Hazardous Materials Test - ULTIMATE Guide for Studying

Hazardous Materials Test – ULTIMATE Guide for Studying


Hope you love test because the hazardous materials test is one to remember! Now, there are several things to consider when it comes to studying for hazardous materials test, and I will try to touch on as many as I can.


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There are numerous resources and links available for you to find tons of information. However, sometimes this information can be overwhelming. It can also be way too technical and involved.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

I am not trying to imply that any of us are dummies but reading that stuff can be as dry deep as the desert on a hot day. Think of it like the “Dr. Strange” movie or the show “House” both were entertaining but really tended to overdo it with the medical mumbo-jumbo.

I am not saying the technical aspects of the hazardous materials test aren’t important. Neither I am not saying you won’t need to learn and understand them.

What I am saying is that the way it gets presented sometimes is way too complicated. But what can be equally insulting is when the material is dumbed down so much you feel like you’re losing brain cells while studying.

Source: www.jjkeller.com
Source: www.jjkeller.com

Well, my intention is to be somewhere in the middle, but actually to offer you resources and a general overview. I am hoping that by doing so, it will give you greater understand of the overall process, materials, and their importance.

Nothing is worse than being told to do something without knowing why. Or what is worse is when asking, “Why”, and being told because I said so. I always hated that answer. Unfortunately sometimes when dealing with government agencies that are the answer.

A Few Basics about the Hazardous Materials Test

So, in the spirit of ‘why’ allow me to touch on a few of the reasons behind the hazardous materials test. Of course, you must realize two things. The first is that the proper handling of hazardous cargo is vital, not only for your safety but all those involved. And number two is because the government says so!

Allow me to back up a few steps before I dive deeper into those two points.

Source: www.jjkeller.com
Source: www.jjkeller.com

Hazardous materials or more commonly called hazmat is anything that can be a danger to the environment, people, animals, and the surrounding areas. Wow, that sounds fairly broad, don’t it? The International Air Transport Association (IATA)  basically defines it as such.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) tends to go into more detail. They have it broken up into 9 classifications. These are:

  • The class 9 – Miscellaneous;
  • Class 8 – Corrosive;
  • The class 7 – Radioactive;
  • Class 6 – Poison (toxic) and poison inhalation hazard;
  • The class 5 – Oxidizer and organic peroxide;
  • Class 4 – Flammable solid, spontaneously combustible, and dangerous when wet;
  • The class 3 – Flammable liquid and combustible liquid;
  • Class 2 – Gases;
  • The class 1 – Explosives;
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Keep in mind, improper handling and storing of hazmat is very serious! Now, if that is not a good enough reason to take your hazmat materials test serious, then how about some added incentive. Not only does the government say you must handle it properly they are very strict in their enforcement of the regulations.

How so?

  • The maximum civil penalty is $75,000 for willingly and knowingly violating any or all federal hazmat law;
  • If you willingly and knowing violate laws and regulations and in doing so your actions result in serious illness, severe injury, and/or even death to any person, or substantial damage to property, the maximum penalty is $175,000 and possible conviction/(jail time);
  • You can be given a penalty of $450 for any violations related to training;
  • There is no longer a $250 minimum civil penalty.
Source: www.ihmm.org
Source: www.ihmm.org

Where Does the Authority Come From?

This might be a good question, but I am afraid it is a bit dry. The government loves their regulations as you are well aware.

All of the federal regulations combined actually consist of thousands and thousands of pages equaling hundreds of volumes taking their section of the Library of Congress. So obviously hazmat has its own place.

Source: www.digasale.com
Source: www.digasale.com

The authority to regulate hazmat and to administer hazardous materials test was given to the Department of Transportation (DOT) by congress. This was under the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA), in 1975. It was amended in November 1990, as the Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act of 1990 (HMTUSA).


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This gives the DOT the authority to oversee the proper handling and transportation of hazmat in intrastate, interstate, and within foreign commerce.

As you are well aware, there are tons of federal regulations. Well, the HMRs are found under Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) published in the Federal Register, (in Parts 171–180).

Source: www.cdltesttruck.com
Source: www.cdltesttruck.com

To make it easier, the number parts deal with their own topic and subject matter. These are:

  • Part 171: This contains the definitions, reference materials, reporting requirements, and procedural requirements;
  • The part 172: Contains the hazmat table and has com requirements;
  • Part 173: This part includes the hazard classifications for classifying materials (see the DOT list);
  • The part 174: This covers transport by rail car;
  • Part 175: Covers transport by aircraft;
  • The part 176: This part covers by water vessel;
  • Part 177: This covers transport by motor vehicles;
  • The part 178: Includes specifications in regards to proper packaging;
  • Part 179: This includes the special requirements for tank cars;
  • The part 180: Covers more of the maintenance and qualification for packaging.
Source: www.NH.gov
Source: www.NH.gov

So Like I have said they take this stuff very seriously!

So, Who Actually Enforces Hazmat?

The answer to this question could go on and on! No, really, I could write an entire article just about the hazmat regulatory agencies. It would be the most boring article ever and in the end, you might want to eat some lead paint or something! Literally!

But it could be done! Actually, there are tons of other amazing facts about hazardous materials test that would be far more interesting. I will say that each government agency has their own set of rules and regulations. Perhaps they borrow heavily from what is already been written but they still have them.



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