10 Steps For a Prosperous Vehicle Tracking Rollout

Vehicle Tracking changes businesses

Introduction of vehicle tracking technology is not always accepted by employees. However, it is not impossible for you to create a prosperous GPS rollout.

The key is in the steps and the strategy you will create.

Continually, it is highly important to learn how to successfully integrate the vehicle tracking technology/solution without any missteps.

With the well-planned rollout as well as knowing the reason for the implementation of vehicle tracking system, you will get all the votes from your employees to be “Yes”.

Here is how you can create an effective vehicle tracking rollout:

1. Introducing Intelligent Fleet To Your Business

When it comes to vehicle tracking, inevitable skepticism prevails among the fleet managers about the acceptance of the system among the rest of the employees.

As a matter of fact, each type of technology when implementing the fleet operations is a challenge to introduce to a firm.

Although the fleet management may be convinced about the vehicle tracking idea, the rest 93% are usually not on the same page.

Introducing Intelligent vehicle tracking To Your Business
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It is a common knowledge among businesses that the new implementations and ideas are hardly accepted among the employees.

This is due to their thinking that they might lose their privacy. This creates a situation where they are not broadening their thinking.

For example, the technology exists in order to make our lives and work easier.

The thing is, once we hear about GPS tracking at work, we instantly think that they want to track our way of working, instead of thinking about productivity.

vehicle tracking is essential to transportation companies
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In these cases, it is really essential for you to promote the product to your staff before trying to implement it.

This is crucial in order to build a positive and adaptive perception of the vehicle tracking at the company.

What you need to do is address the company’s concerns regarding the fleet tracking software and create guidelines.

2. Vehicle Tracking Employee Rollout

With regards to the vehicle tracking and implementation of software and systems, fleet managers are the first of the employees that always accept technology.

As a matter of fact, they embrace technology due to the multiple benefits it offers.

To put it in a different way, the business GPS is easing the work of fleet management companies for the unimaginable 50%.

How amazing is that?

vehicle tracking employee rollout
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With the installation of a business GPS tracking device, the fleet managers are able to see all the information they need regarding the fleet and the drivers.

For instance, if a fleet manager needs information about the history of the fleet, it can see it at any time on the dashboard of the system.

Gathering all kinds of data, starting from the most recent to the history of the fleet, vehicle tracking is increasing productivity as well.

vehicle tracking requires strategic introduction
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Continually, it is a fair practice for businesses where the employees should be informed and well aware of its implementation.

Using this system to monitor the location of vehicles without employees being informed about it, immediately creates negative thoughts about the device.

This is the main reason why it is important for you to address the employees about the new implementation of technology.

3. Explain the Needs of Vehicle Tracking at Your Company

One of the most effective ways to increase the acceptance of the vehicle tracking among the employees is to explain the benefits of the system.

In other words, explain why the company is incorporating the use of this technology in particular. Give a further explanation of benefits in complying with the FMCSA, SAFER, DOT, DOL, and DMV regulations.

explain the needs of vehicle tracking
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To put it in another way, you could include the explanation of the vehicle tracking benefits at your presentation:

  • Vehicle tracking increases productivity
  • Decreases all kinds of costs (fuel, labor, insurance)
  • Improves customer service
  • Results in creating better customer relationships
explain why your company needs vehicle tracking
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Accordingly, let them recognize the changes as well as improvements once the system is running.

It is very important for you to implement a bonus or certificate once they start using it and achieve great improvement results.

Do not always fail to recognize positive driving behavior with the help of the vehicle track while making it available for them to see themselves the benefits of the system.

4. Introduce How Employees Benefit From a Vehicle Tracking

The best topic to discuss with employees when introducing fleet tracking is to explain directly how the staff benefits from it.

For example, you can begin with the topic on how the vehicle tracking increases revenue and how in fact, makes operations more efficient.

Once a business gains more profit, the company will be able to increase the salaries of the employees, award with bonuses or create incentives.

introduce how employees benefit from vehicle tracking
Source: www.blog.automile.com

The programs that incentivize employees are the ones that motivate them at the same time.

For instance, choosing a vehicle tracking which will rank vehicles based on the speeding, the rapid acceleration and idling time will ease the job not only of dispatchers but the entire company as well.

Once you increase the speed of work, decrease time and increase productivity instead, your employees will be able to spot the significant difference.

staff benefits from vehicle tracking
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Furthermore, if you bring up the advantages they will get for their work position and career, the vehicle tracking will be installed in no time.

Being able to see the graphical results of employees, you can have clear reports on what you actually need to improve.

As a matter of fact, you are ought to benefit from a lot of features of vehicle tracking in your company you just need to find the ones that suit you the most.

5. Be Honest To Gain Trust Among Your Team

One of the most crucial factors affecting your business is honesty. When it comes to creating a prosperous rollout of vehicle tracking, you need to be honest with your staff.



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