Discover The Top Qualities That The Top Trucking Companies Possess


3. Clear Communication Skills – having clear communication skills means getting to the problem at hand quickly. When working with clients, truck drivers and trucking company owners should be cautious about how they are communicating with their clients.

Because is the trucking company does not have clear communication skills, the final message will be wrongly understood. There are few customer service skills that all truck drivers and employees of a trucking company should master.

4. Attentiveness – attentiveness, that is to say the ability to really listen to customers is the key point in the trucking business.

Once you start working with loyal customers you will see the importance of paying attention to individual customer interaction, as well as to being mindful and attentive.

It is the only way that will lead to customers leaving a positive feedback about your trucking company.

Yet, trucking companies that want to remain with a high ranking in the trucking industry should try to understand why positive customer feedback is essential to their success.

4. Timely Responses

What is the importance of timely customer service?

You cannot even imagine. Inefficient timely responses can lead trucking companies to lose customers. That means losing money and more importantly losing the great reputation.


In addition, timely customer service indicates that trucking companies are providing the needed support to customers in a fast manner.

Trucking companies should remember that their customers are the most important part of any business. If trucking companies start losing their customers that means that they will have a low revenue rate, which straight proportionally means having no business.

Moreover, by implementing this top quality that the top trucking companies possess into your daily practice, you will experience great achievements. Amongst which is turning your new customers into loyal ones.

That means running a steady business.


When speaking about the top qualities that the top trucking companies possess, I must not forget to mention that trucking companies that want to achieve a higher rating should be always prompt and to support both their truck drivers and their clients at the same time.

Hence, great customer service is the key to raising up your trucking company’s brand, and in attracting loyal customers.

On the other hand, customers once they receive a timely response to any problem that they have the need to solve, will follow the retention process, and will become loyal ones.


Timely customer service will bring a lot of benefits to your trucking company.  First of all, it will bring you customer retention and attraction of new customers as I mentioned before.

Also, if you are practicing this top quality that the top trucking companies possess you will as well experience a word-of-mouth advertising from your loyal customers.

Yet, trucking companies should never underestimate their loyal customers that have stayed with the services that they are providing for a longer period of time.


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That is to say, trucking companies should provide exceptional service to old loyal customers as well. It is the only way for them to achieve a full customer satisfaction and a real success.

So, keep up with timely responses and enjoy the result that it will bring to your trucking company.

5. Provide Competitive Rates

Providing competitive rates does not refer to providing the lowest price.

By implementing the top quality of providing competitive rates, trucking companies should set a price of a service based on the one that their competitors are charging.

Moreover, the top trucking companies possess this top quality because it has helped them selling services more effectively than their competitor trucking companies are.

Providing competitive rates is a pricing strategy that is used in almost all industries for decades.


Trucking companies can start providing competitive rates to services that have already reached a level of equilibrium.

That is to say to a service that they have been providing for a long period of time, for example for flatbed load transportation. As well as to a service that can be substituted.

On the other hand, this strategy brings as well the trick of hiding some extra charges.

For example, a trucking company can implement this top quality that the top trucking companies possess, while at the same time giving extra charges for special requests such as are monitoring the deliveries or next day deliveries.


So, when it comes to providing competitive rates, trucking company owners should have an open mind and to include these competitive rates into the services of brokerage, truckload and LTL.

In the same time, competitive pricing and price matching offers can lead a trucking company to anticipate the competitor price changes.

All in all the key element to transportation company’s success is the competitive advantage!

6. Trustworthiness

Yet, in the list of top qualities that the top trucking companies possess we can encounter with trustworthiness.

Trustworthiness is very often underestimated by some trucking companies that are part of the U.S. trucking industry. A good trucking company is always honest with its customers and is providing them up-front news about their agreement, regardless if it is positive or negative.


Moreover, customers appreciate the most trucking companies that can give them precise answers and moreover, answers which are sincere.

Still, the top trucking companies possess trustworthiness as a customer retention strategy, because they know that it is the only way for them to show their true customer dedication.

7. Experienced Truck Drivers

The best asset that the top trucking companies possess is their experienced truck drivers.

Experienced truck drivers are in general the ones that can determine the efficiency of the trucking company. Trucking companies that have experienced drivers in their team are always delivering their loads on-time and in a safe manner. Which means that they are never disappointing their customers, not losing them.



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