Employee GPS Tracking Systems checklist

7 Ways Employee GPS Tracking Systems Improve Disaster Preparedness

How can employers prevent hazardous situations from becoming disasters for their employees and businesses?

Sincerely speaking, in everyday life, there is nobody expecting hazardous situations, neither disasters. Not even the ones that can actually be affected by one.

Yet, hazardous situations and disasters can hit every business.

Still, there are few industries that should pay special attention to improving their employee disaster preparedness.

Such industries that are prone to hazardous situations are the trucking industry, mining industry as well as the construction industry.

Thereupon, what business owners should have in mind all the time is that any possible hazardous situation can threaten their employees. As well as the fact that a single disaster can disrupt the overall operations of a company.

Source: ieltslearningtips.com

Moreover, hazardous situations can come as a result of nature or can be manmade, such as are the following ones:

  • Hurricanes;
  • Fires;
  • Chemical spills;
  • Radiological accidents;
  • Explosions;
  • Floods;
  • Civil Disturbances;

Henceforth, all business owners that want to provide ultimate protection to their employees should develop an emergency action plan. In general, the emergency action plan should cover the designated actions.

Actions, that the employees should undertake in a case of an emergency that is to say in a hazardous situation.


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Nevertheless, there is no one that can predict any possible disastrous event.

But on the other hand, everyone that has the right plan can improve disaster preparedness.

Further, in this article, you can read more about how employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Disaster Event

The importance and the impact of employee GPS tracking systems application in every day should not be excluded.

There is a huge reason behind that fact.

First and foremost, employee GPS tracking systems can provide real-time information on the actual location that has a potentially hazardous situation, from the one that can cause disaster.

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It is the very first step that the GPS can provide employees to make in the process of improving disaster preparedness.

Moreover, the GPS tracking system not only that can provide employees with real-time information, but as well can help them in managing each of the processes of any potential disaster event.

Starting from the pre-disaster, up to the during disaster the employee GPS tracking system can provide a great help!

Identify Worst-Case Scenarios

Identifying the worst-case scenarios is amongst the very first steps a trucking company owner should perform.

Only by identifying the worst case scenarios, trucking company owners can determine how to improve disaster preparedness amongst his employees.

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So, what can be the worst thing that can happen on your business job site? Is the region prone to earthquakes, fires or floods?

One should take it all into consideration.

Also, the hazardous chemicals should be taken into account as well.

Once the owner identifies the worst-case scenarios he will be able to use employee GPS tracking systems and to prepare an emergency plan.

Prepare an Emergency Plan

By preparing an emergency plan, business owners can assign certain actions to designated individuals. Or more precisely to some of their employees.

So, employee GPS tracking systems can definitely improve disaster planning. Nevertheless, it has been suggested by OSHA that there are employees engaged throughout the overall planning phase.

Source: www.activatefiresafety.co.uk

Moreover, each disaster preparedness emergency plan should have valuable insights of the business work. Only that way emergency and responsibilities plans can be set.

Disaster Preparedness Training

Although employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness, still disaster preparedness training is always more than welcome.

That is to say, the more employees have gone through disaster preparedness training, the more they will be able to act quickly in the evacuation process.

Source: mento.ph

Yet, the disaster preparedness training altogether with the employee GPS tracking systems can keep employees prepared for any potentially hazardous situation, as well as to keep them up to date.

Develop a Plan to Ensure Success

The disaster preparedness training is in large scale followed with a development of a plan that can ensure 100% safety on the working site.

Regardless if a company has implemented employee GPS tracking systems into their work, the employees should have a strategy put in place for the development of a plan that can ensure them the maximum safety.

Source: cpgtoolbox.com

As an idea, I would suggest to business owners and fleet managers to make a group meetings with their colleagues who are in the project for which employee GPS tracking systems see implementation.

Select a GPS Tracking Point Person

Amongst the very first steps that companies should do when implementing GPS tracking systems into the daily activities of their business is to select a GPS tracking pinpoint person.

The importance of choosing a GPS tracking pinpoint person is pivotal. It is so because that single person can be well trained and it is the one individual that will identify strengths and weaknesses of the business.


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Also, this one person will know all features of the employee GPS tracking systems, by which will be in the situation to direct all employees on the best practices, and by that to improve disaster preparedness.

Yet, the employee GPS tracking system besides improving disaster preparedness and protecting employees, it can as well enforce the authority over driver policies.

These crucial points make more and more businesses and field employees to use the technology.

2. Introduce GPS tracking to Employees

Employee GPS tracking systems are definitively improving the overall disaster preparedness, but as well are providing ultimate safety and security for both the employees and the business.

Yet, not all employees are aware of the actual benefits that the employee GPS tracking systems can bring.

Source: www.gpsemployeetracking.in

So, speaking in that direction, it is of a crucial importance that the business owner clearly and openly discusses the GPS initiative with his employees.



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