GPS Tracking for mine workers

Why Mining Companies Are Using GPS Tracking


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Later on, this solution is sending information to mining company owners about:

  • The current location of the vehicle that he is tracking;
  • Information about the predefined geographical area;

That way, mining companies can definitely reap the benefits of Geofencing.

Thereupon, mining companies can increase the production efficiency with the help of Geofencing solution by enabling the individual to closely monitor his workers. That is to say,  the mining company owner can ensure that his workers are getting the job done on time, and as safely and efficiently as possible.

Also, with the help of Geofencing mining companies will never overlap any project.


So, keeping track of what is happening in real-time will definitely increase production efficiencies of mining companies.

Henceforth, if the mining company owner sees that there is any trouble, he can take the advantage to fetch into action proper measures. That way he will minimize the downtime of the mining operations. As well, he can avoid bottlenecks.

On the other hand, there are spatial fences that come in all shapes and sizes. These fences can be set to restrict objects to particular geographical regions. Which at the same time enhances safety and increases the efficiency of the mining company.

Vehicle Tracking and Dispatch

Mining workers are facing with tough and stressful environments all the time.

That is why mining companies started looking forward to implementing GPS tracking solutions, because, first of all, these solutions can ensure health and safety to their workers.

Speaking of that we can see that GPS solutions bring more efficient dispatching process. Thanks to the satellite connection, the dispatcher can see the position of the assigned vehicle in a second of time, and by that can assign him to the next task by providing him with accurate information about the location, or point of the mine site.


Moreover, safety, compliance, and security is the main focus that mining companies have. Straight proportionally, with the implementation of GPS tracking, mining companies can improve their business with vehicle tracking and dispatch.

By this mining company owners will be in the position to see which their riskiest workers are. Likewise, by identifying their riskiest workers, mining companies can easily focus on their monitoring.

Yet, by constantly monitoring their workers, and by sending them suggestions and routes, mining company owners will indirectly train them and identify the best patterns.

Improving Accuracy

Improving accuracy of mining sites has never been easier!

Luckily, mining company owners nowadays are enjoying the benefits of GPS tracking solutions.

These solutions help owners to see the reality if open-pit mining in real time- which leads them to improve the accuracy of the operations.

So, how can mining companies improve the accuracy of their operations?

Well, as previously mentioned, the GPS tracking solution enables mining company owners and mine site managers to have a clear insight of what is constantly going on in their company. Moreover, here we have the geofencing features, as well as the features that enable a better dispatching process.

All that coupled together with the additional GPS feature, one can achieve to run a successful mining company by simply improving the accuracy of the overall activities.

Moreover, on the negative side, reduced sky view to satellites puts mining companies in the situation where they are losing positioning signals.


Later on, that can result in lowered mine productivity.

Yet, the advancements in GPS tracking solutions has made it to be less dependent on the satellite signals.

Many GPS devices nowadays have integrated a local positioning constellation.

Thanks to these innovations, mining companies can improve their operations’ accuracy.


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Their accuracy can be improved even if the GPS/GNSS is unavailable in the sites where they are positioned to mine.

Thereupon, you can see that mining companies are using GPS tracking solutions because these solutions can provide them proven reliable and accurate information.

Implementation Of Global Navigation Satellite System In Mining Industry

The mining industry is quite complex.

Mining companies not only that are extracting minerals, but they are as well performing transportation from open-cut mines up to the processing facilities.

Yet, with the introduction of Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS, mining companies have noticed increasement in their productivity. All that thanks to the proven reliable and accurate information that have led to a better geofencing and dispatching processes, which mean everything to mine workers.


In general, these systems are working via:

The prime and most important objective of the GNSS implementation is to help mining companies to make a better position for drilling. That is to say, mining companies are using GNSS to navigate the drill rig to the designed position/location.

Strategic Planning

Amongst the reasons why mining companies are using GPS tracking is the fact that they can make a more strategic planning with the help of this technological solution.


So, GPS tracking solutions can help mining companies to:

  • Decide what locations mining workers will be covering;
  • Build smarter routes;
  • Optimize feedback loops;

Moreover, mining companies can plan optimized actions. That is to say, with the implementation of this solution, and the features that come along with the implementation of the GPS, mine safety managers will be in the situation to track all actions of their workers.

By that, they will determine which worker is better for a certain mining operation- only that way the mine safety manager will be in the position to make a more strategic planning. A strategic planning that later on can lead to actions that will enable them to earn more dollars.

With the feature of strategic planning, that GPS solutions are offering, mining companies will be enjoying maximized resource utilization as well as minimized kilometers traveled.


To enumerate, it is crystal clear that mining companies are using innovative technology, such as GPS tracking solutions, which is, in reality, transforming the way that the overall mining industry is operating.



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