.

In general, the CSR as one of the top qualities that the top trucking companies possess can be reached by following these activities:

  1. Philanthropy- It is the most common way that trucking companies take in fulfilling CSR- it includes companies donating money to organizations of their choice. Also, trucking companies can as well take part in matching gifts.
  2. Volunteering Time and Expertise- Trucking companies, that is to say truck drivers, due to the dynamic that their profession brings, do not have enough time to volunteer. But, every now and then they can take time to clean up a park.
  3. Trucking companies can achieve CSR by causing promotion and causing related marketing- Promotions can be seen by truck drivers are a way to increase their awareness about a certain cause. Almost all trucking companies have started using this tip.

When trucking companies have a sense of responsibility they are making on-time deliveries in a safe manner.

On the other hand, trucking companies by being socially responsible can take an impact over the trucking industry, and can fix the negatives.

3. Great Customer Service Skills

Straight after the sense of responsibility comes yet another top quality that the top trucking companies possess, which is – great customer service skills.

The top trucking companies would never achieve that high ranking if they did not make their business a reliable one, a business that has always a wonderful customer service.


Moreover, since trucking companies are working with clients all the time, their clients should be able to reach them at all times. Not only that, they should be on their disponibility and to speak with their clients with respect and kindness.

So, it is a must for trucking companies to be instantly reachable by their clients.

Henceforth, having a great customer service skills requires the following:

1. Patience – patience as a customer service skill is of a great importance to customers. Customers in fact have a tendency to reach out to support when they are confused, or on the negative side frustrated. Trucking companies should have in mind that great service always beats fast service.

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2. Great Time Management Skills – time management skills are a must if a trucking company wants to realize the transportation of all loads that are given to them. It is why trucking companies should never make a contract with a customer in an area where the truck drivers can just end wasting their time and not delivering the loads on time;



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