How Third Party Logistics can Help you Improve Customer Satisfaction?

As I said earlier, about 86% of customers are willing to pay more, in order to get a better customer experience, so no need for waiting more!

No Doubt You Can Improve Customers’ Satisfaction! All You Need to Do Is to Trust the Experts!

Instead of trying to accomplish everything at once and then deliver unsatisfying results, you should give the hard work and everything related to logistics to a proven third party logistics provider.

If they are trusted by all of the other companies they serve, there have to be a good reason for that! Don’t you think?


They build their entire business model around shipping and logistics; that’s the core of their business, so no wonder why they will accomplish better scores and higher levels of customers’ satisfaction.

If you decide to go with in-house logistics, you will need to spent a lot of time training employees, or spend a lot of money on hiring already experienced pros that will position the customer support to a satisfactory levels.


On the other side, you can just reach out to the pros and hire a third party logistics company that has utilization on systems in place, best practices on shipping, dedicated staff, best-in-breed warehouse and transportation technologies, and a full-time commitment to ensuring your products are shipped as carefully, quickly, and efficiently as possible.

They definitely put more thought into the whole “logistics thing” than you have; because if issues are to arise, is their business on the line! So trust the experts and allow them to improve your customer satisfaction.

With Third Party Logistics Services you Can Give a Personalized Experience to your Clients

The third party logistics providers will work with your company, to stay on-brand and authentic with your services, regardless if we speak about certain way of packaging, shipping, or delivering.


Not everything has to have that generic look and process. Offering a customized and tailored solution makes a big difference in how the services integrate into a shipper’s overall supply chain, and with that create a unique picture to the end user.

Some third party logistics providers offer businesses the ability to brand with personalized and customized inserts as well as customized labels, shipping confirmation emails and other miscellaneous touches.

And, customers will definitely appreciate if you go out of your way to deliver the unique service tailored by their needs!


There are a lot of standard ways to integrate with customers, but customization and personalization are becoming the norm for many third party logistics providers.

The new technology that they are using provides more insight into the processes. This way the end customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed!

Your Trucking Company Can Increase Efficiency by Using Third Party Logistics

Imagine you are one of the best trucking companies in Chicago! Your main focus is transporting goods from place to place, but your main problem at the moment is finding drivers that are willing to stay on the road and do OTR trucking!


On top of all that, you have new clients that need special attention because they want things different then some of your other clients. You need to gain their trust and make them permanent customers!

Now, what you should do first? Find the OTR drivers that you desperately need, take care of your existing clients or, try to gain the trust of your new clients?

I will say all of the above is of an equal importance…But things need to be done!

Your company has a limited number of stuff for doing the entire job, and you are running out of time.

That’s way you should consider hiring a third party logistics providers that specialize in logistics and everything that your business need at the moment.

I’ve said this earlier somewhere, but because of its importance I will mention it again.

Relying on the specialization, new era of technology, as well as the expertise of the third party logistics providers, you can decrease your costs and increase your efficiencies as you scale your business.


As your business grows, your customer volume will increase and your services will expand, which require more employees, more storage space, more warehouse space and supplies, and a lot more time.

And we all know that time is money! By cutting needed time for doing stuff, you are cutting costs!

Outsourcing these aspects of your business to third party logistics can free up time from managing warehouse leases, training staff, and all of the logistics parts and pieces that come with ensuring your customers’ receive what they sign up for, in a timely manner and on a cost-effective way!


So, not only you will cut cost, but you will also ensure customers satisfaction! It is a win-win situation!

You Might Still Wonder How Do Third Party Logistics Improve Customer Satisfaction?

When you are about to start a trucking business you have no idea and clue of everything that’s involved into running it. You might thing that you’ve covered everything and you are good to go, but believe me when I am saying, there is always more to it!

Trucking permits and licenses, HAZMAT tests and endorsements, DOT drug tests, CDL’s, are really just things for the beck burner!


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Firstly and most importantly, you need to find customers and more importantly keep them! Because, I newer sew a trucking business without customers! Did you? I’m guessing not!

In order to keep your customers happy, you need to perform outstanding services to your clients, and always stay on the top! That’s not an easy task at all!


So, instead of trying all on your own, you can just hire a company that deals with third party logistics services.



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