How Third Party Logistics can Help you Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Today’s trucking industry is imaginable without a third party logistics services!

The trucking businesses use a third party logistics that often is in-house (within the company) or they will outsource the 3PL services from providers that specialize in this area. But, peaty much all of the trucking companies use third party logistics!

Most of the time the trucking companies outsource logistics functions that are not core activities in their business. There are more reasons for doing that, but the main one is that the third party logistic suppliers that they are outsourcing are offering way much cheaper services then if they was going to use in-house sources for that.

It’s proven that companies that specialize in logistics are not just performing transportation and warehousing services at lower cost, but they also give superior outcomes than companies using in-house operations.

I am not saying that there are not some trucking businesses that are providing the full services on satisfactory levels. Yes, there are many companies that will just be good at everything they do, and with the right team in the beck yard they can pull the whole deal.

I guess, what I am trying to say here is that when you have a third party logistic that is outsourced, you can better focus on your primary services and then give the job to the one that know logistics the best- in this case that’s the third party logistic companies.

With that said, let’s see how a third party logistics services help in increasing and improving customers ‘ services and satisfactions.

Let’s have a look!

Third Party Logistics Services

First things first! So let me begin this with going into some details about third party logistics services and what they offer.


Additionally, Logistics service providers have main focus on both operational and technical excellence, as part of ensuring high levels of service and satisfaction.

Customers’ expect premier system solutions, and in order to excel in this market every third party logistics provider needs system solutions that provide flexibility and re-usability.

All of the logistics service providers should provide tools that demonstrate the effectiveness of your operational services.


Every good third party logistic provider should have few things in place, in order to meet the expected value to their customers including:

  •  Reliability of systems to meet demand;
  • Visibility and control solutions which will enable a secure view of information across the extended supply chain;
  • Provide you and your customers with real-time information to improve the performance of the supply chain;
  • Flexibility of the systems to model different customers supply chain needs;
  • Provide continuous improvement of supply chain processes;
  • Leverage existing investment in systems (like transportation management systems and warehouse management systems);
  • Improve labor as well as IT efficiency;
  • Provide simpler and faster customer implementation and higher customer satisfaction.

Why Trucking Companies Need Third Party Logistics Providers

According to the 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study, 86% of the shippers said that using a third party logistics services helps in improving customer service.


If you can obtain high logistics service levels from third party logistics suppliers, you can drastically increase your customer’s satisfaction, that’s for sure!

86% is a high level of confidence, so obviously the third party logistics service providers are offering many advantages beside the lower cost!

Third party logistics can be a valuable ally for your organization. With their extensive resources, they will fill in the parts and pieces where you are fragile, like example:

  • Space;
  • Labor;
  • Locations;
  • Technology;
  • Call center to help handle customer issues (or 24/7 customer support to your clients)

Third party logistics providers are committed to quality management. They will always try to find new and better ways to improve your operations and thrill you and your customers.

Of course, you can provide all of the services on your own (within your company), but in order to do so, you will need to invest money as well as time and expertise.


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That’s why you should consider partnering with experienced and proven third party logistics providers and improve your customers’ satisfaction.

Third Party Logistics Can Help Scale And Improve Your Customers Experience

We live in a world where customer experience and satisfaction matters a lot. It should be a priority to every trucking business, in matter of fact!

We all witnessed at least once, a trucking business that fail before can give a go! In order to run successful and profitable trucking business you will need to have a good customer service while at the same time you are pulling all the strings behind the scene.

In the trucking business there is a lot more involved then just transporting stuff from point A to point B. When you take in consideration all the legal issues, insurance, maintenance, professional drivers, load boards, and what not, you will barley have a time for taking breath.


On top of that you have all the government agencies and controls like:

Some companies can take care of all of that and more, while others will just assign the extra job to a third party logistics service providers that has many years of experience under the belt.

Keep in mind that how quickly, easily, accurately and on time your trucking company can deliver has an immeasurable impact on a customer’s perception of your business.


If you outsource your logistics to an experienced third party logistics provider, you will take an enormous task off your plate, and with that you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Finding a reliable third party logistics partner maid just is what you need in order to provide and improve your services into ideal customer experience!



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