9 Obvious Trucking Industry Facts That Will Still Kind Of Blow Your Mind

trucking industry facts predicting trends

Have you ever heard any trucking industry facts? Starting from today, the trucking industry facts are predicting massive trends in this business.

Due to the massive growth of the market necessities in the United States for goods transportation, the trucking industry rises but it is always affected by the changes.

Whether there are political, economic or lawful, transportation needs to face and overcome these.

As a matter of fact, you could be completely unaware of the role the industry plays in our lives and other industries as well.

The efficient and hard work of the truck drivers is on the rise in order to meet people’s needs and make everything run smoothly.

1. Everything is Transported by Trucks

Big or small, trucks are the main reason why you have everything you now own. One of the most obvious trucking industry facts is that everything is transported by trucks.

From the last blouse you bought from Mango, the Apple tablet you constantly keep in your hands, or the head pills you take every night, it is all transported by trucks.

Trucks and truck drivers have played the lead role in the industries and providing people with essentials since the early 1900s.

trucking industry facts - everything is transported by trucks
Source: www.zinfi.com

To continue with, same as the doctors have their role to cure people and make them happy, or the hairdressers to give you a fresh new look, the truckers are there to provide you with essentials.

Further, everything that makes people happy is considered valuable.

To put it in a different way, there are truck drivers who are spending their lives on the highways to get you the laptop you cannot separate from.

trucking industry facts in US
Source: www.baltic.ai

Generally speaking, almost everything in our homes and the stuff we own is transported by truck. As a matter of fact, it is one of the trucking industry facts that makes us think how we get stuff.

We are buying things on a daily basis without asking ourselves how they got in their country actually.

More importantly, who got them in our stores to enable us purchasing the stuff we like or we always wanted to have.

Interesting isn’t it?

2. Most Common – For-Hire Trucking

The world of trucks is rather complex. The fact is, it is even affected by the for-hire trucking. To be precise, it includes a lot of trucking industry facts and skills to be learned and put into practice.

Having said this, being involved in this industry leaves you with particular decisions to make.

In particular, these decisions sometimes are defining the success of your trucking company.
Among the trucking industry facts, these two are involved for trucking company owners to make:

  • The First is For-hire Trucking or Hiring Companies to Haul Your Freight
  • The second one is Private Carriage
trucking industry facts and for hire trucking
Source: www.blog.hefce.ac.uk

Notably, these scenarios involve a lot of work for you to handle. For example, hiring companies in order to haul your freight takes contacting companies to hire for your freight.

To continue with, you would need to choose the best hot shot load boards, or the best trucking companies in the US to haul for you.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important trucking industry facts for you to take seriously.

trucking industry facts should be taken seriously
Source: www.blogs.techsmith.fr

On the other hand, there is the second offer. You could have the best private carriage.

This particular type of hauling involves owning or leasing trucks which require contacting leasing companies or truck dealers to get truck parts equipment.

With this intention, you need to choose carefully.

Further, you must remember that your entire business depends on this decision.

To put things in a different way, one of the toughest decisions that every trucking company owner faces is: Should I buy or lease a truck?

3. The Top Five Trucking Companies Revenue in The US Is $64.9 Billion

Trucking is a wide industry, which corresponds to the hundreds of trucking terms that truck drivers need to know about. On the subject of this, there are thousands of trucking companies in the United States.

Additionally, there are trucking companies which haul different types of freight.

Every single day trucking companies are sending their trucks to complete the cargo transportation process.

Just imagine thousands of trucks transporting different types of freight in cities and across countries daily.

trucking industry facts companies revenue
Source: www.entrepreneur.com

To continue with, there are companies which are actually better than the rest and have better reputation and revenue than the rest.

Having said this, among them, are the following:

  • UPS Freight – $29.8 Billion
  • FedEx – $19.8 BIllion
  • JB Hunt – $19.9 Billion
  • YRC Trucking $4.8 Billion
  • Swift Transportation $4.2 Billion

To emphasize, the above-mentioned trucking companies are handling specialized transportation. For instance, two out of these in the list are specializing in the long haul transportation.

Those companies would be JB Hunt and Swift Transportation.

Source: www.impactalpha.com

Continually, the rest of the companies are handling LTL freight transportation.

As you may already know, some of the most powerful trucking companies like YRC Freight and FedEx are delivery companies.

This explains the fact that not only OTR trucking is profitable. The key is developing a strategy that will acquire you the right customers and exquisite revenue.


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Therefore, if you want to work for a reputable trucking company that would respect and value your effort, one of these would not be a mistake.

On the contrary, it would be career and life-changing as well.

4. In 20 States Truck Driving Is The Most Common Job Title

Due to the expansion of the trucking industry, there are constantly changing trucking industry trends.

In addition to this, truck driving is the most developed in the United States.

According to Google Statistics, there are 3.5 million truck drivers in the chambers of the United States.

To be precise, 3.5 million heroes which are risking their lives in order to get you the thing you saw on eBay or Amazon.



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