GPS Tracking for mine workers

Why Mining Companies Are Using GPS Tracking

Mining companies in the USA are using state-of-art technology.

There ain’t no doubt.

Prior to that, we can see that this well-developed industry is continuously following the technological advances.

Straight proportionally many mining companies have implemented GPS tracking into their daily activities. Which brought numerous benefits into this industry nowadays.

Moreover, GPS tracking devices have helped mining companies to become more effective. Especially by the means of tracking different forms of data. Starting from driver behavior, up to vehicle maintenance schedules.

That is to say, mining companies these days can clearly see where is occurring a wear and tear on the equipment. Or on the boundary lines of mines. That way company owners can save up money, and keep up with the upcoming mining operations on time.

Thereupon, the only way that mining companies can make their work process easier is through using the latest technological gadgets, such as are the GPS tracking devices.

So, let’s see why mining companies are using GPS tracking!

GPS Tracking in the Mining Industry

In general, the GPS tracking solution can provide a complete report suite to mining companies.

By that, mining companies can easily see the data and reports for their vehicles and equipment. That is to say, mining company owners and managers, with the use of the GPS tracking technologies, can take a glimpse into daily work every time that they want-24/7.


As well, by using GPS tracking, mining companies can easily locate the assets that they are tracking. Plus, can see whether the mining operations are being performed as it was predicted to.

So, the benefits that GPS tracking solutions can bring to the mining industry are numerous.

Let’s start with the fact that mining companies can:

  • Enhance productivity;
  • Computerize the dispatching technologies;
  • Maximize safety;
  • Improve operating efficiency;
  • Recording and viewing a complete history of all tracking sessions over time are as well on disponibility to mining companies.

Simply said, GPS tracking solutions can enable mining companies to perform mining operations smoother than ever.

Incorporating GPS Tracking In Your Mining Operations

What should Mining Companies know about GPS tracking before they make the final implementation decision?

As we all are aware of, the mining industry is the type of industry in which even the smallest changes in mining operations can result in considerable improvements.


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With the GPS implementation, company owners and fleet managers can provide complete solutions to minimize any risky business. Which in practice would be almost impossible without the implementation of innovative technologies such as is the GPS for vehicles.

Simply said, the GPS solution can ensure mine workers and vehicle operators to be safe.

By implementing new solutions into their work, mining companies can increase their productivity, safety, and so on.


Yet, implementing a GPS tracking solution into daily mining operations might look as a small change. But, believe me, that it will bring notable improvements to the company and workers.

Nowadays, there are many GPS tracking solutions that can be applied to mining and drilling operations.

Nevertheless, the implementation of GPS tracking solutions has shown significantly increased efficiency in mining operations. These days mine workers and vehicle operators know for sure the precise location where mining should be performed, and from which site point the vehicle operator should pick mined materials.

The assistance that mining companies are receiving by GPS tracking devices is valuable and it does something beneficial for the mining business. The benefits of this solution can be seen right after the first day of use!

Mining company owners should be aware of the following fact:

GPS tracking solutions can provide accurate maps of mines, as well as to track wear and tear on the vehicle.

This fact shows that this solution can save time and improve the work of mining companies.

Geofencing and Notifications

GPS tracking solutions are featuring Geofencing technology.

So, straight proportionally its users can enjoy the benefits of creating a virtual barrier. A barrier that can help prevent workers and machinery from facing hazardous situations.

Let me be more precise. Mine site managers will have the full control into their hands. The actual feature of geofencing is enabling them to draw a virtual barrier. So, once the assigned vehicle enters or leaves that barrier, the mine site manager will receive notification of the abnormal activity.

By that, we can see that Geofencing is especially useful for industries that have hazardous work environments. Such as is the mining industry.


Thereupon, Geofencing can help mining companies to monitor their assets, devices as well as workers in real-time. In addition, this technology will increase the productivity of your workers on mining underground sites. As well it definitely increases safety – one must not forget that point of view!

To say nothing of, mining companies should consider to strategically implement digital products into their work, and by that to improve the safety of their workers and lower the costs.

Geofencing Improves Safety and Reduces Costs

Geofencing is enabling mining companies to automate the surveillance of dangerous areas.


By using GPS with Geofencing features mining companies can determine the best escape routes if an accident happens.

That is to say, the mine site manager can locate the vehicle and operator in danger and send him additional information for a newly made geofence- location. Once the mine site manager designs the new route- the vehicle operator will be in the situation to follow the instructions that are being sent to his GPS tracking device.

As well Geofencing can let mining company owners to easily analyze past incidents and by that to improve the work of their workers.

Increases Production Efficiency

How can the Geofencing feature increase production efficiency?

Well, it goes like this.

Almost all advanced GPS tracking solutions are featuring Geofencing feature.

But, one should be always alerted about the fact that not all GPS tracking solutions are featuring precise and accurate geofencing!



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